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2021-07-07 08:02  

全真模拟试题 1

1. Although ____Spanish, he attended the course.

A. he was knowing                      B.he is knowing

C. having a knowledge of             D.knows

2. You ____that letter to James. However, you didn’t.

A. ought to write                         B.ought to have written

C. should write                           D.should be writing

3. Joseph was very lucky ____with his life; he almost did not getout of the room.

A. to escape                                B.to have escaped

C. to escaping                           D.to be escaping

4. Bread and butter ____liked by Westerners.

A. is              B.are             C.were          D. be

5. The back garden of our house contains a lawn, ____very pleasantto sit on in summer.

A. which is            B.which it is         C. it is            D.whereit is

6. He set up in business ____his own and was very successful.

A. in       B.of        C.on                     D.by

7. John’s score on the test is the highest in the class; he____last night.

A. must study                      B.should have studied

C. must have studied             D.is sure to study

8. Frank almost never received any education, ____?

A. would he                         B.did he

C. didn’t he                         D.wouldn’t he

9.Even if his letter ____ tomorrow, it ____too late to doanything.

A.will arrive...is                   B.shouldarrive...were

C.arrives...will be                 D.arrives...wouldbe

10. We can hear____ fromthe back of the room.

A. just as good                     B.justas easy

C.just as well                       D.easilyas well

11. To obtain a satisfactory result, one must apply two ____ofpaint on a clean surface.

A.coats                  B.levels         C.times          D.courses

12. The small mountain village was ____by the snow for more thanone month.

A. cut back            B.cutout            C.cutoff               D.cut away

13. Miss Green was ____ $100 for driving after drinking.

A. fined                B.charged              C.punished            D.posed

14. Modern ____ perhaps causes more problems than it solves.

A. technique         B.technology      C. tactics              D.tendency

15. Mary tiptoed over and took the clock away because she hated tohear it ___when she was trying to go to sleep.

A. sounding           B.ringing              C.ticking                     D.humming

16. Under this ____pressure some of the rocks even became liquid.

A. intensive           B.weighty              C.intense               D.bulky

17. Of course, most immigrants did not get rich overnight, but the____of them were eventually able to improve upon their former standard ofliving.

A. maximum         B.minority             C.majority            D.minimum

18. Nancy was surprised that they have ____They seemed to be a happy couple.

A. split up             B.brokendown   C. fallen through    D. knocked out

19.The beach is in an ideal ____ to draw tourists.

A. condition          B.situation            C.state           D. publicity

20. Our ____ sensitivity decreases with age. By age 60, mostpeople have lost 40 percent of their ability to smell and 50 percent of theirtaste buds.

A. sensible             B.senseless        C.sensitive     D. sensory

21. The eldest child is thoroughly ____because they always givehim whatever he wants.

A. wasted                     B.spoiled          C.destroyed    D.uneducated

22. If a substance is dissolved in water or heated, it may ____ agas.

A. give into           B.give overC. give off      D. give away

23. His manner was so pleasant that Bolla felt at ____ with him atonce.

A. peace                B.large                 C.ease           D. best

24. —Can you take the day off tomorrow?

—Well, I’ll have to get ____from my boss.

A. permission        B. permit           C.allowance   D. possession

25. The ____in Janet’s character has hindered her from advancementin her career.

A. weakness           B.merit             C.defect        D. shortcoming


1. C)【句意】虽然只懂一点西班牙语,但他还是参加了这个课程的学习。

【难点】know是静态动词,不能用于进行时;选knows从句中又缺少主语。knowledge知识讲时是不可数名词,但作了解讲时,前面可加“a”,常用于词组havea knowledge of中,所以选C)

2. B)【句意】你本应该给詹姆斯写信,然而,你没写。【难点】ought to have written是虚拟语气,与本句句意相符。3. B)【句意】约瑟夫幸运地逃了性命;他险些没从房间里逃出来。

【难点】tohave escaped 是不定式的完成式,表示过去的某一动作业已完成。

4. A)【句意】黄油面包受西方人青睐。【难点】bread and butter 是西方人吃的一种食品,虽然有三个字,表达的却是一个东西,并且是不可数名词,作单数。

5. A)【句意】我家的后花园有一片草坪,夏天坐在上面会令你心旷神怡。【难点】which引出非限制性定语从句,在句中作主语,且和sit on 构成动宾关系。类似的句子有:This room is comfortable to live in 这句中live in this room构成动宾关系。

6. C)【句意】他独自一人开始经商,并且做得很成功。【难点】on one’s own 是个常用的介词词组,意为独自of one’sown表示某人自己的(东西)”,如:I have a flat of my own.我自己有套房子。

7. C)【句意】约翰的考试分数全班最高;他昨天晚上一定学习了。

【难点】表示对过去某一动作行为的猜测须要用must have done这一句型结构。

8. B)【句意】弗兰克几乎从未受过任何教育,是不是?【难点】这是一句含有否定副词never的一般过去时的句子,由于主句为否定形式,所以反意问句用肯定形式。

9. C)【句意】即使他的信明天到也无济于事了。【难点】在条件句中表示现在将来的时间,需要用一般现在时,主句中使用将来时。

10. C)【句意】我们在房间的后面也能听得很清楚。【难点】as well意为“(程度)同样地好,是副词短语修饰动词hearjust表示程度,意为刚好

11. A)【句意】为获得一个满意的结果,你必须在一个干净的表面上涂两层油漆。【难点】coat意为覆盖物,层”;level意为“(建筑物)楼层”;times意为次,回”;courses意为“(一层)砖面;一排

12. C)【句意】这个小山村被大雪封住达一个多月。【难点】cut back意为削减;缩减”;cut out意为停止;切下”;cut off意为切断;使隔断”;cut away意为切除;砍掉

13. A)【句意】格林小姐因酒后驾车被罚100美元。【难点】fine意为以罚金”;charge意为(),收(),要()支付()”;punish意为罚,惩罚”;pose意为造成,引起(困难)”

14. B)【句意】现代技术所引发的问题也许比它所能解决的要多。【难点】technique意为技法;具体的技术”;technology意为工业技术”;tactics意为战术,兵法,策略tendency意为倾向

15. C)【句意】玛丽蹑手蹑脚走过来把钟拿走了,因为她讨厌在自己想睡觉的时候听它滴哒地响。【难点】sound意为作声,发声,响”;ring意为鸣,发出清脆响亮的声音”;tick意为发出滴哒声”;hum意为发连续低沉的声音(如蜜蜂、马达的嗡嗡声)”

16. C)【句意】在这种强大的压力下,一些岩石甚至变成了液体。【难点】intensive意为加强的;集中的”;weighty意为沉重的;笨重的”;intense意为强烈的,剧烈的”;bulky意为庞大的;粗壮的

17. C)【句意】当然,大多数移民不是一夜之间就发财的,但是他们大多最终改善了自己的生活水平。


18. A)【句意】南希对他们的离婚表示十分惊讶,因为他们似乎是一对快乐的夫妇。【难点】split up意为分裂,离婚”;break down意为“(精神方面)垮掉;(健康)变得衰弱;崩溃”;fall through意为失败;成为泡影”;knock out意为使筋疲力尽

19. B)【句意】这片海滩所处位置理想,吸引了很多游客。【难点】condition意为状况;形势”;situation意为位置,地点,环境”;state意为状态,情形”;publicity意为公众的注意,名声

20. D)【句意】我们的感官能力随着年龄的增长而下降。比如说,到60岁的时候,多数人失去了他们40%的嗅觉能力和50%的味觉能力。【难点】sensible意为明智的,合情理的”;senseless意为失去知觉的,不省人事的”;sensitive意为敏感的”;sensory意为感觉的,传递感觉的

21. B)【句意】他们的大孩子被彻底宠坏了,因为他要什么,他们就给什么。【难点】waste意为使衰弱;使消瘦”;spoil意为宠坏,溺爱”;destroy意为破坏;毁灭”;uneducated意为未受(良好)教育的

22. C)【句意】如果一种物质溶解在水里或被加热,它可能释放出一种气体。【难点】give into为非固定搭配;give over意为托付,交托giveoff意为散发give away意为送掉,分发(奖品)

23. C)【句意】他那平易近人的风度使得博拉立刻放松了情绪。【难点】at peace意为和平地”;at large意为自由地;大体地”;at ease意为不拘束”;at best意为至多

24. A)【句意】——你明天能休一天吗?——呵,我要征得老板的允许。


25. C)【句意】詹妮特的性格缺陷阻碍了她事业进步。【难点】weakness意为弱点;嗜好”;merit意为优点,长处”;defect意为缺点,缺陷”;shortcoming意为缺点,短处


1)通常作复数的集体名词集体名词,如:police, people,cattle,militia,poultry等,通常作复数,用复数动词。

如:Domestic cattleprovide us with milk, beef and hides.

2)通常作不可数名词的集体名词有些集体名词,如foliage,machinery,equipment,furniture,merchandise,通常作不可数名词,随后的动词用单数。例如:Allthe machinery in the factory is made in China.

3)既可作单数也可作复数的集体名词集体名词,如audience,committee, class, crew, family, public, government等,既可作单数,也可作复数用。Thecity council is meeting to set its agenda.

4)acommittee,etc. of +复数名词

如果主语是由“a committee of/a panel of /a board of +复数名词构成,随后的动词通常用单数。例如:

Acommittee of five men and three women is to consider the matter.


tired,exhausted, fatigued, weary, worn out这组词均含有疲惫的的意思。

tired 可指因体力或脑力消耗太多而需要休息,还可指因长期做某事而失去兴趣。

Henrywas so tired that he went to bed immediately after he got home.亨利很疲惫,一到家就上床睡觉去了。

Exhausted  表达的疲惫程度最强,指因劳累过度而精疲力竭。

Theexhausted engineer fell asleep on the bus.精疲力竭的工程师在公共汽车上睡着了。

Fatigued 所表达的疲劳程度比tiredweary强,表示由于过度劳累而引起疲乏,不能再继续下去。

Hefelt fatigued and didn’t want to say a single word.他疲惫不堪,不想说一句话。

Weary 语气比tired强,指由于长时间努力工作或由于做单一的事而引起疲倦。

After a long andweary wait, the plane finally came to take them back.经过漫长而又令人疲乏的等待后,飞机终于来接他们回去了。worn out 这个词不太正式,多用于口语。

The troops were wornout after winning the battle.战后,部队疲惫不堪。


1. My pain ____apparent the moment I walked into the room, for the first man I met askedsympathetically: “Are you feeling all right?”   A. must be            B.must have been                   C.had been       D. had to be

2. It is only whenyou nearly lose someone ____fully conscious of how much you value him.

A. do you become      B.then you become      C. that you become        D. have you become

3. Just as the soilis a part of the earth, ____the atmosphere.

A. as itis                   B.so is                                     C.the same as                   D.and so is

4. While drivingalong the treacherous road, ____.

A. my right rear tyreblew out   B. myright rear tyre had a blowout  

C.I had a blownout onmy right rear tyre  D. I hadmy right rear tyre blowout

5. Jean Wagner’s mostenduring contribution to the study of AfroAmerican poetry is his insistencethat it____ in a religious, as well as orldly, frame of reference.

A. is to beanalyzed     B. has been analyzed C. beanalyzed         D. should have beenanalyzed

6.____ there islittle we can do to modify the weather, we can at least know what kind ofweather to expect.

A.Since                          B.When                 C. While                 D.Unless

7. This organizationbrought Western artists together in the hope of making more of an impact on theart community ____any ofthem could individually and to promote Western art by women.

A. ratherthan         B.rather             C.than                     D.other than

8. But the Swissdiscovered long years ago that constant warfare brought them ____ suffering andpoverty.

A. anythingbut           B. nothing but C. noneother than       D. no more than

9. After ____seemedan endless wait, it was her turn to step into the doctor’s office.

A.it                         B.that                       C.what                     D.which

10. The board deemedit’s urgent that these files ____right away.

A. had to beprinted    B. should have been printed  C. must be printed   D. should be printed

11. His answer was soconfused that I could hardly make any ____of it at all.

A.explanation                  B.meaning                C.sense                     D.interpretation

12. You should haveyour eyes tested every year in case the ____of your spectacles need changing.

A.lenses                   B.glasses                  C.sights                    D.crystals

13. The schoolcommittee hoped that their choice of play would be ______ with the students andtheir parents.

A.recognized            B. popular                C.favorable               D.fascinated

14. By cutting downtrees we ____ the natural home of birds and animals.

A.harm                    B.hurt                      C.injure                    D.damage

15. Mr. Robinson knewthat the most trivial chore could prove to be a ____ if approached withenthusiasm.

A.prize                     B.reward                         C.refund                   D.bonus

16. The trade unionsin this industry are ____ any reduction in wages.

A. objectingagainst   B. opposed to     C. reacted to        D.resisting against

17. She was teachingme ____ you would teach a younger child tospeak the language.

A. theway                B.inthe way       C. a way             D.to the way

18. The Browningshave not ____ yet and I doubt whether they will come.

A turnedin                B.turned out      C.turned up        D.turned to

19. We went on a(n)____ to the mountain yesterday

A.excursion       B.  trip    C. tour    D.travel

20. When Sarah and I____ on an article for the sc

hool newspaper, wefound it difficult to work together.

A.compiled        B. gathered       C. collaborated  D. collected

21. Beth could ____her coat because it had large red buttons.

A.recognize       B. prove             C.define            D. claim

22. Postal ____aredetermined by the class and weight of the parcel mailed.

A.taxes              B.payment         C. fees               D.premium

23.   Myfather is so deaf that he has to use a hearing ____

A.help            B.aid                C. support       D.  tool

24. On New Year’sEve, there will be a firework ____at People’s Square.

A.display           B.performance   C. show              D.exhibition

25. The ____of beerand alcohol in New Zealand is very high.

A.consumption   B. use                C. drink           D. absorption


1. B)   【句意】我刚一走进房间时一定表现得很痛苦,因为我遇到的第一个人同情地问我:你没事吧?”

【难点】  must与完成时不定式连用往往表示对过去发生的事情的主观推测,常译成一定是…” 

2. C)   【句意】只有当你快要失去什么人时,你才充分意识到他对你是多么重要。


3. B) 【句意】正像土壤是地球的一部分,大气层也是。【难点】  Just as...so...为一固定结构,意为正如,也…”

4. C)   【句意】当我在险峻的山路上驾车急驰时,车的右后胎爆了。【难点】此句为一个带有时间状语从句的主从复合句。在英语中,由while,when等引导的时间状语从句,如果其主语与主句中的主语相同,从句中的主语可以省略,而只剩下分词短


5. C)  【句意】杰恩·瓦格那对亚非诗歌最永恒的贡献是他坚持认为,这类诗歌除用凡俗的参考框架,还应用宗教的参考框架进行研究。【难点】  insistence是个从insist派生来的名词,二者后面分别接同位语


6. C) 【句意】尽管我们在改变天气方面无能为力,但我们至少知道天气未来的变化。

【难点】  while除表示时间外,还可表示转折、让步,意为尽管,虽然。该句中其它选项不具备此意。 

7. C)   【句意】该组织把西部艺术家聚集在一起,希望他们比任何个人都能更多地影响艺术界,并由妇女来促进西部艺术。【难点】选项C)than与句中的more形成正确搭配,意为…”,故为答案。

8. B) 【句意】但是多年以前瑞士人就发现连年不断的战争给他们带来的只有苦难和贫穷。【难点】  nothing but意为仅仅,只不过anything but意为以外的任何事none other than意为不是别人,正是…”no more than意为不过,仅仅

9. C)   【句意】在经过一段似乎是漫无边际的等候之后,终于轮到她走进医生的办公室。

【难点】在由after引导的介词短语中,whatseemed(to be)起定语作用,修饰an endless wait。又如:I saw what seemed to be a fox.我看见一个似乎是狐狸的东西。

 10.D)   【句意】董事会认为这些卷宗应立刻打印。【难点】 urgent在句中做形式宾语it的补足语,其后的宾语从句应使用虚拟式,即should+动词原形。

11. C)   【句意】他的答案很不清楚,我根本弄不懂。【难点】 sense意为意义;含义”,短语make sense of意为弄懂的意思explanation意为解释,说明,阐述,侧重说明事件的真相、原因;meaning意为意义,意思;含义,但不能在make sense of 短语中代替senseinterpretation意为解释,说明,阐明,比较正式。

 12.A)   【句意】你应该每年检查一次自己的眼睛,因为你的眼镜镜片也许需要更换。【难点】 lenses意为镜片glasses意为眼镜sights意为视野;风景crystals意为水晶,晶体

 13.B)   【句意】校董会希望他们选择的那出剧会受到孩子和家长的欢迎。

【难点】  popular意为讨人喜欢的;得人心的;受欢迎的recognized意为被赏识的;受表彰的favorable意为赢得赞许的;讨人喜欢的,但后面不能接withfascinated意为被迷住的,被弄得神魂颠倒的 

 14.D)   【句意】我们砍伐树木的行为损坏了鸟兽的自然家园。【难点】 damage意为加害于,损伤…”harm意为有害hurt意为疼痛,受伤,(精神上)伤害injure意为使受伤,身体受外力伤害。

 15.B)   【句意】罗宾逊先生知道,如果带着热情去做,最琐碎的家务也能证明是一种报偿。【难点】 reward意为报答;奖赏prize意为奖金,奖品refund意为退款bonus意为奖金,红利

 16. B)  【句意】该行业工会反对降低工资。【难点】  be opposed to意为反对,对抗object against不常用;react to意为作出反应,反应resist不与against连用。

 17.A)   【句意】她教我那门语言的方式简直就象在教一个小孩说话。【难点】  theway后接从句,意为方式in the way意为妨碍(某人)”a way to the way不是固定搭配。

 18.C)   【句意】勃朗宁一家人还没露面,我怀疑他们会不会来。【难点】 turn up意为出现,露面turn in意为归还,递交…”turn out意为原来是,证明是turn to 意为求助于;求教于

 19.A)   【句意】昨天我们到那座山里进行了一次远足观光。

【难点】  excursion意为远足,短途旅行trip意为旅游出行;行程tour意为游历;观光travel意为“(长途)旅行20. C)   【句意】当我和萨拉为校报合作一篇文章时,我们发现很难在一起工作。【难点】  collaborate意为合作,合著compile意为汇集;编辑gather意为聚会,集会collect意为收集;集合 

 21.A)   【句意】贝丝能认出自己的大衣,因为她的大衣上有红色的大钮扣。【难点】 recognize意为认出,识别prove意为证明,证实define意为下定义claim意为认领;索取

 22.C)   【句意】邮资是根据所邮包裹的等级和重量来定的。【难点】  fee意为(如会费,入场费,手续费等)”tax意为税,税款payment意为支付,付款premium意为津贴;酬金

 23.B)   【句意】我父亲耳聋得厉害,不得不使用助听器。【难点】  aid意为辅助器具help意为帮助support意为支持tool意为工具

 24.A)   【句意】新年除夕,人民广场将举行焰火表演。【难点】 display意为展示性表演performance意为文艺演出;表演show意为展览;展览会exhibition也是展览会,属销售性质。

 25.A)   【句意】在新西兰,啤酒和白酒的消费量很大。【难点】 consumption意为消费量”;use意为使用,用途”;drink意为饮料absorption意为吸收

关于used to的意义和用法

used to (只有过去时形式,没有现在时形式)表示过去习惯动作或状态,这种情况现已不复存在。例如:

He used to smoke alot, but he has long given up smoking.

在否定陈述句或否定疑问句中,用didnt use tousednt to均可:

He didnt use to smoke cigarettes.He usednt to smoke cigarettes.  

Didnt Maria use to be interested in thetheatre?Usednt Maria to beinterested in the theatre?  在肯定疑问句中也可有两种形式:Usedyou to go to the same school as Edward?

Did you use to go tothe same school as Edward?  


use, apply,avail, employ, utilize


use 强调利用人或物作为工具。

He used up all hisresources in experimenting with the new paint.他为实验新的涂料,花光了一切钱财。

apply 指把某物或某种方法、原理等加以应用。

We should not onlyknow the theory but also know how to apply it to practice.我们不仅要知道理论,还要知道怎样把理论应用于实践。

avail 指使用就近的或他人给予的东西,或使别人为自己提供服务。

I dont think complaints will avail you much.我觉得抱怨对你没多大用处。

We avail ourselvesof every opportunity to speak English.我们利用一切机会讲英语。

Employ 指使用未被利用的东西;用于人时表示雇用。

He doesnt know how to employ his energy and time.他不知道该怎么利用他的精力和时间。

Utilize 指充分发挥某物的作用,使无用的东西变有用,或使人或物有新用途。

She hopes to utilizeher artistic talents in the job.她希望在工作中发挥她的艺术才能。


1. The bank isreported in the local newspaper ____ in broad daylight yesterday.

A. to berobbed    B. robbed   C. to have been robbed   D. having been robbed

2. ____ before, hisfirst performance for the amateur dramatic group was a success.

A. Though havingnever acted  B. As hehad never acted  

C. Despite he hadnever acted  D. Inspite of his never having acted

3. By the middle ofthe 21st century, the vast majority of the world’s population ____ in citiesrather than in the country.

A. areliving        B. will be living C. havelived             D. willhave lived

4. Mr. Milton prefersto resign ____part in such dishonest business deals.

A. than take          B.than to take    C. rather than take       D. rather than to take

5. No one would havetime to read or listen to an account of everything ____going on in the world.

A. it is                 B.as is                     C.there is                 D.what is

6. There is a realpossibility that these animals could be frightened, ______ a sudden loudnoise.

A. beingthere             B.should there be  C. there was                 D.there have been

7. Bit by bit , achild makes the necessary changes to make his language ____.

A. as otherpeople       B. as other people’s  C. like otherpeople    D. like other people’s

8. Clothing made ofplastic fibres has certain advantages over ____made of natural fibers likecotton, wool, or silk.

A.one               B.the one                        C.that                      D.what

9. The treasuryissued an order stating that ____ land purchased from the government had to bepaid for in gold and silver.A. henceforth          B. moreover    C. whereby                 D.however

10. The studentsexpected there ___ more reviewing classes before the final exams.

A.is                  B. being                         C.have been             D.to be

11. It was duringsummer breaks that we first taste the satisfaction work that ____into hardcurrency.

A.translates               B.transfers              C.transplants              D.transmits

12. In some cases,your instructor may tell you the topics ____or may give you a choice of topicsto write about.

A. inadvance            B. aheadof               C.above all                 D.right away

13. It was thedriver’s ____ that caused him to step on the gas instead of the brake after hiscar went over the curb.

A.fraud                   B.alarm                    C.terror                    D.panic

14. Danny left this____message on my answering machine:

“I must seeyou. Meet me at twelve o’clock.” Did he mean noon or midnight?

A.ambiguous             B. responsible         C.implicit                  D.thoughtful

15. We looked for atable to sit down, but they were all ____

A.  reservedfor        B. engaged in           C.used up                  D.taken up

16. She will have tofind somewhere else to work, for she can’t ____this loud noise any longer.

A. come upwith        B. catch up with       C.keep up with                 D.put up with

17. Tom ____his newjob with confidence.

A. setout                  B.set off                   C.set up                   D.set about

18. The truck driverwas fined for exceeding the speed ____

A.range                    B.limit                     C.rule                      D.regulation

19. The crippled Jackproudly walked with a ____ to the platform to join the children.

A. jump                      B.limp                     C.hop                       D.jog

20. He cannot ____ acar, for he does not earn much money.

A.obtain                  B.afford                   C.donate                  D.consume

21. The message isclear: Just as tea and banana cant’t go together, ______ should the son of a lowclass family expect to marry the daughter of a nobleman.A.either     B.  not           C.neither    D. nor

22. Though ____ rich,she was better off than at any other period in her life.

A. by meansof    B. within her means        C.by all means   D. by no means

23. It is a(n) ____attitude to take towards life.

A.absurd           B.silly               C.stupid            D.authentic

24. Every year, onestudent in our high school wins a scholarship that ____ one year of college.

A.improves      B. subsidizes       C.obliges           D. inflicts

25. He wrote the bookin ____ with his wife.

A.proportion    B. installment    C. correspondence        D.collaboration  

试题答案与解析  

 1.C)   【句意】据当地报纸报道,那家银行昨天在光天化日下遭到抢劫。【难点】动词不定式的完成式做主语的补足语,说明不定式的行为发生在谓语动作之前。

 2.D)   【句意】虽然他以前从未表演过,但他为业余剧团做的首次表演还是很成功。【难点】  in spite of意为尽管,虽然,后接名词或名词性短语,引导出来状语。选项A)没有主语或逻辑主语,选项B)是原因状语从句,选项C)despite不能引导状语从句,因它是介词。

 3.B)   【句意】到二十一世纪中叶,世界上大多数人口将生活在城市而不是农村。【难点】因为时间状语by themiddle of the 21st century指的是将来,所以选将来进行时。

 4.C)   【句意】米尔先生宁愿辞职也不参加这种不诚实的商业交易。

【难点】  prefer意为宁愿,其后接名词或动词不定式;prefer todo sth. rather than do sth.意为宁愿而不愿…”rather than后接不带to的不定式。 

 5.C)   【句意】大家都没有时间去读或去听有关世界上正在发生的一切事件的描述。【难点】在以there be为谓语动词的定语从句中,如关系代词作主语,则关系代词便可省略。

 6.B)   【句意】如果突然出现巨大的噪音,这些动物真的有可能受到惊吓。【难点】该句是一个省略if的倒装的虚拟条件句,可还原为“if there should be...”

 7.D)   【句意】一点一点地,儿童就会将自己的语言作些必要的修改,而使之与他人的语言相像。【难点】  aslike都可以表示一样,但as是连词,后跟从句,like是介词,后跟名词或名词性短语。

 8.C)   【句意】用塑料纤维制成的衣服比用棉花、羊毛或丝绸等天然纤维制成的衣服有些优势。【难点】  clothing是衣服、被褥的总称,不能用onethe one来指代。what相当于先行词+that”,后边要接从句。所以只能用that指代clothing

9.A)   【句意】财政部发布命令,从即日起,向政府购买土地须以金、银支付。【难点】  henceforth意为从今以后,符合题意要求。

10.D)   【句意】学生们期望期末考试前能有更多的复习课。【难点】动词expect后必须接动词不定式作其宾语,因此,只有D)为正确

11.A)   【句意】暑假期间,我们第一次尝到了把劳动变成货币的滋味。【难点】  translate意为变换,把转化成transfer意为移交,迁移transplant意为移植(器官)”transmit意为传染(疾病),传达(知识)”

12.A)   【句意】在有些情况下,你的导师会事先告诉你题目或把题目给你由你选写。【难点】  in advance意为事先,预先ahead of意为“…之前above all意为尤其,最重要的是right away意为立刻;马上

13. D)   【句意】车上了马路边后,司机由于惊慌,没踩刹车,却踩了油门。【难点】  panic意为惊慌,慌乱fraud意为欺骗,骗局alarm意为警报terror意为恐怖

14. A)   【句意】丹尼在我们回答机上留下一条模棱两可的信息:我必须见你。12点来接我。他是说中午还是半夜?【难点】  ambiguous意为模棱两可的;含糊的responsible意为


15. D)   【句意】我们要找个桌子坐下,可是所有餐桌都已有人。【难点】  take up意为占去(时间、地方、注意力等)”reserve for意为留出,保留engage in意为从事;参加use up意为用完,用光;耗尽

16. D)   【句意】她将不得不去别处找工作,因为她再也不能忍受这么大的噪音。【难点】  put up with意为忍受,容忍come up with意为“(针对问题、挑战)提出,想出catch up with意为赶上keep up with意为跟上(人、潮流、形势等)”

17. D)   【句意】汤姆满怀信心地投入新的工作。【难点】  set about意为开始;着手set out意为开始,常与as, in, on连用;set off意为“(使)做某事set up意为开业,开始经商

18. B)   【句意】卡车司机因超速而被罚款。【难点】  limit意为限制;界限range意为“(知识、知觉、听觉等的)范围regulation意为规定,规则ruleregulation是近义词,意为规定,规章

19. B)   【句意】跛脚的杰克充满自豪,一颠一跛地走上台,加入孩子们的行列。【难点】  limp意为跛行jump意为跳,跃hop意为“(人们)单足跳jog意为慢跑;缓行

20. B)   【句意】他买不起小汽车,因为他挣钱不多。【难点】  afford意为买得起obtain意为得到,获得donate意为捐,赠consume意为消耗,耗尽

21. C)   【句意】这是明摆着的事:就像茶叶和香蕉不相搭配一样,下层阶级家庭的儿子也不可能指望娶一个贵族的女儿。【难点】  neither用于否定句之后,意为“…亦不…”either用于否定


22. D)   【句意】虽谈不上有钱,但她目前的境

况比以往任何时候都要好。【难点】  by no means意为一点也不…”by means of意为用,依靠

within one’s means不是固定短语;by allmeans意为无论如何,务必

23. A)   【句意】这是一种荒唐的生活态度。【难点】  absurd意为荒唐的;滑稽可笑的silly意为


24. B)   【句意】每年,我们学校会有一名同学

获得一笔奖学金作为一年的大学生活补贴。【难点】  subsidize意为津贴;资助improve意为改进,改善oblige意为施恩惠于,帮inflict意为予以(打击);使遭受(损伤,苦痛等)”25. D)   【句意】他和妻子合作写了一本书。【难点】  collaboration意为合作;协作in collaboration with为固定搭配;proportion意为比例installment意为分期付款correspondence意为符合;一致



I dare not go there.How dare he say such rude things aboutme?


Tom wanted to come,but he darent.


He does not dare(to) answer.Does she dare(to) go there alone?

近义词辨析besides,but, except, except for这组词均含有“除…外”的意思。


Have you got anyclothes besides these? 除了这些衣服你还有别的吗?

but不包括所引事物在内,多与nothing, not anything, nobody,nowhere, all, anybody等连用。

He has nobody buthimself to blame for that.那件事他没法指责别人,只能怪他自己。

except不包括所引事物。常与no, none, nothing等否定词或all,everyone, everything等连用,不可用于句首。

They all went to theSummer Palace except one.除一人之外他们都去了颐和园。

except for常指除去所引情况让人稍感遗憾之外,整体情况尚属理想,被除去的事物与正在谈及的事物之间不具有共同属性或性质。The roads were clear except for a few cars.除几辆小汽车外,路面很空旷。


1. Evidence came up____specific sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old.

A.what     B. that     C.which     D. whose

2. I understand ____preparation that staff must put in under pressure to meet the deadline.

A. more than theenormous amount ofB. better than most the enormous number of

C. better than mostthe enormous amount of   D. fewerthan the number of

3. I’m sure yoursuggestion will ____ the problem.

A. contribute tosolving   B. becontributed to solve  

C. contribute tosolve    D. be contributed to solving

4. In 1840, bothLucretian Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton resented _____ proper seating at theWorld’s Antislavery convention in London because of their sex

A.refusing         B. to be refused  C. beingrefused           D. having refused

5. America will never again have as a nation the spirit of adventure as it ____before the Westwas settled.

A. could              B.did                         C.would               D.was

6. You should haveput the milk into the icebox, I expect it ____undrinkable.

A.became          B.  had becomeC. hasbecome       D. becomes

7. It’s no good ____him. He is always indifferent towards others’ matters.

A. to turnto        B. turning to               C.turn to                   D.turned to

8. Some companieshave introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure ____.

A. than more onefficiency  B. andmore on efficiency  C. andmore efficiency  D. thanefficiency

9. She always put hermedication on the top of the shelf lest the children ____it by mistake.

A.took              B.should take            C. hadtaken       D. would take

10. The earnings ofwomen are well below that of men ____educational differences that arediminishing between the two sexes.A.although     B.  though     C.despite of          D. in spite of

11. Many automobileaccidents were ____ careless driving.

A. attributedto    B. resulted in                C.contributed to   D. raised from

12. The actresswanted a hat to ____ her dress.

A. goby                B.go through            C. goout            D. go with

13. It takes a lotof____to put on a school play such as King Lear.

A. organization     B.arrangement C.management    D. preparation

14. The policecarried out a(n)____search for the mising boy.

A.complete       B. entire                    C.thorough       D. whole

15. The ____ crownjewels are kept in the Tower of London.

A.valued                  B.valueless               C.invaluable     D. usable

16. Tom has been avegetarian ____ principle for years

A.in                 B. on                      C.for                D.by

17. When I got out ofthe car and walked about among them, ____one old man who shook his headdisapprovingly, they all began to cheer

A. see that            B.except that         C.provided that   D. except for

18. ____ the waterleft in the kettle, the doctor put several things he unwrapped from ahandkerchief.

A. At                   B.To                   C.Within             D.Into

19. I am ____gratefulfor the many kindnesses you have shown my son.

A.excessively     B. much           C.certainly         D. exceedingly

20. The ____of AIDShas led to an expansion in research seeking a cure.

A. innovation       B.selection          C.proliferation     D. conviction

21. I am sorry I haveno time at present to ____ more detail or give you an account of other citiesof interest.

A. bringinto     B. take into         C.come into         D. go into

22. When the idea ofwinning in sports is carried to excess, ____competition can turn into disorderand violence.

A. honestly          B.honest             C.honorable        D. honorary

23. Unless all themembers agree to ____ to the plan there may be further development in thecourse of action.

A. tumble          B.stick                C.come                 D.adjust

24. You must payimport ____on certain goods brought into this country.

A. money             B.fees                C.bills                       D.duties

25. We expect Mr.White will ____ Class One when Miss Jane retires.

A. take over                B.take up           C. takeoff           D. take to


 1.B)   【句意】有证据表明,小至六个月的婴儿就能识别具体的声音。【难点】 evidence后面的同位语从句被全句的谓语动词came up隔开,同位语从句须由that引导,所以B)项正确。

2. C)   【句意】我比多数人更能理解员工们在最后期限的压力下所做的大量准备工作。【难点】 understand better than...意为非常理解preparation是不可数名词,须用amount修饰,故选C)

 3.A)   【句意】我相信你的建议将有助于问题的解决。【难点】 contribute to意为有助于,促成to是介词,所以后面应接名词或动名词,故选A)

 4.C)   【句意】  1840年,露克里蒂安·莫特和丽莎白··斯坦顿因为他们的性别而没有得到伦敦世界废奴大会的席位,他们对此表示愤慨。【难点】  resent后接名词或动名词作宾语,根据句意的要求,应使用动名

词的被动语态形式,故选C)5. B)   【句意】作为一个国家来说,美国将不再具有开拓西部前所具有的那种冒险精神。【难点】从意义来看,空格应填had,但主句中have是实义动词,为避免重

复,可用助动词do替代,即用did替代had,B)为答案。6.C)   【句意】你本该把牛奶放到冰里。我想


在造成影响,再加上by now是现在完成时的典型时间状语,故选C)

7.B)   【句意】向他求助没用,他对别人的事总是漠不关心。【难点】  Itis no good doing sth是一个常见的句型,意为没用no good后面应接动名词形式。

8.B)   【句意】有些公司采用弹性工作时间制,更注重效率,而不是压力。【难点】 pressureefficiency处于并列的位置,所以正确答案是B)and moreon efficiency,more(emphasis) onefficiency

9.B)   【句意】她总是把自己的药放到搁架上以免孩子错拿。【难点】 lest意为以免,后接虚拟语气should+动词原形。

10.D)   【句意】尽管两性之间所受教育的差别正在缩小,妇女的收入仍大大低于男人的收入。【难点】四个选项中只有in spite of后可接名词,despite不能和of连用,althoughthough是连词,后接从句。

 11.A)   【句意】许多汽车交通事故都起因于莽撞驾车。【难点】 attribute to意为归因于;contribute to意为有助于,促成result in意为导致,结果造成raise from不是固定搭配。

 12.D)   【句意】那个女演员想要一个与她的连衣裙相配的帽子。【难点】  gowith意为相配go by意为根据作出判断go hrough意为通过;经历go out意为过时

 13.A)   【句意】上演《李尔王》这样一部校园剧需要大量的组织工作。【难点】 organization意为组织(行为)”arrangement意为安排management意为经营,管理preparation意为准备(状态);准备工作

 14. C)   【句意】警方为寻找失踪的男孩进行了一次彻底搜寻。

【难点】  thorough意为彻底的complete意为完全的,全部的entire意为整个的,全部的whole意为全体的,全部的 

 15.C)   【句意】那些无价的皇冠珠宝保存在伦敦塔里。

【难点】  invaluable意为非常宝贵的,无价的valued意为受重视的;宝贵的valueless意为没有价值的,毫无用处的usable意为可用的,能用的 

 16.B)   【句意】多年来,汤姆一直是一个按原则行事的素食者。【难点】  onprinciple意为根据行为准则;按照原则in principle意为原则上;基本上;大体上forby不与principle搭配。

 17.D)   【句意】当我下车走在他们中间的时候,除了一个老头不满地摇了摇头,大家都开始欢呼。

【难点】  except for意为以外,后接名词;see that意为留意;负责;务必…”except that意为除去之外后接句子;provided that意为倘若,在条件下 

 18.D)   【句意】那位医生打开手帕里包着的几样东西,放入了壶内剩下的水里。


 19.D)   【句意】我非常感激你给我儿子的那么多照顾。【难点】  exceedingly意为非常,极其excessively意为过多地,过分地much常以too much,so much,verymuch的形式出现;certainly意为无疑地;一定

 20.C)   【句意】爱滋病的扩散使得人们做更多的研究工作去寻找治疗的方法。【难点】 proliferation意为激增;扩散innovation意为革新,创新selection意为选择;选拔conviction意为定罪,判罪

 21.D)   【句意】对不起,我眼下没时间讲得更细,也不能把其它旅游城市给你进行一个描述。【难点】  go into意为叙述;讨论bring后面很少加into; take intocome into与本题意不符。

 22.C)   【句意】当竞争意识发展到极端时,荣誉可能变成混乱和暴力。【难点】 honorable意为荣誉的,光荣的honestly是副词,意为诚实地,不能修饰名词,honest虽能修饰名词,但其意义不合题意;honorary意为“(学位、称号等)作为一种荣誉而授予的,名誉的

 23.B)   【句意】除非所有成员都同意坚持这个计划,否则行动过程中会有进一步改进。【难点】 stick to意为坚持;坚守tumble to意为突然察觉come to意为降临,发生adjust to意为调整;适应

 24.D)   【句意】带入本国的某些商品要交进口税。【难点】 duties意为税,关税bill意为帐单fee意为

 25.A)   【句意】我们希望珍妮小姐退休后,怀特先生能够接管一班。【难点】  take over意为接收,接管take up意为开始采用;采取,承担take off意为脱去;拿掉take to意为开始从事;开始沉湎于



1)在既指人又指事物的两个或两个以上的先行词后面。例如:They are talkingabout the people and countries that they had visited.

2)在限制性定语从句中有形容词最高级的先行词后面。例如:He is the beststudent that I have ever met.

3)在以“It is...,It was...”等开头的强调句中,和相应的疑问句中。如:What is itthat he wants?

4)only, all, little的后面This is all that I know.

5)no, every, someany等词后面,也包括在它们的复合词在内。如:There is no person that is always in the right.Is there anything that I can do for you?

近义词辨析beautiful,goodlooking, handsome, lovely, pretty这组词均含有“美丽”、“漂亮”、“可爱”的意思。



She was even morebeautiful than I had remembered.她比我记忆中的她更漂亮了。

goodlooking不如handsome, pretty意思强烈,指一般的“好看”或“悦目”。

That goodlookingyoung man visited the house once or twice a week.那个长相不错的年轻人一星期光顾一两次。

handsome通常是一种客观的不带感情色彩的评价。一个人如被形容为handsome,是指此人外貌符合观察者的要求,但不激发更深层的感受。He looked very handsome in his dark suit.他穿深色西装显得非常英俊。


Mary has two lovelydaughters.玛丽有两个可爱的女儿。

pretty也是“漂亮、可爱”的意思。很少形容大而有影响力的事物,多形容事物不以其优秀、完美而以小巧、优雅、精致见长,使人容易接受并喜爱。Her boyfriend believes that she is the prettiest girl in the town.她男朋友觉得她是镇上最漂亮的女孩。



1. ____ in the past, atthe moment it is a favorite choice for wedding gown.

A. Unpopular has as whitebeen   B. White has been as unpopular

C. Unpopular has been aswhite   D. Unpopular as white has been

2. ____for a long time, the fields are all dried up.

A. There has been no rain B.Having no rain  C. There having beenno rainD. There being no rain

3. The millions of calculationsinvolved, ____by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time theywere finished.

A. had they been done  B.they had been done   C. having beendone   D. they were done

4. Televisions enable us to seethings happen almost at the exact moment ____.

A. which they are happening B.they are happening   C. which theyhappen   D. they have happened

5. ____me most was that the youngboy who had lost both arms in an accident could handle a pen with his feet.

A. That amazed      B. It amazedC. Which amazed   D. What amazed

6. Although she wrote a lot ofshort stories and poems when she was very young, ___ she was twentyfive.

A. her first real success did notcome until   B. her real firstsuccess came until not

C. since her first real successdid not come untilD. not until her firstreal success

7. You should know better than____your little sister at home by herself.

A. to leave          B.leaving           C. to haveleft            D. left

8. As the train will not leaveuntil one hour later, we ____grab a bite at the snack bar.

A. may well          B.just as well   C. might as well          D.as well

9. She resorted to ____when shehad no money to buy foods for her children.

A. have stolen      B.steal              C.stole                     D.stealing

10. The boy has admitted to ____thewindow while playing football yesterday.

A. breaking          B.having been broken   C. break                D.be breaking

11. Betty advised me to label ourluggage carefully in case it gets  ____intransit.

A.misused         B.mishandled                  C.mistaken        D. mislaid

12. ____money, she is quite rich.However, this does not mean that she is happy.

A. Concerning       B.As to  C. In terms of              D.In the light of

13. A wellwritten composition____ good choice of words and clear organization among other things.

A. calls for           B.calls on         C. callsup                D.calls off

14. It is ____ with the customernot to let the shop assistants guess what she really likes and wants until thelast moment.

A. in her honor   B. on her honor  C. a point ofhonor    D. an honor

15. This house will probably comeon the ____ next month.

A. fair                 B.market          C.shop                     D.store

16. George was introduced to ____activities at a young age, when she was hire to act as a lookout for drugdealers.

A. illegal             B.lawful             C.faithful                 D.peaceful

17. An institution that properlycarries the name university is a more comprehensive and complex institutionthan any other kind of higher education____.

A. settlement     B.establishment   C. costruction              D.structure

18. People’s status in society isfrequently ____ by how much they own.

A. measured     B.examined       C. tested                    D.questioned

19. Jack is so ____ to hisappearance that he never has his clothes pressed.

A. adverse           B.anonymous      C. indifferent                   D.casual

20. There is an increasing ____tomake movies describing violence.

A. strength                 B.direction        C. tradition                 D.trend

21. Outside my office windowthere is a fire ____ on the right.

A. escape    B.ladder             C. steps     D. stairs

22. I ____with the Browns duringmy stay in New York City.

A. put in       B.put down       C. put on     D.put up

23. Operations which leftpatients ___and in need of long periods of discovery time now leave themfeeling relaxed and comfortable.A.exhausted   B. unhealthy     C.upset     D. fearful

24. Farmers are allowed to growsmall gardens of their own and they sell their vegetables ____the black market.

A. on          B.at                   C.in                 D.for

25. The electric fan does not workbecause of the ____of service.

A. pause       B.break                   C.interruption      D. breakdown


1. D)   【句意】虽然白色过去不受欢迎,但目前它是婚纱的首选颜色。【难点】 as是连词,引导让步状语从句时,往往使用半倒装形式。又如:Beautifulas she is, she is foolish.

2. C)   【句意】由于长时间无雨,田野变得十分干燥。【难点】该句的前半部分是Therebe结构,完成式独立结构形式,这与时间状语fora long time相吻合。

3. A)   【句意】数百万次计算如果用手工操作,那么,到计算结束的时候,就将失去其全部实际意义。【难点】这是一句虚拟语气的句子,条件句使用了省略if的倒装句形式,动作与过去事实相反。

4. B)   【句意】电视使我们能够在事情发生的那一瞬间就看到它们是如何发生的。【难点】moment后接的是省略关系副词when的定语从句。B)符合题意要求.

5. D)   【句意】最令我惊讶的是,这个在车祸中失去双臂的小男孩能够用脚使用钢笔。【难点】这是一个what从句作主语的典型句子。

6. A)   【句意】虽然她很小的时候就写了很多短篇小说和诗歌,但她直到25岁才迎来第一次真正的成功。

【难点】这是一个练习not until结构的句子。 

7. A)   【句意】你应该知道,不该把你小妹妹一个人留在家里。【难点】 to know better than to do sth.是一个常见的表示责备的句型,意为应该知道不该做某事

8. C)   【句意】既然火车一个小时以后才开,我们不妨到快餐店吃口东西。【难点】  might as well后接动词原形,意为不妨,何不

9. D)   【句意】当她没钱为孩子买吃的东西时,她开始偷。【难点】 resort to意为:求助于,其中to是介词,后接动名词。

10. A)   【句意】那个男孩承认在昨天踢足球的时候打破了窗子。【难点】 admit to中的to是介词,后接名词或动名词。

11. D)   【句意】贝蒂建议我把我们的行李认真地贴上标签以免运输中放错位置。【难点】 mislay意为放错地方misuse意为错用滥用mishandle意为瞎弄,胡乱操作mistake意为误选

12. C)   【句意】就钱而言,她很富裕。然而这并不意味着她幸福。【难点】 in terms of意为……方面来说concerning意为关于as to也是关于;至于in the light of 意为鉴于,由于

13. A)   【句意】一篇好文章,除其它因素外,还要求选词优美,组织清晰。【难点】 call for意为要求,需要call on意为号召,请求”;call up意为使人想起call off意为取消,停止做

14. C)   【句意】对于顾客来说,直到最后时刻才让售货员猜出她真正喜欢什么,真正想买什么,这是一个涉及面子的问题。【难点】 a point of honor意为涉及名誉的事情in one’s honor意为为某人的荣誉 on one’s honor意为以名誉担保an honor意为光荣的人或事

15. B)   【句意】这座房子可能下月上市。【难点】 on the market意为上市,出售 fair意为集市;庙会;交易会”;shop商店store储存;仓库

16. A)   【句意】很小的时候,乔治被介绍参与了非法活动,他受雇为毒贩子放哨。【难点】 illegal 意为不合法的,非法的lawful 意为依法的,守定的faithful意为忠实的,守信的peaceful 意为平静的;安宁的

17. B)   【句意】能称得上大学称号的机构是一个比其他种类高等教育机构都更复杂更综合的机构。【难点】 establishment 意为企业,设施(公司,学校,医院,教会等)settlement 意为定居点;殖民地construction意为建造;建筑物structure结构,构造

18. A)   【句意】人的社会地位常常由他们拥有的财富的多少来衡量。【难点】 measure 意为估量,衡量examine 意为检查;仔细观察test意为试验,测试question意为询问,审问

19. C)   【句意】杰克从不注意自己的外表,衣服从来不烫。【难点】 indifferent意为漠不关心的 adverse意为不利的,反对的anonymous 意为匿名的 casual意为非正式的,不拘礼节的

20. D)   【句意】暴力片的拍摄大有上升趋势。【难点】  trend意为倾向,趋势strength意为力量,实力direction意为方向”;tradition 意为传统

21. A)   【句意】我办公室的窗外右侧有一个救生楼梯。【难点】 fire escape 意为防火安全楼梯(位于楼房的外侧面)ladder意为梯子steps意为台阶stairs意为楼梯,指室内的。

22. D)   【句意】我在纽约市逗留期间和布朗一家人过了一夜。【难点】 put up意为宿夜put in 意为度过,消磨(时间等)”put down意为写下,记录put on 意为上演,演出

23. A)   【句意】以前,病人手术后精疲力竭,需长时间才能恢复,现在手术的病人却感到既轻松又舒适。【难点】 exhausted 意为精疲力竭的unhealthy意为不健康的upset意为苦恼的,不适的fearful 意为担心的,可怕的

24. A)   【句意】农夫们被允许在自己的菜园耕种,并将蔬菜拿到黑市上去卖。【难点】 on the market 意为上市,出售中,其它介词搭配不合适。

25. C)   【句意】由于中止了服务,所以电扇不转了。【难点】 interruption 意为中止,中断pause 意为暂停,间歇break意为停顿,间歇”;breakdown意为损坏,故障


1. ____ native to North America, corn has now spread all over the world.

A. In spite of   B.That it is     C. It was   D. Although

2. Our civilization cannot bethought of as ____ in a short period of time.

A. to have beencreated       B. to be created

C. having been created         D.being created

3. We feel it is high time thatthe Government ____ something to check the inflation.

A. did          B.do            C.shoulddo     D. would do

4. It has been proposed that we____our decision until the next meeting.

A.delayed   B.delay      C. can delay     D. are todelay

5. Hurricanes are severe cycloneswith winds over seventy-five miles an hour____ originate over tropical ocean waters.

A. which     B.who         C. where            D.howto

6. ____ is announced in thepapers, our country has launched a large-scale movement against smugglingand fraudulent activities in foreign currency exchange deals.

A. What        B.As        C. Which                    D.That

7. All the flights ____ becauseof the snowstorm, wehad to take the train instead.

A.were canceled  B. had beencanceled C. havingcanceled              D.having been canceled

8. Once ____, this power stationwill supply all the  neighboring towns and villages with electricity.

A. it being completed           B.it completed        C.completed                D.it completes

9. He might have been killed ____the timely arrival of the ambulance.

A. but for     B.except for       C. besides           D.except

10. If you have never plantedanything, you won’t be able to know the pleasure of watching the thing you haveplanted ____.A.grow               B.to growC. growing                  D.to be growing

11. He did me a ____ turn bylending me ten pounds.

A. good        B.nice                 C.fine                D.pretty

12. Once our chickens startedlaying eggs, we had such a ____of eggs that we were giving many away to ourneighbors.

A. output      B.surplus          C.production     D. plenty

13. Following are comments aboutthe behavior that people in Korea usually expect in various social ____.

A. occasions         B.cases        C.situations          D.circumstances

14. They have considered theirhigh standard of living a(n) ____for practicing their basic beliefs.

A. award              B.reward      C. result               D.consequence

15. Mac’s close ____ to hisbrother made people mistake them for one another.

A. resemblance      B.identity   C. appearance        D.relationship

16. The thieves ____ the wastepaper all over the room while they were searching for the diamond ring.

A. spread            B.scratched  C.scattered         D.burned

17. The sight of the fruit saladmade our daughter Kit’s mouth ____.

A. wet                  B.water      C. soak              D.taste

18. The ____ problem of bring aspaceshipback from the moon has been solved.

A. technical          B.technological     C. technique          D.technology

19. A large part of a person’smemory is ____ words and combinationof words.

A.by means of     B.in terms of C. in connection with  D. byway of

20. At her word she stood up andwalked away, stopping at the window to pull back the curtain and ____.

A.look round       B.look out           C. lookup                  D.look on

21. Their happiness was very____.      A. crisp   B. brittle    C.delicate     D. fragile

22. I was awfully tired when Igot home from work, but a half-hour nap ____me.

A.revived            B.released           C.relieved                D.recovered

23. We should always keep in mindthat ____ decisions often lead to bitter regrets.

A.hasty                B.instant           C.prompt                 D.rapid

24. Information and opiniongapexercises have to have some content ___talking about.

A. worthwhile      B.worthily          C. worth                    D.worthy

25. “If we fail to act now,”saidTom, “We’ll find ourselves ____ in action later on.”

A.paid back         B.paid for           C.paidup                  D.paidoff


1. D)   【句意】玉米虽原产于北美洲,但现在已遍及全世界。【难点】四个选项中,B)C)不合理。A)项的in spite of 是复合介词,后接名词。D)项的although是连词,后接从句,在本句中接的是一个省略主语的从句。2. C)   【句意】不应把我们的文明看作是短期内创造出来的。【难点】 as 在这里是介词,后面应接名词性质的词,create的动作是过去发生的,所以选C)

3. A)   【句意】我们认为该到政府采取措施抑制通货膨胀的时候了。【难点】 it is high time that后面接虚拟语气,时态用一般过去时,意为该到时候了

4. B)   【句意】有人建议我们应将我们的决定推迟到下次会议作出。【难点】suggest, propose, demand ,insist 等动词后面的宾语从句中,应使用(should+动词原形的虚拟语气。

5. A)   【句意】飓风是生成于热带海洋水域上空、风速达每小时75英里以上的强烈气旋。【难点】关系代词which引导的定语从句修饰名词winds.

6. B)   【句意】正如报界所宣传的那样,我国已发起大规模反走私和反欺诈性外币交易的运动。【难点】 as在这里是一个代词,常用在类似asis well known这样的句子中,意为这一点

7. D)   【句意】所有航班因暴风雪都被取消,我们不得不改乘火车。【难点】该句的前半句使用的是独立结构,由于动作发生在过去,所以根据题意要求,使用了完成式被动语态。

8. C)   【句意】这座电站一建成竣工,就将向周围城乡供电。【难点】 once在这里是连词,意为一旦…”,后面省略了it is

9. A)   【句意】要不是救护车及时到达,他可能就没命了。【难点】 but for 意为要不是,它的典型使用就是在虚拟语气的句子中,所以正合题意。

10. A)  【句意】如果你从未种植过任何东西,你就不会明白观察你种植的东西生长所带来的快乐。【难点】  watch 后接不带to的不定式作宾语补足语。

11. A)   【句意】他借给我十英磅,算是给我做了件好事。【难点】turn行为,举止时,常与good,bad,illevil连用。do sb. a good turn意为做利于某人的事

12. B)   【句意】我们的鸡开始下蛋后,我们便把剩余的鸡蛋送给邻居。【难点】 surplus 意为过剩,剩余output 意为产量production意为生产plenty意为丰富,大量

13. A)   【句意】下列是有关韩国人在不同的社交场合可能有的行为的评论。【难点】 occasion意为场合,节庆活动case 意为事实;情况situation意为情况;处理circumstance意为环境;形势

14. B)   【句意】他们认为自己的高生活水准是对实施基本信仰的一种报偿。【难点】 reward意为报答;奖赏award意为奖;奖品result 意为结果consequence意为后果

15. A)   【句意】麦克和弟弟长得十分相像,人们常常把他们俩认错。【难点】这四个名词中resemblance后面可接介词to,表示与相似relationship后面接to 时意为的关系

16. C)   【句意】小偷找钻戒的时候,把废纸撒落得满屋都是。【难点】 scatter意为散布,撒播scratch意为搔,抓spread意为传播;使蔓延burn意为燃烧

17. B)   【句意】我女儿凯蒂一看见水果色拉就流口水。【难点】 wet 意为湿的water意为流口水soak意为浸湿taste意为品尝

18. A)   【句意】使宇宙飞船从月球上返航的技术问题已被解决。【难点】 technical意为技术的,技能的technological 意为技术学的,工艺学的technique意为技术,技能,是名词;technology意为技术(学),工艺(学),也是名词。

19. B)   【句意】一个人的大部分记忆是用词和词的组合进行的。【难点】 in terms of 意为的话,以措辞by means of意为借着in connection with 意为相关联,关于by way of “经过,经由…”

20. B)   【句意】听了她的话,她站起身,走开了,然后停在窗前,拉开窗帘,向外眺望。【难点】 look out意为向外看look around意为环顾look up意为抬头望,查检look on意为旁观

21. D)   【句意】他们的幸福非常脆弱。【难点】 fragile 意为脆弱的,虚弱的,易碎的crisp意为脆的


22. A)   【句意】我下班回家的时候累极了,但半小时的午睡又使我振作了精神。【难点】 revive 意为使恢复精力;使振奋精神release意为放开,松开relieve意为缓解,减轻recover意为恢复(健康,知觉,情绪等);使复原

23. A)   【句意】我们应该永远牢牢记住,草率的决定常常导致后悔不堪。【难点】 hasty意为草率的,轻率的instant意为立即的,即刻的prompt意为敏捷的,及时的,迅速的rapid意为快的,迅速的

24. C) 【句意】信息练习和见解分歧练习里必须有值得读的内容。【难点】 worth意为值得,后接-ing形式的词;worthwhile意为值得做的,值得花费时间的worthy意为值得的,应得的,后接ofworthily意为可敬佩地

25. A) 【句意】  “如果我们不能现在采取行动,汤姆说,我们会发现自己在以后的行动中得到回报【难点】 pay back意为回报,报答pay for意为付出代价pay up意为全部付清pay off意为还清债务;清偿欠(某人)的债务


1. Its not fairthat you come home after a  bad day at work and ___ your wife andchildren.

A. take it out on    B.take out it on           C.take out on     D. take on it with

2. She put an extra blanket over thebaby for fear that ____.

A. he catches cold    B.he should catch cold   C. he caughtcold    D. he be catching cold

3. Our teacher recommended that we____as attentive as possible when we visit the museum.

A. are              B.shall be             C.be           D.were

4. You ____business interfering with myaffairs.

A. have none        B.have no            C.have none of  the       D. have nothing like

5. The new cut in interest rate____promote domestic investment.

A. means to         B.directs towardC. is meant to    D.leads to

6. Advertising media like direct mail,radio, television and newspapers ____to increase the sales of industrialproducts.

A.have been used    B. will beused   C. is being used        D.has been used

7. While being questioned on the court,the man denied ____the old ladys necklace.

A. having taken     B.taking         C.to have taken        D. to take

8. Dr. Park was accused ____ the patientwith overdose of sleeping pills so that the patients lifewas terminated before the expected time.

A.of providing      B.with providingC. to have provided         D.to provide

9. By the end of next month we ____thisassignment.

A. will finish      B.will be finishingC. will have finished  D. havefinished

10. We will be losing money this yearunless that new economic plan of yours____miracle.

A.is working        B.works          C.will be working      D. worked

11. It was dark in the cave so she ___ amatch.

A. struck           B.hit              C.fired                D.burned

12. Mary will not be able to come to thebirthday party as she is ____with a cold.

A. laid out         B.laid up          C. laid by             D. laid down

13. She often says her greatesthappiness ____serving the handicapped children.

A.relies on         B.consists in    C. composes of          D.comprises in

14. To make this ____clear we shall haveto look closely into biologys long history.

A.distinction       B.indication        C.recognition         D. constitution

15. Most importantly, such an experiencehelps ____a heightened sensitivity to other cultures and will bring about agreater appreciation of ones own culture as well.

A. coach            B.forsake          C. foster               D.censor

16. When Ann broke the dish she tried toput the ____back together.

A. fragments        B.pieces           C.bits                 D.slices

17. Jane tried to ____the doorman withmoney, but she failed.

A. bribe            B.corrupt          C. award                D.endow

18. Classification is a useful ___ tothe organization of knowledge in any field.

A. means            B.approach         C. mode                 D.manner

19. The human race has already paid aheavy price for its slow ____to environmental threats.

A. response         B.responsibilityC. resolution           D.resistance

20. We have a high regard for Prof.Joseph because he always ____his principles.

A. lives on  B. lives up to           C.lives through        D. lives with

21. My grandfather accidentally ____fireto the house.A.put   B. took C.set     D. got

22. We enjoyed the holiday ____ the expense.

A.except      B.besides  C. in addition to   D. except for

23. If you want children to work hardyou must ____their interests instead of their sense of duty.

A. appeal to   B. lookinto  C. give rise to  D. go in for

24. Basically a robot is a machine whichmoves, manipulates, joins or processes ____in the same way as human hand orarm.

A. characters       B.components         C.catalogues           D. collections

25. Of course, talking about somethingwhich affects them personally is ____ motivating for students

A. chiefly          B.correctly            C.currently            D.eminently

试题答案与解析 

1. A)   【句意】白天的工作不顺心,回到家里拿老婆孩子出气,这是不公平的。【难点】 take it out on sb. 意为“拿某人出气”,其中it是无人称代词,无所指,这是一个固定的结构。

2. B)   【句意】由于害怕孩子感冒,她在孩子身上又盖了一条毯子。【难点】 for fear that 后接虚拟语气,(should+动词原形。

3. C)   【句意】我们的教师建议我们参观博物馆的时候注意力应尽可能集中。【难点】 recommend,command ,suggest 等词后接的宾语从句应用虚拟语


4. B)   【句意】你没有权力干涉我们的事情。【难点】  have nobusiness doing /to do something 意为“没有权力,没有理由做某事”

5. C)   【句意】利率再次下调旨在促进国内投资。【难点】  be meantto do 意为“旨在做 ”;mean to do 意为“打算做,企图做”;lead to 意为“导致”,后接名词。

6. A)   【句意】像直接邮件、无线电、电视和报纸这样的广告媒介一直被用来促进工业品的销售。【难点】根据句意,应用完成时的被动语态,media medium 的复数形式。

7. A)  【句意】法庭传训他的时候,他否认拿了老太太的项链。【难点】  deny后需接动名词,由于动作是过去发生的,所以选A),动名词的完成式。

8. A)   【句意】帕克大夫被指控向患者提供过量的安眠药,结果造成病人在预期的时间前死亡。【难点】  be accused of 是个常见的词组,意为“被控有…罪”。9. C)【句意】到下月底,我将完成这项任务。【难点】 by the end of next month (year)是将来完成时的典型状语,故选C)。

10. B)   【句意】除非你的新经济计划创造奇迹,否则我们将赔钱。【难点】 unless 引导条件状语从句,用一般现在时表示将来。

11. A)   【句意】岩洞里很黑,她燃着了一根火柴。【难点】  strike 意为“擦(火柴)”,其它几个词不能和matches搭配。

12. B)   【句意】玛丽不能来参加生日晚会了,因为她患了感冒,卧床在家。【难点】 lay up 意为“因痛(或伤残)卧床”,常用被动语态; lay out 意为“摆出,展开”;lay by 意为“储存”;lay down意为“牺牲,献出”。

13. B)   【句意】她常说她最大的快乐在于为残疾儿童服务。【难点】 consist in 意为“在于,存在于”;rely on 意为“依靠,依赖”;be composed of 意为“由…构成”;comprise 意为“由…组成;构成”。

14. A)   【句意】为了搞清楚这一差别,我们必须认真地审视一下生物学发展的漫长历史。【难点】 distinction意为“区别;差异”;indication意为“标示,迹象”;recognition意为“(正式的)承认,认可,认知”;constitution意为“宪法,体制”。

15. C)   【句意】最重要的是,这样的经历能促进人们对其它文化的感受性,并使他们更欣赏自己的文化。

【难点】  foster意为“培养,促进,助长”;coach意为“训练,指导”;forsake意为“遗弃,抛弃”;censor意为“审查,检查”。

16. A)   【句意】安把盘子打碎后,想把碎片再合在一起。 【难点】 fragment 意为“碎片,碎块”;piece意为“块,片”;bit意为“小片;小段”;slice意为“薄片;切片”。

17. A)   【句意】简企图用钱贿赂看门人,但失败了。【难点】  bribe 意为“收买;行贿”;corrupt意为“腐蚀,使堕落”;award意为“授予(奖品等);给予”;endow意为“资助,捐赠”。

18. B)   【句意】分类是组织任何领域知识内容的有效方式。【难点】 approach作“方式,方法;态度”讲时,后接介词to,其它几个词没有这种用法。

19. A)   【句意】人类已为他们对环境威胁作出的迟缓反应付出了重大代价。【难点】 response意为“反应”后接介词to ;responsibility意为“责任”;resolution意为“决心,决定”;resistance意为“抵抗”。 20. B)【句意】 我们十分尊重约瑟夫教授,因为他总是信守原则。【难点】 live up to 意为“遵守,实践(诺言,原则)”;live on 意为“以…为生”;live through意为“度过,经历过”;live with 意为“忍受;容忍”

21. C)   【句意】我爷爷不小心放火烧着了房子【难点】词组set fire to 意为“点燃,使燃烧”。

22. D)   【句意】除了花很多钱外,我们的假期很愉快。【难点】  except指的是除去同类的事物,且常用于否定句;besides是包含在内的,除了;in addition to 也是包括在内;except for 是除了不同类的事物。

23. A)   【句意】如果你要孩子们努力学习,你必须唤起他们的兴趣而不是责任感。【难点】 appeal to 意为“有感染力,有吸引力”;look into 意为“调

查,观察”;give rise to意为“引起,导致”;go in for意为“爱好;从事,参与”。

24. B)【句意】机器人基本上是一台机器,它能像人的手臂一样移动、操纵、结合或加工零件。难点】  component意为“零件;成分”;character 意为“特性;人格”;catalogue意为“目录”;collection意为“收集”。

25. D)【句意】当然,谈论一些影响学生个性的事对他们是非常有积极作用的。【难点】  eminently 意为“突出地;明显地”;chiefly意为“主要地;大部分”;correctly意为“正确地”,currently意为“现时,当前”。 全真模拟试题8

1. It was requested that all of theequipment ____in the agreed time.

A. erected     B.would be erected C. be erected   D. will beerected

2. The man sitting opposite me smileddreamily, as if ____something pleasant in the past.

A. to remember B. rememberedC. having been remembered D. remembering

3. I ____him the Christmas gift by mailbecause he came home during the Christmas holidays.

A. ought to have sent   B. couldnt have sent   C. must have sent    D. neednt have sent

4. It turned out that the children werenot____for the accident.

A. to blame    B. to beblamed  C. to be blaming    D. tohave been blamed

5. The desegregation was achievedthrough a number of struggles, ____ been mentioned in previous chapters.

A. a few of which    B. afew of them  C. a few of those   D. afew of that

6. Setting up a committee might be a way____theproject more efficiently.

A. to be doing      B.doing            C. todo        D. being done

7. It ____to see so many children inthat mountainous area cannot even afford  elementary education.

A.pains her         B.makes her painC. is paining   D. is pained

8. Our boss, Mr. Thompson, ____ a raisein salary for ages, but nothing has happened yet.

A.was promising    B. hasbeen promisingC. promised  D. has promised

9. He was determined to sail around theworld ____his illness and old age.

A. given        B.although     C. despite      D. inspite

10. The board deemed its urgent that these invitations ____first thing tomorrow morning.

A. had to be put in the mail  B. must be put in the mail

C. be put in the mail         D. should have beenput in the mail

11.____drills that have no real topichave to remain as they are.

A. Manufacture      B.ManipulativeC. Manipulate     D.Manifest

12. This book has been in the works solong that I have lost ____of most of the sources found for me by the staff ofthe library.A. trace             B.trail    C. track     D. touch

13. The elbows on your coat have wornthin, so I must ____ them.

A. mend         B.patch        C. repair       D.pitch

14. ____and wage increases have not keptin step.

A. Production   B. Product    C. Produce      D.Productivity

15. People under stress have performed____feats of strength, like lifting an automobile off an accident victim.A. specific       B.extraordinary        C. abrupt       D.abnormal

16. Modern appliances ____us from a gooddeal of household work. For instance, the dryer frees us from hanging thelaundry.A.escape     B . benefit       C.liberate     D. comfort

17. The audience waited in ____silencewhile their aged speaker searched among his note for the figures he could notremember.A. respective     B.respect     C. respectful  D. respectable

18. The disappearance of her paper hasnever been ____.

A. counted for      B.looked up   C.accountedfor    D. checked up

19. When he was asked about the missingbriefcase, the man ____ever seeing it.

A. refused          B.denied           C. opposed          D.resisted

20. Communication between a young coupleis a(n) ____business.

A. sharp   B.dreadful    C. intense      D. delicate

21. After so many weeks without rain,the ground quickly____the little rain that fell last night.

A. skipped   B.soaked    C. retrieved    D. absorbed

22. Well____you as soon as we have any further information.

A. notify   B. signify  C. communicate    D. impart

23. The fox fell into the____the huntershad set for it.

A. bush     B. trap C. trick  D. circle

24. I dont knowyou want to keep the letter. Ive ____it up.

A. torn     B.given     C. broken     D. disposed

25. The old lady ____and fell from thetop of the stairs to the bottom.

A. slided   B.slipped     C. split    D. spilled


1. C)   【句意】所有设备要求在商定的时间内安装完毕。【难点】  request后面的宾语从句要求使用虚拟语气,即(should+动词原形,本句用的是被动语态。

2. A)   【句意】坐在我对面的那个人梦幻般地笑着,好像回想起过去发生的某件高兴的事。【难点】as if +不定式”是一个常见的结构,意为“好像”。

3. D)   【句意】我本不必把圣诞礼物给他邮去,因为他圣诞节期间回家了。【难点】主句用了一句与过去事实相反的表示必要性的虚拟语气,符合题意。

4. A)   【句意】结果证明是,这起事故不怪孩子。【难点】  be to blame是一个习惯搭配,意为“该受责备”。5. A)   【句意】经过若干次斗争,种族隔离被取消了,其中的几次斗争在前几章里已经提到。


6. C)   【句意】建立一个委员会或许是更有效地做这项工程的方法。【难点】 way后面可接不定式作定语,也可接of doing形式。

7. A)   【句意】看到那片山区有那么多孩子连小学都上不起,她感到很痛心。【难点】 It pains sb. to see...意为“看到…使某人感到痛心”。

8. B)   【句意】我们的老板汤姆逊许诺给我们加薪好些年了,可到现在什么也没发生。【难点】这句话考的是现在完成时行时。

9. C)   【句意】他不顾疾病缠身,年老体弱,决心做环球航行。【难点】 despite是介词,意为“尽管”,等于in spite of,两者的后面都接名词。

10. C)   【句意】董事会认为,明天早晨的第一件事就是将这些邀请函紧急寄出。【难点】 itis urgent that 后接虚拟语气,即(should+动词原形。

11. B)   【句意】没有实际主题的操作性训练只得保持原样。【难点】 manipulative 意为“操作的;控制的”;manufacture意为“制造”;manipulate意为“操纵”;manifest意为“显然的;明了的”。

12. C) 【句意】写作这本书的时间如此之长,以致于我找不到图书馆职员为我找到的大部分原始资料。【难点】  lose track of 意为“失去与…的联系;失去…的线索”;trace意为“痕迹,遗迹”;trail 意为“踪迹;臭迹;足迹”;touch意为“接触”。

13. B)   【句意】你大衣的肘部磨薄了,我得在那儿打块补丁。【难点】  patch意为“补缀;修补”;mend意为“修理;修补”,比如鞋;repair意为“修理;修复”,比如机器;pitch意为“投;掷;扔”。

14. D)   【句意】生产率的提高和工资的提高没有保持同步。【难点】 productivity 意为“生产力;生产率”;production意为“生产;制造”;product意为“产品”;produce意为“农产品”。

15. B)【句意人们在心理压力的作用下,表演了非凡的力量技艺,比如把一辆汽车从交通事故的受害者身上搬开。

【难点】  extraordinary意为“不平常的;非凡的”;specific意为“特有的,特种的”;abrupt意为“突然的,意外的”;abnormal意为“不正常的,反常的”。

16. C) 【句意】现代化的家用电器把我们从大量的家务劳动中解放出来,比如,甩干机使我们不必把洗的衣服挂起来。【难点】  liberate意为“解放”,与from连用;escape意为“逃跑;逃走”;benefit意为“有益于”;comfort意为“安慰;慰问”。

17. C) 【句意】那位上了年纪的发言人在他的笔记中寻找着他记不起来的数字,此时,听众们恭敬地等候着,全场一片寂静。【难点】 respectful意为“尊敬的;恭敬的”;respective意为“各自的,分别的”;respect是名词,意为“尊敬”;respectable意为“可敬的”。

18. C)  【句意】文件的消失从未得到过解释。【难点】  account for意为“解释;说明”;count for意为“值,计”;look up意为“查检”;check up意为“核实”。

19. B) 【句意】当这个人被问及丢失的文件夹时,他否认曾经见过。【难点】四个选项中只有deny合题意。deny+动名词,意为“否认”;refuse意为“拒绝”,加不定式;oppose意为“反对,抵抗”,常接介词to; resist意为“反抗,抗拒”。

20. D)   【句意】年轻夫妇之间的交流是件棘手的事。【难点】  delicate意为“需要小心处理的,棘手的”;sharp意为“尖刻的,辛辣的”;dreadful意为“遭透的,非常讨厌的”;intense意为“强烈的,剧烈的”。

21. D)   【句意】好几星期没下雨,昨晚下了一场小雨,很快被地面吸收了。【难点】 absorb意为“吸收”;skip意为“使(石片)跳跃着擦过水面”;soak意为“把…浸湿”;retrieve意为“使恢复;使再生”。

22. A)   【句意】一有进一步的消息,我们立即通知你。【难点】  notify意为“通知;报告”;signify意为“象征,预示”;communicate意为“传达,传递”;impart意为“告诉;传授”。

23. B)   【句意】狐狸掉进了猎人为它设的陷井。【难点】  bush意为“树丛”;trap意为“陷井”;trick意为“把戏”;circle意为“圈,圆圈”。

24. A)   【句意】我不知道你要保留那封信。我已把信撕了。【难点】  tearup意为“撕毁”;give up意为“放弃”;break up意为“击碎;拆散”;dispose of意为“处理;清除”。

25. B)   【句意】老太太滑倒了,从楼梯顶上摔到了下面。【难点】  slip意为“滑倒;滑落”;slide意为“滑行;光滑地移动”;split意为“裂开”;spill意为“溅出;流出”。


1. Nowhere in nature is aluminum foundfree, owing to its always ____ with other elements, most commonly with oxygen.

A. being combined B. havingcombined  C. to combine    D.combined

2. Physics is the present day equivalentof ____ used to be called natural philosophy, from____ most of present dayscience arose.

A. which, what   B. that,which       C. what,which   D. what, that

3. On no account____ever leave the babyat home alone.

A. should you    B. youshould           C. shallyou     D. you shall

4. ___the center of our planetary systemwas considered as heresy by the church in the Middle Ages.

A. It is the sun and not the earth    B. That the sun and not the earth

C. Being the sun and not the earth   D. The sun and not the earth

5. The reason that his property wasconfiscated by the country, it ____, was that he was involved in a lot offraudulent activities during the war.

A. was turned out    B.was being turned outC. being turned out     D.turned out

6. Id ratheryou____by train because the weather forecast said there would be heavy snowtomorrow

A. went      B.should  go      C. will go      D.go

7. Einstein won the Nobel Prize in 1921and enjoyed great fame in Germany until the rise of Nazism ____he was expelledfrom Germany because he was a Jew.A.when    B. who   C. then    D. which

8. Nowhere but in the remotest region ofthe country ____find a place to settle down.

A. can he   B. he can            C.he           D. for him to

9. With one leg broken in that caraccident, he cannot even walk, ____run.

A. let alone B. thats to say C. not to speak   D. notto mention

10.____, she led a life of completeseclusion.

A. Being disgraced    B.DisgracedC. Disgracing  D. She was disgraced


11. Sometimes a bus ____gets on the busto check the tickets.

A. agent     B.officer   C. conductor     D. inspector

12. He made a quick ____from hisillness.

A. relief   B. recovery C. survival      D. relaxation

13. ____the stress of examinations areover, we can all relax.

A. While    B. Eventhough    C. Now that       D. For

14. My cousin Nancy is often in apoisonous mood; I suppose its because she is____child.

A. one      B.a lone    C. a single   D. an only

15. ____the factors already referred to,people sometimes feel insecure because their motives are misunderstood byothers.

A. But for   B. Exceptfor  C. Apart from        D. Exceptthat

16. If the scheme is ____carried outwithout waste of time or energy I shall be completely satisfied.

A.relatively  B. noticeably C. appropriately   D. efficiently

17. One day we all may find it useful tohave a(n) ____for sending documents, writing any pictures across the telephonelines.

A. receiver   B. echo  C.extension   D. facility

18. To their credit the Department ofEnergy ____these ideas and funded a detailed study.

A. took over   B. tookon   C. took up   D. took to

19. Feeling that she was in the right,she took ____ at the dirty remark.

A. protection   B.offense   C. defense  D. guard

20. They agreed to share in common any____of funds after all expenses were paid in full.

A. sufficiency   B.surpass    C. excess    D. surplus

21. He was ____her in intelligence.A. below  B. under   C. beneath  D. down

22. It took a lot of imagination to comeup with such an ____plan.

A. bright     B.clever    C. brilliant    D. ingenious

23. In the refining process,  riceand flour lose much of their ____.

A. acid     B. alcohol       C.vitamin      D. sulphur

24. Individual lines of the poem werevery beautiful, but I didnt see how the lines fittogether. To me, the poem wasnt____.

A. inherent    B.coherent   C. logical    D. corporate

25. To an especially sensitive child, asimple scolding can be a ____experience.

A. hysterical     B.grievous    C. gracious  D. sensible


1. A)   【句意】由于铝总是和其它元素结合在一起,最常见的是和氧气在一起,所以自然界中哪里也不会找到单独的铝元素。【难点】  owing to 是介词,后应接名词或动名词,根据题意,应接被动语态形式。

2. C)   【句意】当今的物理就是以前被称之为自然哲学的等同物,大多数现代科学都产生于自然哲学。【难点】  what used to be called作定语,修饰natural philosophy,from which引导一个非限制性定语从句。

3. A)   【句意】你决不应该把小孩一个人放在家里。【难点】  on noaccount 意为“决不”属否定意义的词,引导倒装句,所以只有A)项正确。

4. B)   【句意】太阳系的中心是太阳而不是地球这一事实被中世纪的教会认为是异端邪说。【难点】  That引导主语从句,全句的谓语是was considered.

5. D)  【句意】后来证明他的财产被国家没收的原因是,战争期间他参与了诈骗活动。【难点】  it turnedout (to be)这里作插入语,意为“证明是…”。

6. A)   【句意】我宁愿你乘火车去,因为天气预报说明天将有大雪。【难点】 would rather 后接虚拟语气的从句,用一般过去时。

7. A)   【句意】爱因斯坦于1921年获诺贝尔奖金,在德国享有盛誉。后来随着纳粹主义的兴起,他被逐出德国,因为他是个犹太人。【难点】关系副词when引导的定语从句修饰名词词组the rise of Nazism。

8. A)   【句意】他只能在最遥远的地方找个安身之处。【难点】  Nowhere是否定副词,位于句首引导倒装句。 9. A)   【句意】在车祸中,他的一条腿骨折,他连走路都不行,更不用说跑了。【难点】  let alone意为“更不必说”;not to mention意为“再加上”;that is to say意为“也就是说”。

10. B)   【句意】失宠后,她过着完全隐居的生活。【难点】  disgraced在这里是过去分词作状语,表示伴随状态。11. C)   【句意】有时,公共汽车检票员上车查票。【难点】  bus conductor意为“公共汽车售票员”;agent意为“代理人,中介人”;officer意为“军官,官员”;inspector意为“检查员,视察员”

12. B)   【句意】他很快恢复了健康。【难点】  recovery意为“恢复,复苏”,后接介词from;relief意为“宽慰,安心”;relaxation意为“放松”;survival意为“生存”。

13. C)   【句意】既然考试的紧张已经过去,我们现在可以放松了。【难点】  nowthat意为“既然;由于”,用于新的事情的发生,接一般现在时的句子。while意为“虽然”;even though意为“即使”,for意为“因为”,不能用于句首。

14. D)   【句意】我表妹南希的情绪经常很糟,我想这是因为她是独生子的缘故。【难点】表示“独生子”的时候,只能说an only child。

15. C)   【句意】除了已经提及的因素外,有时人们感到不安全是因为他们的动机被他人误解。【难点】  apart from是包含在内的“除了”;excepr forexcept that是不包含在内的除了;but for意为“要不是”。

16. D)   【句意】如果计划能在不浪费时间和精力的情况下得到有效实施,我将十分满意。【难点】 efficiently意为“有效地”;relatively意为“相对地”;noticeably意为“显而易见地”;appropriately意为“恰当地”。

17. D) 【句意】有朝一日我们会发现,拥有一个能通过电话线发送信息、绘制图片的设备是非常有用的。【难点】 facility意为“设备”;receiver意为“电话听筒”;echo意为“回声;回音”;extension意为“分机”

18. C)  【句意】令他们感到光荣的是,能源部采纳了这些想法并为一个详细的研究报告作了资助。【难点】  take up意为“采纳(观点)”;take over意为“接收,接管,占据”;take on 意为“承担”;take to意为“喜欢上”。19. B)  【句意】她觉得自己有理,因此,她对这样肮脏的话语十分恼怒。【难点】  take offence意为“对…生气”;protection意为“保护”;defense意为“防卫”;guard意为“看守;警戒”。

20. D) 【句意】他们同意在全部费用支出后共享剩余的资金。【难点】  surplus意为“剩余,剩余额”;sufficiency意为“足量,充足”;surpass是动词,不适合本句;excess意为“超过”。

21. A) 【句意】他的智力不如她。【难点】  below意为“(智力、地位、军阶等)低于”;under意为“(尺寸、



22. D) 【句意】想出这样一个天才的计划需要丰富的想象力。【难点】  ingenious意为“(方法等)巧妙的;制作精巧的;bright意为“聪明的,机灵的”;clever意为“头脑机敏的,伶俐的”;brilliant意为“才华横溢的,有才能的”。

23. C) 【句意】在加工过程中,大米和面粉失去大量维生素。 【难点】 vitamin是“维生素”,其它词义不符本题。acid是“酸”;alcohol是“酒精”;sulphur是“硫”。

24. B) 【句意】这首诗的每个单行写得很美,但我不明白各行是如何联系在一起的。依我看,这首诗不连贯。

【难点】  coherent意为“连贯的,紧凑的”;inherent意为“内在的,固有的”;logical意为“逻辑的”;corporate意为“社团的,法人的”。

25. B) 【句意】对十分敏感的儿童来说,一次简单的呵斥可能会成为极其痛苦的经历。【难点】 grievous意为“极痛苦的”;hysterical意为“情绪暴躁不能控制的”;gracious意为“亲切的,有礼的”;sensible意为“明白事理的;合情理的”。


1. All of the plants now farmed on alarge scale were developed from plants ____ wild.

A. that once grow   B. oncethey growC. they once grew   D. once grew

2. By the time you graduate, we ____ in Australia for one year.

A. will be staying  B. will havestayed C. would have stayed   D. have stayed


3. He appreciated ____ the chance todeliver his thesis in the annual symposium on Comparative Literature.

A. having given     B. tohave been given C. to have given    D.having been given

4. The government official can hardlyfind sufficient grounds ____his arguments in favor of the revision of the taxlaw.

A. on which to base B. which to be basedon  C. to base on which   D. on whichto be based

5. Living in the desert involves a lot ofproblems,____ water shortage is the worst.

A. not to mention   B. of which   C. let alone        D.for what

6. Hydrogen is one of the most importantelement in the universe____it provides the building blocks from which the otherelements are produced.

A.so that           B.but that      C. provided that   D. in that

7. Just as relaxation is an importantpart of our lives,____stress.

A.so is             B.as it is     C. and so is        D.the same is

8. Victor took a bus and headed forhome,____if his wife would have him back.

A. not to know      B.not known C. not knowing D. not having known

9. We can make an exception ___.

A. in any case of John  B. in case ofJohn  C. in case of Johns  D. in the case of John

10. When the Cultural Revolution waslaunched in China, his father ___college.

A. attended         B.had been attendingC. was attending  D. has beenattending

11 My cat is a fussy eater, but my dogis so ____ that shell swallow down anything that isput in front of her.A. indiscriminate     B.choosy C. indefinite   D. picky

12. This houseis more ____ than the federalgovernment! Mac complained to his parents. You have rules for everything.”

A. systematic  B. democratic C. bureaucratic       D. public

13. The American peoples ____of being polite is different fromthat held here in China.

A. mind  B. conceptC. consideration D. thought

14. Well, that is probably all I can sayabout sports. Next time Ill tak

e up the topic of some other ____ activities.

A. refreshment   B.entertainment C. pleasure   D. leisure

15. Where there is an earthquake, energyis ____ in one area along acrack in the earth crust.

A. repelled     B.released    C. run            D.rushed

16. The old gardener used to keep allhis tools and doityourselfequipment in a____in the garden.

A. barn         B.room         C. hut          D.shed

17. Ive got abig coffee ____on the front of my dress.

A. pore         B.patch         C. stain       D.grease

18. She broke her leg, but the____healedquickly.

A. fracture     B.injury        C. skeleton   D. cavity

19. Youd betteradd them up. Im not good at ____.

A. figures      B.characters   C. summaries  D. counters

20. The girl chose some very pretty____paper for the present.

A. covering     B.wrapping     C. packing          D.collecting

21. The two scholars worked at the taskof writing a preface to the new dictionary for three hours ____last night.A. at length   B. in full    C. onend      D. in time

22. I cant readthe marks and notes Jim made in the margin. They are too____.

A.faint         B.foggy        C. transparent      D.misty

23. A highly organized system ofirrigation is ____Chinese agriculture.

A. typical of   B. consistentwithC. famous for  D. subject to

24. Jack is very ____about wines.

A. aware   B.knowledgeable   C. learned   D.informed

25. As for Ann, I am not sure about her____in Italian.

A. fluency B. clarity C. coherence D.excellency


1. A)   【句意】大规模种植的农作物都繁衍于野生植物。【难点】  that引导限制性定语从句,修饰plants.

2. B)   【句意】到你毕业的时候,我们在澳洲居住就会有一年了。【难点】将来完成时常和by the time+句子的结构连用。

3. D)   【句意】他得到一个在比较文学年度讨论会上宣读论文的机会,他对此表示感激。【难点】 appreciate后面必须接名词或动名词,本句题意要求使用被动语态,故选D)。

4. A)   【句意】那位政府官员找不到足够的证据去说明他为什么赞成修改税法。【难点】 to base sth on sth 意为“把……建立在……的基础上”。which指代grounds.

5. B) 【句意】居住在沙漠里牵涉很多问题,其中缺水是最严重的问题。 【难点】  of which 引导非限制性定语从句,which指代problems

6. D) 【句意】氢是宇宙中最重要的元素之一,因为它提供了其它元素赖以产生的建构框架。【难点】  in that相当于because,引导原因状语从句。

7. A) 【句意】正象休闲一样,紧张也是我们生活中的一个重要部分。【难点】  just as...so...意为“如同…,也是…”。

8. C) 【句意】维格坐公共汽车回家去了,不知道他的妻子对他的归来能否接受。【难点】  not knowing为现在分词短语,作伴随状语。

9. D)   【句意】我们可以把约翰的事作为例外。【难点】  in the caseof...意为“在…的情况下”;in case of 意为“以防,万一”

10. C)   【句意】 文化大革命在中国开始的时候,他父亲在上大学。【难点】这是一个简单的过去进行时的练习

11. A)   【句意】我的猫很挑食,可我的狗一点也不挑,你给她什么她就吃什么。【难点】 indiscriminate意为“不加区别的;一视同仁的”;choosy意为“爱挑剔的,过于讲究的”;indefinite意为“不确定的”;picky意为 “吹毛求疵的;爱挑剔的”。

12. C)【句意】“这个家比联邦政府还官僚”,麦克跟父母抱怨道,“你们什么事都有条条框框”。【难点】  bureaucratic意为“官僚主义的”;systematic意为“系统的”;democratic意为“民主的”;public意为“公共的”。

13. B)【句意】美国人的礼貌观念和中国人的不同。【难点】  concept意为“概念;观念”;mind意为“想法;见解;主意”;consideration意为“考虑,思考”;thought意为“想法;意见,见解”。

14. D)【句意】好,有关体育运动我就说这么多。下次我要选一个关于其它休闲活动的话题来谈。【难点】leisure意为“休闲”;refreshment意为“活力恢复;爽快”;entertainment意为“娱乐;文艺”;pleasure意为“娱乐消遣”。

15. B) 【句意】在发生地震的地方,能量会沿着地壳的一条缝隙在一个地区释放出来。【难点】  release意为“释放;排放”;repel意为“击退”;run意为“()流动”;rush意为“冲过,冲越”。

16. D) 【句意】那位老园丁以前总是把他所有的工具和可组装的设备放在花园的棚子里。【难点】  shed意为“车棚,工棚”;barn意为“谷仓,粮仓”;room意为“房间”;hut意为“(简陋的)小屋”。

17. C)【句意】我连衣裙的前部有一个很大的咖啡污渍。【难点】  stain意为“污点,污迹”;pore意为“毛孔,气孔”;patch意为“斑,与周围不同的部分”;grease意为“油脂;润滑脂”。

18. A) 【句意】她的腿摔断了,可是骨折处很快就痊愈了。【难点】  fracture意为“骨折”,injury意为“伤害;受伤处”;skeleton意为“骸骨”;cavity意为“腔”。

19. A) 【句意】你最好把它们加起来。我不擅长算数。【难点】  figure意为“数字”;character意为“文字”;summary意为“摘要,梗概”;counter为“计数器”。

20. B) 【句意】女孩选了一些非常漂亮的包装纸包礼物。【难点】这四个选项中只有wrapping paper有“包装纸”的意思,符合题意。

21. C) 【句意】那两位学者昨天晚上花了三个小时为新字典写序。【难点】  on end意为“连续不断地”,和表示时间的词连用。at length意为“最后,终于”;in full意为“全部地”;in time意为“及时,不迟”。

22. A)   【句意】我读不懂吉姆在空白处做的记号和注解,它们太模糊了。【难点】 faint意为“不清楚的,模糊的”;foggy意为“含糊的;朦胧的”;transparent意为“易懂的;结构清楚的”;misty意为“朦胧不清的”。这四个词中,只有faint可以修饰字迹。

23. A)   【句意】灌溉系统组织严密是中国农业的典型特点。【难点】 typical of意为“特有的,典型的”;consistent with意为“与…一致;与…相符合”;famous for意为“以…著名”;subject to意为“由…决定的;取决于…的”。

24. B)   【句意】杰克对酒很在行。【难点】  knowledgeable意为“知识渊博的;有见识的”;aware意为“意识到的,知道的”,与of搭配;learned意为“有学问的,博学的”,作定语或后接介词in; informed意为“


25. A)   【句意】至于安,我不知道她的意大利语是否流利。【难点】 fluency意为“流利,流畅”;clarity意为“清晰,明晰”;coherence意为“连贯性,紧凑”;excellency意为“优点,优秀”。


1. They feel they are justified ____ thechild because he was not behaving himself.

A. to punish  B. to be punishing C. in punishing  D. punishing

2. ____in the first round of thecompetition, our team took the earliest flight back.

A. Being knocked out  B. Havingbeen knocked outC. We were knocked out   D.We had been knocked out

3. If the door was not forced open,____thatthe burglar must have had a key.

A. it follows  B. it isfollowed  C. following is   D. it willbe followed

4. Miss Helen always buys ____pricedclothes.

A. higher    B.high   C. highest   D. highly

5. By 1990, production in the area isexpected to double ____of 1980.

A. that      B.it     C. one       D. what

6. I did not choose any of the threeofferings, because I found ____ satisfactory.

A. neither of them    B.none of it C. either  of them D. none of them

7. A pandasprimary activity is sleep, ___ its waking hours looking for food.

A. that it spends  B. for spendingC. and it spends   D. will spend

8. The university of California,____in 1868, is administered by president and governed by a twentyfour member boardof regents.

A. founded    B. has beenfounded C. to have been founded   D. wasfounded

9. ____of the play, Desire Under theElm, introduces the cast of characters and hints at the plot.

A. The act first  B. Actfirst  C. First Act  D. Act One

10. Id ratherwe____ our lesson now.

A. have       B.had        C. should have   D. shall have

11. Their walking tour through Springfield never came ____.

A. to           B.off      C. out            D.round

12. The conflict between romantic____andharsh reality has been the theme of many great novels.

A. fantasies     B.perceptions  C. affairs  D. revelations

13. Bobs workis ___ to Toms.

A. interior   B.inferior   C. exterior    D. better

14. Sunglasses serve to ____eyes fromthe glare of the sun.

A. shield     B.shelter    C. defend      D. guard

15. They bought that piece of land witha ____ to building a new shopping center.

A. purpose    B.reason     C. view        D.goal

16. To be____, I couldnt understand what he was driving at.

A. modest     B.frank      C. sincere    D. trivial

17. The exact cause of the killingdisease was not known until Dr. Smith discovered it ____.

A. by all means  B. by accident C. by hand  D. by and by

18. David found the book ____, itprovided him with so much information about the subject.

A. flattering  B. fabricating C. enlightening   D. perplexing

19. He had deceived  a great manypeople but she ____ him at once.

A. saw through   B. sawoff  C. saw about   D. saw into

20. Its on thetop shelf, out of ____.A. reach         B.touch      C. hand        D.distance

21. All the hotels in the town were fullup so we stayed in a ____village.

A. close    B. near     C.nearby   D. neighborhood

22. He does not work but he gets a good____from his investment.

A. income    B. salary  C.wage D. earning

23. Mr. Black asked his son Olive to buya ____ of bread at the bakers near his school.

A. pound        B.loaf         C. bag               D.packet

24. This detective story may not be____interesting to keep the child awake.

A. inadequately   B.enough     C. sufficiently     D. amply

25. The two pieces of fried steak Karlhad for dinner gave him a(n)____.

A. headache     B.infection    C. soar throat      D. upset stomach

试题答案与解析 

1. C)   【句意】他们认为惩罚这个小孩是有理的,因为他行为不当。【难点】  be justified in doing意为“做…是正当的(有道理的)”。

2B)   【句意】由于在第一轮比赛就被淘汰,我们队便乘最早的航班返回了。【难点】现在分词的完成时形式用作原因状语,被动语态是句意的要求,所以选B)。

3A)   【句意】如果门不是被撞开的话,那么可以断定,强盗一定是有钥匙。【难点】it follows that…”是一个句型结构,意为“可以断定…”。

4D)   【句意】海伦小姐总买贵衣服。【难点】  higher 不对,因为不存在比较,highest是最高级,在意义上可以,但形容词的最高级要加“the”;high本来是形容词,不能形容“priced”,但副词highly可以与priced


5A)   【句意】截止1990年,该地区的生产渴望比1980年翻一番。【难点】需要填入的是一个代替production的词,应使用that。不能用it。

6D)   【句意】给我的三样东西我都没有选,因为我发现没有一样令人满意。【难点】首先,相对于两件事物来说,只能用eitherneither,none是用在有三件或以上事物的情况中的。其次,主句说did notchoose,说明都不好,从句应为否定。

7C)   【句意】熊猫的基本活动是睡眠,睡醒的时候寻找食物。【难点】填入C) 后结构正确,因为and连接两个并列分句。

8A)   【句意】加利福尼亚大学创建于1868年,现由校长和24名董事管理。【难点】  founded in 1868作为一个插入成份修饰主语。

9D)   【句意】《榆树下的恋情》这出剧的第一幕介绍了演员阵容并暗示了故事情节。【难点】表示“第一部”有两种方式:一、Act One 二、The first act

10B)   【句意】我宁愿我们现在就上课。【难点】虚拟语气,表示对不可能发生的事情的希望,用一般过去时。

11B)  【句意】他们徒步穿越斯宾菲尔德的活动从未付诸实践。【难点】  come off 意为“发生,举行”;come to意为“涉及,谈到”;come out意为“真相大白”; come round意为“迂回而至”。

12A)   【句意】浪漫的幻想和残酷的现实是很多小说的主题。【难点】  fantasy意为“想象;幻想”;perception意为“感觉,感知”;affair意为“风流韵事”;revelation意为“揭示,展现;显示”。

13B)   【句意】鲍勃的工作不如汤姆的。【难点】  inferior(to) 意为“次的;次于…的”;interior意为“内部的”;exterior意为“外部的;外面的”;better意为“更好的”,后不接to.

14A)   【句意】太阳镜能为眼睛遮住眩目的太阳光。【难点】  shield意为“保护,保卫”,与from连用;shelter意为“掩蔽;庇护;为提供避难所”;defend意为“防御;保卫”;guard意为“监视;看守”。

15C)   【句意】他们购买那块地的目的是建一座新的购物中心。【难点】  with a view to doing 意为“为了…目的;打算做”;purpose意为“目的,意图”;reason意为“理由,原因”;goal意为“目标,目的”。后三个词不能代替view

16B)   【句意】说实话,我不懂他说的是什么意思。【难点】  to be frank 是个习语,意为“开诚布公地说”,作句子的开首语。modest意为“谦虚的”;sincere 意为“诚实的,真挚的”;trivial意为“琐碎的;不重要的”。

17B)   【句意】这个致命性疾病的确切原因直到史密斯博士偶然发现之后才真相大白。【难点】  by accident意为“偶然”;by all means意为“一定,务必”;by hand 意为“用手;用体力”;by and by意为“不久;过一会儿”。

18C)   【句意】大卫发现这本书很富启蒙性,因为这本书上有很多关于这个学科的知识。【难点】  enlightening意为“有启迪作用的,使之启蒙的”;flattering意为“谄媚的,奉承的”;fabricating意为“捏造的,伪造的”;perplexing意为“使人困惑的,令人费解的”。

19A)   【句意】他骗了很多人,但她一下子就把他看穿了。【难点】  see through意为“看穿,识破”;see off 意为“为…送行,向…告别”;see about意为“料理,办理”;see into意为“调查;领会,了解”。

20A)   【句意】东西在最上面的架子上,够不到。【难点】  out of reach意为“无法拿到的;力所不及的”。另三项选择不能与outof形成合理搭配。

21C)   【句意】城里的所有旅馆都住满了,所以我们住在附近的一个小村里。【难点】  nearby意为“在附近的”;close 意为“亲密的,紧密的”;near 意为“接近”,后接toneighborhood意为“邻里地区”。

22A)   【句意】他不工作,而是从投资中得到丰厚的收入。【难点】  income意为“收入”;salary 意为“薪水”;wage意为“(以时间计酬的)日薪,周薪”;earning常用作复数形式,意为“所得,收入”。

23B)   【句意】布莱克先生让他儿子奥利弗到学校附近的面包店买块面包。【难点】形容面包的量词单位应为loaf, 其它三个词不恰当。

24C)   【句意】这个侦探故事的趣味性可能不足以使这个孩子夜不能寐。【难点】  sufficiently意为“足够地”,修饰形容词或动词;inadequately意为“不充分地,不恰当地”;enough是形容词,意为“足够的”;amply意为“充裕地,绰绰有余地”。

25D)   【句意】卡尔晚饭时吃了两块炸牛排,他感到肠胃不适。【难点】  an upset stomach意为“胃肠不舒服”;headache意为“头痛”;infection“感染”;sore throat意为“嗓子痛”。


1. Public acceptance of rabbit as aneconomical source of protein depends on ____.

A. how aggressively do producers marketitB. if it marketed aggressively  

C. how aggressively producers market it    D. whether or not aggressive marketing

2. You mustnteat these apples____they are unripe.

A. much as    B. becauseof    C. even if    D. in case

3. Although ____ happened in thedeveloped country sounds like science fiction, it could occur elsewhere in theworld.A. which      B.what    C. how    D. it

4. It was he in ____ we had the greatestfaith.

A. who     B.whose    C. whom     D. that

5. Being in no great hurry,____.

A.we went the long route          B. the long scenic routewas our preference

C. we took the long, scenic routeD. our preference was taking the long, scenic route

6.Neither of the answers ____ right.

A. were     B.is    C. has been     D. are

7. He is ill, ____ I am only a littletired.

A. whereas   B. on thecontraryC. and        D.however

8. She is rich, and ____ is more, verybeautiful.

A. who      B.that    C. what   D. which

9. Say ____you likeit is your father that made you ____you are.

A. that ;that   B.that;what  C. what ;that   D. what;what

10.____you made your bed,____ you mustlie on it.

A.Because;so    B.For;and       C. Once ;and    D. As ;so

11. If reading is to accomplish anythingmore than ____time, it must be active.

A. wasting       B.spending     C. passing     D.idling

12. The ____from the airport was reallytiring because it was situated far from the city.

A. flight       B.travel       C. crossing    D. journey

13. KenyasTsavo Game Park ____ Susan much of the wildlife park she had visited in NewJersey.

A. evoked       B.recalled   C. reminded   D.remembered

14. Did you notice the ____on the doctors face when he heard that Kita had found the pearl of the world.A. appearance   B. expression   C.description    D. illusion

15. They plan to ____ the rundown house in a years time.

A. revive        B.renovate   C. replace    D. remove

16. The supply of silver in the mine had____, causing great concern among the people of the town.

A. increased     B.extended     C. devalued    D. diminished

17. The lawyer thought that piece ofevidence was ____early in the investigation, but it turned out to be vital inconvicting the criminal.

A. unchangeable   B.unsuitable   C.insignificant    D. important

18. The once beautiful flowers in thevase had ____.

A. withered         B.wasted       C. watered          D.wrinkled

19. This has been the____of the frontieron the American mind.

A. impact           B.input        C. effort           D.recognition

20. Because of its incredibly____natural resources, the United States appeared to be a land of plenty.

A. optional         B.abundant     C. maximum          D.leading

21. The most important of these leaderswas Martin Luther King, a black minister with a great gift for ____his people.A. exciting    B. cheering     C.inspiring   D. offering

22. Material abundance has been the lifeblood which has ____Americans in their basic beliefs and values.

A. contributed    B. provided     C. favored     D.sustained

23. I ____ a letter to an Internetservice that distributes journalists questions to morethan 850 institutions.A. assigned    B.attached  C. dispatched  D.detached

24. Some colleges are state supported,others are privately ____, and still others are supported by religiousorganizations.A. entitled     B.endeavored C. ensured   D. endowed

25. In addition, there are specializedpublic schools for the ____, and for those with other special needs, as well asaccelerated and enriched courses for gifted students.

A. indulged     B.handicappedC. kidnapped       D.invalid

试题答案与解析 

1. C)   【句意】公众能否将兔肉接受为比较经济的蛋白质来源要看生产者如何去销售。【难点】 depend on 后面加一个从句,从句语序应为陈述语序。

2D) 【句意】这些苹果你千万不要吃,可能没熟。【难点】  in case意为“如果,万一,若”,适合本句逻辑关系。

3 B) 【句意】虽然发生在发达国家的事情听起来像科幻小说,但也可能发生在世界上其它地区。【难点】  what引导的从句作为主语,同时,what又是从句的主语。


4 C)  【句意】我们最信任的就是他。【难点】用来代替“he”的是“who”,who前面有介词的时候要改为宾格whom

5C)   【句意】由于我们用不着着急,我们选择了那条长而风景优美的路线。【难点】  A)错,因为没有go route 的搭配。B)错,主语应该是being in no great hurry 的主语weD)错,原因同B)。

6 B)  【句意】两个答案都不正确。【难点】  neither意为“二者无一”,后接单数谓语动词。

7 A)  【句意】他病了,而我只是有点儿累。【难点】  whereas连接两个句子,又含有转折的意思。

8 C)  【句意】她很有钱,而且很漂亮。【难点】  what is more是习惯用语,意为“另外,而且”。

9 D)  【句意】不管怎么说,因为你父亲你才有今天。【难点】  say whatyou like 意为“不管怎么说”10 D) 【句意】是你铺的床,你就要躺在上面(自作自受)。【难点】  asso…意为“像…那样,…也就…”。

11 C) 【句意】如果读书不是为了消磨时间而是为了获取知识,那么你必须积极去读。【难点】  pass意为“消磨”;waste意为“浪费”;spend意为“花费”;idle意为“虚度”,与away连用。

12 D) 【句意】机场离城市太远,所以从机场回来这段路使人非常疲劳。【难点】 journey意为“行程,路程”;flight意为“飞行;航班”; travel意为“(长途)旅行,旅游”;crossing意为“横越,横渡”。

13 C) 【句意】肯尼亚的查沃野生动物保护区使苏珊想起了她在新泽西参观过的野生动物园。【难点】  remind意为“使想起”,常与of连用;evoke意为“使人想起”,但不与of连用;recall意为“记得,回想起”;rememberrecall类似,意为“记得,回想起”。

14 B)【句意】当博士听说基塔发现了世界上最大的珍珠时,你注意到他那时脸上的表情了吗?【难点】  expression 意为“表情,表现力”;appearance意为“外观,外表”;description 意为“描写,描述”;illusion意为“错觉,幻觉;假象”。

15B)   【句意】他们计划在一年时间内翻修这所旧房子。【难点】  renovate意为“修复;整修一新”;revive意为“使复兴,振兴”;replace意为“放回,把…放回原处”; remove意为“移开,挪开,拿走”。

16D)   【句意】矿里白银的供应量下降,这引起城里人的极大关心。【难点】  diminish 意为“下降,减少”;increase 意为“增加,增强”;extend意为“延展”;devalue意为“(货币)贬值”。

17C)   【句意】在调查初期律师认为这项证据不是很重要,但后来证明,这项证据在控告罪犯时起了至关重要作用。【难点】  insignificant意为“不重要的”;unsuitable 意为“不合适的

,不适当的”;unchangeable 意为“不可改变的,不变的”;important意为“重要的,重大的”。

18A)   【句意】花瓶里曾漂亮一时的花枯萎了。【难点】  wither意为“枯萎了,凋谢了”;waste意为“浪费”;water意为“浇水”;wrinkle意为“生皱纹”。

19 A)  【句意】这一直是边疆对美国人心理的影响。【难点】  impact意为“冲击,影响”,后接介词oninput意为“输入”;effort意为“努力”;recognition意为“认出”。

20B)   【句意】因其拥有富足得令人难以置信的自然资源,美国似乎是“天府之国”。【难点】  abundant 意为“丰富的,充足的,大量的”;optional意为“可自由选择的,任意的”;maximum意为“最大限度的;最高的”;leading意为“主要的,最重要的”。

21 C) 【句意】这些领导中最重要的是马丁·路德·金。他是个极富鼓动才能的黑人牧师。【难点】inspire意为“激励,鼓舞”;excite意为“使兴奋,刺激”;cheer意为“提起精神,激励(人高兴起来)”;offer意为“提供”。

22 D)【句意】物质丰富一直是使美国人坚持其信仰和价值观念的生命线。【难点】  sustain意为“维(生命、活力等),使…持续”;contribute意为“捐(款),捐助”;provide意为“提供”;favor 意为“支持…,赞同…”。


24 D) 【句意】有些大学是州立的,有些是私立的,还有一些是宗教组织资助兴办的。【难点】 endow意为“资助,向…捐钱”;entitle意为“给…权力;给资格”,常与to连用;endeavor意为“努力,尽力;尝试”;ensure意为“保证,担保”。

25 B) 【句意】另外,还有为残疾人开办的特殊公共学校,还有为有其他特殊需要的人开办的学校,还有为天才学生开设的快班课程和拓展课程。【难点】  handicapped意为“有生理缺陷的,智力低下的”,thehandica



1. Any steam engine gives us an exampleof ____into work.

A.heats having turned  B. heatsturning C. heats having been turned  D. heatbeing turned

2. Essentially, a theory is an abstract,symbolic representation of ___ reality.

A. what it is conceived B. that isconceivedC. that is being conceived  D. what isconceived to be

3. Not until a monkey is several yearsold ____to exhibit signs of independence from its mother.

A.it does begin  B. when it begins C. does it begin   D. before it begins

4. Television will be used to enablecustomers to shop from the comfort of their homes by simply ordering via the TVscreen, payment____by direct debit of their credit cards.

A. making it   B. ismade  C. being made    D. will bemade

5. A woman has to be ____a man to gohalf as far.

A. twice as good as B. as twice goodas  C. twice good as   D. twice so goodas

6. Hardly had we got on the bus ____itbegan to rain.

A. when    B. since    C. but     D. before

7. Im sorry Icant go with you, but I wish you ____.

A. a good time   B. have agood time  C. to have a good time   D.will have a good time

8. Many a time ____them not to do so.

A. we have warned   B. do wehave warned  C. have we warned    D.warned we have

9. They have produced ____.

A. 10 more pianos this month than lastmonthB. 10 pianos more this month  than lastmonth

C. 10 pianos this month as many as lastmonthD. 10 as many pianos this month as last month

10. He was hungry and ordered two ____offish.A. shares   B. parts  C.portions   D. sections

11. The best students are ____ specialscholarships.

A. awarded     B.rewarded   C. forwarded   D. honored

12. She stood up and ____in stronglanguage.

A. opposed     B.reckoned     C. objected    D. shouted

13. After becoming paralysed, Jane hadto get used to the loss of____.She hated having to depend on others for thingsshe once did for herself.A. authority   B.autonomyC. attraction   D. dependence

14. Having poor handwriting is not muchof a ____in an age of typewriters and computers.

A. difference   B.possibility  C. convention         D.liability

15. The ____grades are generally consideredto be kindergarten through third grade.

A. primitive  B.primary    C. promising   D. proceeding

16. The meal was excellent; the pearswere particularly____.

A. flavored     B.delicious     C. tasteful   D. gracious

17. His parents give him many expensivetoys as some form of ____for his lameness and inability to play active games.A. remedy    B. compensationC.treatment     D. comfort

18. To what extent will futurescientific discoveries make possible the ____ of the human life span.

A. increase     B.expansion  C. growth       D. prolongation

19. She was at the ____of her careerwhen she was badly injured in the car accident.

A. bloom   B.peak     C. excess    D. extreme

20. Should the ____of patriotism becontrolled by reason?

A. sentiment   B.affection     C. emotion    D. passion

21.____ going through to New Yorkyesterday to attend his sons wedding, Dr. Knapp flewto Chicago for a flower show.A. On the contrary    B.In spite of   C. Insteadof    D. Because of



22.____to the question of refreshments,I should think orange juice and potato chips will be sufficient.

A.Due       B.As         C. Prior       D.According

23. To most of the undergraduatestudents, the doctoral degree is a distant ____.

A. theme    B.prospect    C. threshold   D. token

24. The partysreduced vote was ____of lack of support for its policies.

A. authoritative   B.acute  C. adverse  D. indicative

25. Platosteaching had a profound ____ on Aristotle.

A. sentiment   B.affect    C. effect   D.sanction

试题答案与解析 

1 D) 【句意】蒸汽机是将热转化为能的一个例子。【难点】 heat是不可数名词,是beingturned的逻辑主语。

2 D) 【句意】从本质上说,理论是对虚构现实的一种抽象的并具有象征性的展示。【难点】介词of后应接宾语,B)C)为定语从句,但无先行词;A)it为多余,只有D)为名词性从句,可作of的宾语。

3. C) 【句意】猴子要到几岁的时候才能表现出脱离母亲而独立的迹象。【难点】否定词not用于句首,要用倒装句,即把句子谓语的情态动词或助动词提到主语前面。

4C)【句意】 人们将使用电视在家里舒舒服服地购物,可以通过屏幕进行订货,所需支付的款项可直接从信用卡扣除。【难点】此句为独立主格,分句动词应用分词形式。

5 A) 【句意】一个女人如果想走男人的一半距离的话,那么她的体力必须是男人的二倍。【难点】 表示“有…几倍好”用“几倍+as+adj +as”结构。

6 A) 【句意】我们刚上车,就下起雨来了。【难点】  hardly位于句首,句子要用倒装形式。Hardly通常与when连用,表示“一……就……”

7 A)【句意】对不起,我不能跟你去,但是我希望你玩得愉快。【难点】 wish的祝愿句中,wish后的直接宾语通常是名词。

8 C)【句意】我们多次警告他们不要这样做。【难点】Many a time”引导倒装。

9 A)【句意】他们这个月生产的钢琴比上个月多十台。【难点】表示程度的状语应放在比较形容词或副词前面。

10C)【句意】他饿极了,点了两份鱼。【难点】  portion意为“(食物的)一份”;share意为“一份,份额”,


11 A)【句意】最好的学生被颁发特殊奖学金。【难点】  award意为“授予;颁发”;reward意为“酬谢,奖励”,常与with连用;forward意为“促进,推动”;honor意为“使增光,给…以荣誉”。

12 C)【句意】她站起身,用激烈的言辞表示反对。【难点】  object意为“反对,不赞成;提出异议”,指有不同意见。oppose意为“反对;反抗”,及物动词;reckon意为“计算;数”;shout意为“叫喊”。


【难点】  autonomy意为“人身自由;自主权”;authority意为“权力;管辖权”;attraction意为“吸引”;dependence意为“依靠,依赖;依赖关系”。

14 D) 【句意】字写得不好在打字机和电脑时代算不上不利条件。【难点】liability意为“不利条件,妨碍的人(或物)”;difference意为“差异”;possibility意为“可能性”;convention意为“社会习俗”。

15B) 【句意】一般认为初级年级是从幼儿园到三年级。【难点】  primary意为“初级的;小学的”,primitive意为“原始的,上古的;早期的”;promising意为“有希望的,有前途的;大有可为的”;preceding意为“在前的,在先的”。

16 B)【句意】这顿饭真好吃,尤其是梨,很香。【难点】delicious意为“美味的,可口的”;flavored意为“特殊风味的”;tasteful意为“有鉴赏力的;趣味高雅的”;gracious意为“亲切的,和蔼的;殷勤的”。

17 B)【句意】由于跛足,他不能玩运动量大的游戏,他的父母给了他很多昂贵的玩具作为某种形式的补偿。

【难点】 compensation意为“补偿”;remedy意为“补救;纠正(办法)”;treatment意为“治疗,疗法”;comfort意为“安慰,慰藉”。 

18D)   【句意】未来的科学发现将在多大程度上延长人的寿命呢?【难点】  prolongation意为“延长,拉长”;increase意为“增加;增大”;expansion意为“扩大,扩充”;growth意为“增长,增加;生长”。

19 B)  【句意】正当事业处于顶峰的时候,她出了车祸,受了重伤。【难点】  peak意为“顶点,顶峰”,常用于词组at the peak of 中;blo

om 意为“开花期;繁花盛开”,常用于词组 in the bloom of …;excess意为“超越,越过”;extreme


20. A) 【句意】爱国主义情操应该受理智控制吗?【难点】 sentiment意为“情操”,含有较大的理智因素。affection意为“喜爱,爱心”,指热烈亲切慈爱的感情。emotion意为“情绪,激情”,主要指精神上的感情。passion


21C) 【句意】耐普博士昨天没去纽约参加儿子的婚礼而是飞到芝加哥去看花展。【难点】  instead of 意为“代替,而不是”;on the contrary 意为“正相反”;in spite of 意为“不顾,尽管”;because of 意为“由于,因为”。四个词组中,只有instead of 后面可接动名词doing的形式。

22 C) 【句意】我想,在吃点心前桔汁和土豆片就足以吃饱了。【难点】  prior to 意为“在…以前,先于”;due to 意为“由于,因为”;as to 意为“至于,关于”; according to 意为“根据,按照”。

23 B) 【句意】对多数本科生来说,博士学位是一个遥远的前景。【难点】prospect意为“(经济、地位等)前景,前程;景象”;theme 意为“主题,题目”;threshold意为“门槛;开端”;token意为“标志,象征,记号”。

24 D) 【句意】该党得票下降暗示该党的政策缺少支持。【难点】 indicative意为“象征的,暗示的”,后接of,构成词组;authoritative意为“权威性的,可信的”;acute意为“尖锐的,敏锐的”;adverse意为“不利的,有害的”。

25 C)【句意】柏拉图的教学对亚里士多得有深远的影响。【难点】  effect意为“作用,影响”,have an effect on …意为“对…有影响。”sentiment意为“感情,意见”;affect意为“影响,假装”,是动词;sanction意为“赞许,支持;鼓励”。


1. ___their help, we wouldnt have succeeded.

A. Hadnt beenfor  B. Had it not been for   C. Ithadnt been for   D. Hadnt it been for

2. ____ that the sweater is handmade, the price seems reasonable.

A. Since            B.In view                  C.Because              D.Considering

3. I am in charge of welcoming the ____.

A. visitors from outside of town      B. outoftown visitors

C. visitors of outoftown        D.outside town visitors

4. I really do not know whether we cansucceed, so do not expect ____.

A. too much of us  B. us toomuch   C. of us too much     D.us of too much

5. Japan has begun to rival America ____.

A. producing automobiles              B.to manufacture automobiles

C. in the production of automobiles   D. for automobiles producing

6. He did nothing but ____letters homeall this afternoon.

A. to write         B.writing      C. write        D.wrote

7. ____left before the deadline, it doesnot seem likely that Jimmy will accomplish the job.

A. With so short time             B.Although such a short time  

C.With such a short time         D. It is such a short time

8. Will Tomrecover?” “Right now there is no way ___.”

A. of knowing B. to be known C. for knowing       D. to have known

9. No sooner had we started out ____itbegan to snow.

A.then    B.when     C. than    D. whenever

10. ____the consequence, I will be onyour side.

A. However          B.No matter howC. No matter     D.Whatever

11. When they arrived at the crossroads, they went the wrong ____.

A. direction        B.way              C.path         D. route


12. I cantstand the summers ___heat.

A. intensive     B.heavy     C. intense    D. high

13. She takes ____ interest in theeconomic reform in China.

A. considerable  B.conventional  C. considerate  D.conservative

14. When our university library boughtthis microscope we were given a one years ____.

A. proof        B.reservation      C. security     D.guarantee

15. The football player had studiedeconomics in the university for a(n)____ of roughly six years.

A. decade       B.time             C.age          D. period

16. A dictionary of the Englishlanguage, ____by Dr. Samuel Johnson, was the first real attempt as a systematicwritten survey of English usage.

A. compiled     B.composed   C. concocted        D.collected

17. The volunteer firefighters valiantlytried to put out the ____forest fire.

A. raging       B.rippling     C. rolling          D.roaring

18. Education is ____for all schoolage children in many a country.

A. universal    B.compulsory    C. requested     D. general

19. The policemans ____mind caught the suspects lies.

A. alive        B.alert        C. experienced   D. imaginable

20. Over years, a balance is ____amongthe plants and animals in a community and it remains basically stable.A. worked out         B. workedoff  C. worked over     D. workedup

21. The global influence of English canbe measured by the opposition of its old ____, French.

A. rival   B.mould    C. objective   D. plot

22. That nights____ with Grace was as tough a battle as Ive everfought with an animal.

A. experience   B. encounter     C.fatigue     D. attack

23. I dontthink I have become more political, but if I see injustice and ____, I feel Ihave to do something.A. hostility       B.hostage      C. inhumanity      D.indignation

24. Dr. Fox  said that wolves hehas have been even more ____and more sensitive to human feelings than most dogshave.A. expressive  B. extensive C. impressive  D. intensive

25. The present universal fear has beenthe result of a forward surge in our knowledge and ____ of certain dangerousfactors in the physical world.

A. perception  B. supplement  C. synthesis   D.manipulation


1 B) 【句意】要不是他们帮助,我们不会成功。【难点】这是以had为助动词,表示虚拟语气的条件状语从句句型,省略if,句子倒装,而not不提前。

2 D) 【句意】考虑到这件毛衣是手工织的,价格还算合理。【难点】 considering常常当作介词用,意为“考虑到”。

3 B)  【句意】我负责接待城外的来客。【难点】  outoftown 是合成形容词。

4 A)【句意】我真不知道我们会不会成功,所以不要对我们期望太高。【难点】  expectof …表示“对…期望”。

5 C) 【句意】在汽车生产方面日本已经成为美国的竞争对手。【难点】  in表示“在…方面”。

6 C) 【句意】整个今天下午他在家除了写几封信,别的什么也没做。【难点】donothing but 后加动词原形。

7 C) 【句意】在最后期限到来之前,时间所剩无几,吉米似乎不可能完成这项工作。【难点】逗号前是个由with引导的独立结构。time前加a,表示一段时间。

8A) 【句意】“汤姆会恢复健康吗?”“眼下还无从知道。”【难点】there is no way of knowing意为还无法知道。

9 C) 【句意】我们刚一出发天就开始下雪。【难点】  no sooner than为固定句型,意为“一…就”。

10 D) 【句意】不论后果如何,我都将站到你这边。【难点】  whatever意为“不论什么,不论…如何”。

11 A) 【句意】到十字路口时,他们走错了方向。【难点】  direction 意为“方向”,go the wrong direction是习语,意为“走错方向”。way意为“方式,方法”;path意为“小路;小道”;route意为“路线,航线”。

12 C) 【句意】我无法忍受夏日的酷热。【难点】  intense意为“强烈的”,intense heat 为固定搭配,意为“酷热”。intensive意为“集中的,彻底的”;heavy 意为“强烈的;猛烈的”,但不能修饰heat;high 意“


13A)   【句意】她对中国的经济改革怀有极大的兴趣。【难点】  considerable意为“相当的,可观的”;conventional意为“惯例的;常规的”;considerate意为“体贴的”;conservative意为“保守的,慎重的”。

14D)   【句意】我们大学的图书馆买这台显微镜的时候,得到一年保修的承诺。【难点】  guarantee 意为“保证;保单”;proof意为“证据;证物”;reservation意为“预订,预订的房间或座席”;security 意为“保证;保障;担保”。

15. D) 【句意】这位足球运动员曾在大学学习了大约六年经济学。【难点】 period 意为“(一段)时间,时期,阶段;时代”;decade意为“十年,十年期”time意为“(一部分)时间,(一段)时间”;age 意为“时代,年代”。

16 A)【句意】塞缪尔·约翰逊编的《英语字典》是对英语用法进行系统书面研究的第一次真正尝试【难点】  compile意为“编辑,编纂”;compose意为“创作(音乐、文学作品);谱曲”;concoct意为“人为地制造,编造”;collect意为“收集;聚集”。

17 A) 【句意】消防志愿者们勇敢地努力去扑灭熊熊燃烧的森林大火。【难点】 raging意为“狂想的,狂暴的”;rippling意为“起涟漪的;波动的”;rolling意为“起伏的,翻腾的”;roaring意为“吼叫的,轰鸣的”

18B)【句意】在许多国家,教育对所有学龄儿童来说是义务性的。【难点】 compulsory意为“强制的,义务的”;universal意为“全体的;共同的,普遍的”;request是动词,意为“要求”,general意为“一般的,普通的”。

19B)【句意】警察头脑机警,揭穿了嫌疑犯的谎言。【难点】  alert意为“警惕的;警觉的”;alive意为“活的;有活力的;“只能做表语;experienced意为“有经验的,老练的”;imaginable意为“可想象的,想得到的”的,常与all,every,only连用。

20 D)【句意】生物群落中的植物和动物从长时间角度看能保持平衡,这种平衡会基本上保持稳定。【难点】  work out意为“解决,计算出”;work off 意为“慢慢除去”;work over意为“彻底检查,充分研究”;work up 意为“渐渐发展成,逐渐达到”。

21 A) 【句意】英语在全球的影响可从它的老对手法语的抵抗窥见一斑。【难点】 rival意为“竞争者,对手”;mould意为“模子,铸型”;objective意为“目的,目标”;plot意为“阴谋,秘密计划”。

22 B) 【句意】那晚和格雷丝的遭遇就像我以前同动物的打斗一样艰难。【难点】 encounter意为“邂逅;遭遇”,后接with; experience意为“经历,经验”;fatigue意为“疲劳”;attack意为“攻击;责难”。

23 C) 【句意】我认为我并没有变得更有政治倾向,但是,如果我看见不公正和野蛮的事情,我感觉我必须做点什么。【难点】  inhumanity意为“无人性;野蛮”;hostility意为“敌意;敌视”;hostage意为“人质;抵押品”;indignation意为“愤怒;义愤”。

24 A) 【句意】福克斯博士说,他养的狼要比多数狗对人更富于情感,更敏感。【难点】 expressive意为“富于表情的,意味深长的”;extensive意为“广泛的;广阔的”;impressive意为“给人以深刻印象的”;intensive意为“集中的,密集的”。

25 D)【句意】现在普遍存在的恐惧一直是我们大量地了解并控制了客观世界里某些危险因素的结果。【难点】  manipulation意为“控制,操纵”;perception意为“感知,察觉”;supplement意为“增补物,补充物”;synthesis意为“ 综合,结合”。


1. Everyone in the family bullied herand made her do all the chores, she was indeed ____.

A. Ciderella     B.a Cinderella  C. the Cinderella   D.that Cinderella

2. Air is to us ____ water to fish.A. like    B. as    C.what     D. that

3. ____ troublesome the problem is, hefaces it with patience.

A. However    B. No matter  C. Despite     D. Although

4. Peter became angry and said that____.

A. he was tired to listen to them   B. the listening to them was tired for him

C. he was tiring listening tothem   D. he was tired of listening to them


5. Weather ___, the picnic will be heldas scheduled.

A. permits  B. should permit  C. will permit  D. permitting

6. We regret ____you that yoursubscription is overdue.

A. informing   B. toinform  C. being informed D. to be informed

7. ____you are a college teacher, youprobably have to take your holidays in July and August.

A. Since that  B. Since now C. By now         D. Now that

8. He had no business ____mixed up insuch a matter.

A. getting    B. ingetting    C. to be got    D. get

9. Everybody must observe the rule, not____thedirector.

A. except    B.but C. excepting    D. except for

10. The texture of the rocks grains were described ____like sugar.

A. as being    B. asis     C. as was     D. as if

11. The subject of children starving todeath is too ____to joke about.

A. grim    B.grief        C.shrewd     D. snobbish

12. We cantjust ____these objections off.A.ward    B. lay    C.shrug   D. shake

13. Children are____for saying the wrongthing at the wrong time.

A.naughty    B.plain     C. versatile   D. notorious

14. Lets____the bird from the case.A. liberate   B.put     C. set     D. free

15. She regarded the burglary as a(n)____of her home.

A. invasion   B.suppression  C. violation   D. theft

16. I telephoned this afternoon, but nobody____ .

A. replied     B.responded     C. returned   D. answered

17. The ____of my paper on animalcommunication includes a book on whale songs.

A. biography   B. preface C. introduction    D. bibliography

18. Many experts ____a low protein, highcarbonhy drate diet.

A. prompt     B.advocate       C. inherent      D.claim

19.The medical centers annual fee is ____, covering all visits and services.

A. indicative  B. indefinite  C. inclusive     D. integral

20. Dominic is the most ____pupil in class.

A. individual    B.industrialC. indulgent   D. industrious

21. Mr. Morgan gradually____a knowledgeof the subject.

A. attained     B.required     C. acquired     D. enquired

22. Though steam engines have now passedthe ____of their usefulness, their heritage remains.

A. prime    B.era   C. epoch    D. date

23. What he said just now had little todo with the question ____discussion.

A. with    B.under   C. by    D. over

24. Molten iron is poured into the mixerin the same way____tea is poured into a cup from a teapot.

A. as       B.that    C. since    D. like

25. The Russians also burned their farmsand ___their dams and power plants.

A. blew up    B. blewoff    C. blew out    D. blew over


1. B)【句意】家中的每个人都欺侮她,叫她做所有的家务,她真是个灰姑娘。【难点】  Cinderella源于童话《灰姑娘》,现已成为专有名词。

2C)【句意】空气对于我们来说就像水对于鱼一样。难点】固定句型A is to B what C is to D.

3 A)【句意】无论问题多么麻烦,他都耐心地去面对。【难点】 however=no matter how, 意为“不管…”。4D)【句意】彼得非常生气并说他很讨厌他们说话。【难点】sb be tired ofdoing sth意为“某人厌倦做某事”5 D)【句意】若天气允许的话,野餐将如期进行。【难点】“Weatherpermitting”作为独立结构,意为“如果天气允许的话”,也可以用“if weather permits”。

6 B)【句意】我们很遗憾地通知你,你的订单已经过期。【难点】We regret to inform you”意为“我们很遗憾地通知你”。

7 D)【句意】既然你是个大学老师,你大概不得不在七、八月份休假。【难点】 now that=since, 意为“既然”。8 A)【句意】 他没有理由卷入这件事情。【难点】  gettingget的现在分词形式,与mixed up构成现在分词短语,修饰business,作定语。

9 B)【句意】每个人都要遵守规则,主任也不例外。【难点】  but=except,not but意为“不除……之外”。

10 A) 【句意】岩石的纹理结构被描述为“像糖”。【难点】  bedescribed as 意为“被形容为”。

11 A) 【句意】儿童饿死这一话题太无情,不该拿来开玩笑。【难点】grim意为“无情的,冷酷的,可怕的”;grief是名词,意为“悲伤,悲痛”;shrewd意为“机灵的,精明的”;snobbish意为“势力的,媚上欺下的”。

12 C) 【句意】我们不能对这些反对意见不予理睬。【难点】  shrug off 意为“对…满不在乎,对…不屑一顾”;ward off  意为“避开,挡开,避免”;lay off 意为“停止打扰;不理会;戒绝”;shake off 意为“抖落,摆脱”。

13 D) 【句意】孩子们常在错误的时间说错话,这一点众所周知。【难点】 notorious意为“坏方面闻名的,臭名昭著的”,后接介词fornaughty 意为“顽皮的,淘气的;plain意为“明白的,清楚的”;versatile意为“多才多艺的,有多方面才能的”。

14 D) 【句意】咱们把鸟从笼子里放了吧。【难点】  free意为“使自由;释放”,常与from连用;liberate意为“释放”;put不能和from连用;set后面接from的时候还要加free,即setfree from.

15 C)【句意】她认为入室偷盗是侵犯家宅的行为。【难点】violation意为“侵犯(行为),妨碍(行为);invasion意为“侵犯,侵害”,尤其隐私和个人权力;suppression 意为“压制,镇压”;theft意为“偷窃,失窃”。

16 D)【句意】我今天下午打了电话,但没有人接。【难点】answer the telephone意为“接电话”,是习惯用法。


17 D)【句意】我那篇有关动物交际的论文的参考书目中包括一本关于鲸语言的书。【难点】  bibliography意为“书目;作品目录”;biography意为“传记”;preface意为“序言,前言,开场白”;introduction 意为“导言,开场白”。

18 B)【句意】许多专家提倡低蛋白、高碳水化合物的饮食。【难点】  advocate意为“拥护;主张;提倡”;prompt 意为“促使;激励;鼓舞”;inherent是形容词,意为“内在的,固有的,本来就有的”;claim意为“声称;认领;自称”。

19 C)【句意】医疗中心的年度费用是包括一切的,含所有检查和服务费用。【难点】 inclusive意为“包含一切的”;indicative意为“暗示的,暗指的”,后接介词of;indefinite意为“不明确的,含糊的,不清楚的”;integral意为“构成整体所必需的;固有的”。

20 D)【句意】多米尼克是班上最勤奋的学生。【难点】  industrious意为“勤劳的,勤奋的”;individual意为“独特的;个人的”;industrial 意为“工业上的;工业用的”;indulgent意为“宽容的”。

21 C) 【句意】摩根先生渐渐地了解了这个科目。【难点】  acquire 意为“(尤指通过努力)取得,获得,写到”,acquire a knowledge of 意为“获得…的知识”;attain意为“达到,获得”;require意为“需要”;enq

uire 意为“查问,查究”,后接介词into。

22 A) 【句意】虽然蒸汽机车的使用已过了它的全盛期,但其传统犹存。【难点】 prime意为“全盛期;最好的时期”;era意为“时代;(某一重要历史事件的)年代”;epoch意为“(有重大发展或特别事情的)重要时期”;date意为“日期”。

23 B) 【句意】他刚才说的话与正在讨论的问题毫无关系。【难点】  underdiscussion是习惯搭配,意为“正在讨论之中的”,其它三个介词和discussion不是固定搭配。

24 A) 【句意】熔铁被倒入搅拌机的方式和茶被倒入茶壶里的方式相同。【难点】  same as有固定搭配关系,而和其它几个词没有固定搭配关系

25A)   【句意】俄罗斯人烧毁了他们的农场,炸毁了他们的大坝和电厂。【难点】  blow up 意为“爆炸,炸毁”;blow off 意为“吹掉,被吹走”;blow out 意为“(车胎)爆裂;熄灭”;blow over意为“逝去,被淡忘”。


1. Revolution means ____theproductive forces.

A. to liberate   B. liberated     C. liberate   D. liberating

2. Variables such as individualand corporate behaviour ____nearly impossible for economists to forecasteconomic trend with precision.A. make       B.make it    C. making   D. makes it

3. Home is home, ____ ever sohomely.

A. it is    B. it were    C. be it     D. it be

4. Mary is ____ than Alice.

A. more experienced  ateacher B. a more experiencedteacher

C. more an experienced teacher              D.moreexperienced teacher

5. Arriving at the bus stop,____waiting there.

A. a lot of people were     B.he found a lot of peopleC. a lot ofpeople             D.peoplewere found

6. She has taken great pains toconceal her emotions, and thereby made them ____conspicuous.

A. all the more     B.all the much   C. all more             D.all much

7. He didn’t go to the party, buthe does wish he ____there.

A. would be        B.has been  C. would have been   D. hadbeen

8. It was recommended thatpassengers ____smoke during the flight.

A. not                  B.need not  C. could not             D.would not

9. Only take such clothes ____really necessary.

A. as were           B.as they are   C. as they were    D.as are

10. They lost their way in theforest, and ____made matter worse was that night began to fall.

A. that               B.what               C.it                     D.which

11. Bargaining can go on thewhole day, or even several days, with the customer coming and going ____.

A. in places        B.at intervals      C. in person        D.at large

12. Human behaviour is mostly aproduct of learning, ____the behavior of an animal depends mainly on instinct.

A. otherwise       B.whereas         C.unless               D.nevertheless

13. She ____ a little map for meon the back of my invitation.

A.planned           B.slipped            C.sketched           D. worked

14. If someone is a witness, thenhe has to ____in court.

A. augment         B.testify           C. certify             D. betray

15. Richard’s news reportcovering the conference was so ____that nothing had been omitted.

A.comprehensive   B.integrated     C.redundant        D. productive

16. Teachers like students to be____and listens to what they are saying.

A.cordial          B.watchful        C. cumulative        D.attentive

17. The captain of the ship ____the passengers that there was no danger.

A. assumed          B.insured          C.assured            D. ensured

18. The educational ____ofcomputers has not been fully realized.

A. version          B.value             C.quality            D. goal

19. Is it possible to make anearly ____ to have my hair cut tomorrow?

A. enrollment   B. engagement    C. appointment     D. arrangement

20. After I heard that I took adeferred pass in chemistry, I was in a ____emotional state.

A.greatly            B.highly             C.doubtfully       D. nervously

21. Since I could not see anythingthrough the microscope, ____my careful adjustment, I gave up.

A. for all    B.above all    C. after all     D. in all

22. When the Victorians hadfamily reunions, the hosts ____ their way to entertain the guests.

A. went in for             B.went over C. went out of      D.went back on

23. The washing machine factoryguaranteed that all ____parts would be replaced without charge.

A.disappearing         B.unused          C. defective          D.miss

24. It was reported that the____concerning the accident would be handled by the chief of police.

A. recording               B.gossip            C.exploration     D. inquiry

25. While they were away onvacation, they allowed their mail to ____at the post office.

A. pile up                         B.set up              C.turn up           D. mix up


1 D)  【句意】革命意味着解放生产力。【难点】 mean后接动名词,意思是意味着

2 B)  【句意】个人和集体行为的变化使得经济学家几乎不可能精确地预测经济发展趋势。【难点】空处应填一词作复数名词variables的谓语,同时加上it作其形式宾语,因而选B)项。

3 C)  【句意】家就是家,尽管它很简朴。【难点】 be it ever so homely 表示尽管家很简朴,是be ever so homely asit may 的省略。

4 B) 【句意】玛丽是个比艾丽丝更有经验的教师。【难点】此句是两个人的比较,只有B)表达形式正确

5 B) 【句意】当他到达公共汽车站时,他发现有许多人等候在那里。【难点】现在分词arriving的逻辑主语是he

6A) 【句意】她费了好大劲儿去掩盖自己的感情,结果欲盖弥彰。【难点】all the more为成语,意为反而更加

7D)  【句意】他没有去参加晚会,但他但愿去了。【难点】 wish涉及宾语从句须用虚拟语气,前面并列分句中谓语动词为过去式,表明wish从句中表示的愿望与过去事实相反,必须用过去完成时。

8 A) 【句意】建议乘客们在飞行期间不要吸烟。【难点】 recommend跟从句时,从句的谓语动词用(should+动词原形。

9 D)  【句意】只带必要的衣物。【难点】这是一句祈使句,应用一般现在时,as是连接代词,相当于that

10 B) 【句意】他们在林中迷了路,更糟糕的是夜幕开始降临。【难点】此处需一个既引导主语从句又能在从句中作主语的关系代词,thatwhich不能作主语,it不是关系代词。

11 B) 【句意】讨价还价可以进行一整天,甚至好几天,顾客不停地出出进进。【难点】at intervals 意为不时;到处;每隔时间(距离)

12 B) 【句意】人类的行为大多是学习的产物,而动物的行为则主要依靠本能。【难点】  whereas 意为然而,却,引导对立的从句;otherwise意为否则unless意为除非nevertheless 意为然而,不引导从句。

13 C) 【句意】她在我请柬的背面为我画了一张小地图。【难点】  sketch意为画草图;粗略地画plan意为设计;绘制图表slip意为偷偷塞进;迅速放work意为制造;用手加工

14 B) 【句意】如果某人是证人,那么他必须出庭作证。【难点】  testify意为作证,证明augment意为扩大;增大;加强certify意为证明,证实betray意为出卖;失信于

15 A)   【句意】理查德那份会议新闻报道一应俱全,无一遗漏。【难点】  comprehensive意为广泛的,包罗万象的integrated意为整体的,综合的redundant意为冗长的,嗦的productive 意为多产的,富饶的

16 D)   【句意】教师都想要他们的学生注意听讲。【难点】  attentive 意为注意的,专心的cordial意为热情友好的,热诚的watchful意为警惕的;戒备的cumulative意为累积的,渐增的

17 C)   【句意】该船长向乘客们保证没有危险。【难点】  assure意为使服从;向某人保证assume意为假定为;担任;承担insure意为投保,保险ensure意为保证;使安全

18 B)   【句意】计算机教育的价值还没有完全实现。【难点】  value意为价值,重要性”;version意为描写;译本quality意为品质,本质goal意为目标,目的;球门

19 C)   【句意】我可以把明天理发的约定提早点吗?【难点】 appointment意为约定,预约enrollment意为登记;入学;注册engagement意为订婚arrangement意为排列,整理

20 B)   【句意】当我听说我的化学得了个延期及格时,我很不高兴。【难点】  highly意为高度,极,非常,一般修饰形容词;greatly意为非常,大大地doubtfully意为不自信地,怀疑地;nervously意为神经质地,提心吊胆地

21 A) 【句意】尽管我做了认真调整,透过这台显微镜我还是什么也看不见,后来我就放弃了。【难点】 for all意为虽然,尽管,是介词,后接名词,起让步状语从句的作用;above all意为首先,尤其是,作插入语;after all 意为毕竟,终究,副词作用,作状语;in all 意为全部,合计

22 C) 【句意】维多利亚人搞家庭聚会时,主人们不厌其烦地招待客人。【难点】 go out of one’s way 意为特地;不怕麻烦地go in for 意为从事(某种职业或活动)go over意为重复;温习go back on 意为背叛;出卖

23.  C) 【句意】洗衣机厂保证,所有有缺陷的零件均可免费更换。【难点】  defective意为有缺点的,有毛病的,有缺陷的disappearing意为消失的,失踪的unused意为从未用过的,不用的miss是动词,意为错过,未赶上

24D) 【句意】据报道,有关事故的调查由警察局长负责。【难点】  inquiry意为调查,查问recording意为记录gossip意为流言蜚语;道听途说exploration意为探索,探究

25A) 【句意】他们外出度假的时候,允许邮件堆在邮局。【难点】  pile up 意为堆积起来;积累set up 意为竖立,架起turn up 意为开大;调高mix up 意为搅匀,拌和;使混淆


1. ____the flood, the ship had reachedits destination on time.

A. In case of              B.In spite of   C. Because of              D.But for

2. Xenon has a number ofapplications, ____may be mentioned its use in flash lamps for high speedphotography.

A. among which         B.which              C.and which               D.each of which

3. Take an umbrella with you incase of ____.

A. it rains                         B.the rain           C. rain                        D.raining

4. The University of Georgia,____in 1785, was the first statesupported University in the United States.

A. chartered               B.was chartered C. it was chartered      D.to be chartered

5. ____ that is found isvaluable.

A. Not every pearl               B.Every pearl that is not C. It is not every pearl  D.Whennot every pearl

6. A historical novel may do morethan mirror history; ____future events.

A. even influencing     B.it may even influence    C. may eveninfluence   D.that it may even influence

7. ____, glasses can correct mostsight defects in healthy eyes.

A. When well fitted      B.Well fitted when  C. Well fittedif           D. If well fittedwhen

8. I’ll certainly work all nextweek except when it ____

A. will beraining       B. would rain                   C.will rain                 D.is raining

9. I suppose you are not goingtoday, ____?

A. areyou                B.do you                          C.aren’t you              D.don’t you

10. The size of the audience,____we had expected, was well over one thousand.

A. whom    B. who     C. as            D.that

11. Even before he got to thechemist’s he had lost the ____ for the medicine, and had to go back to thedoctor to get another one.          A.receipt                  B.remedy           C.recipe      D. prescription

12. Before I noticed a differece,I had thought the machines were ___.

A. equivalent      B.artificial          C.identical          D. occasional

13. Robert is reliable, you can____.

A. count on         B.count for         C. countup         D. count out

14. For weeks after, I would seea girl on the street who ____my daughter and hope in my heart that it was Jane.

A. identified        B.imitated         C. resembled       D.liberated

15. Modern technology and sciencehave produced a ____of new materials and new ways of using old materials.

A. wealth             B.will                C.reward                  D.realm

16. There is evidence that suchdifferences do ____intelligence as measured by tests.

A. infect                  B.effect              C.affect              D.direct

17. In some small villages in England, tourists can become ____because they do not know that street names are posted onthe side of buildings, rather than on signs as they are in the U.S.

A.explicit         B. rational           C.perplexed        D. positive

18. Your nationality is not____when choosing a career, but your ability to speak the language is.

A.related          B.responsible      C. relevant                 D.reciprocal

19. His interesting lecture ____my interest in history.

A. revealed          B.revolved         C.retorted          D. revived

20. I was shocked at observingthe alteration of her ____.

A. appearances   B. aspects           C.outlines          D. looks

21. A carpenter can work bestwhen he uses the ____tools.

A. fit                  B.suitable            C.proper            D.appropriate

22. We ____him out of going onsuch a dangerous journey.

A. argued            B.discussed         C. debated           D.disputed

23. All ads are intended to be____, but they can stir up interest and curiosity in varying ways, throughhumour, information and so on.

A. provocative   B. cooperative   C.effective         D. comparative

24. No one’s face is perfectly ____. For example, one eye is often slightly higher than the other.

A. similar            B.subtle              C.balanced          D. symmetrical

25. My brother’s habit of givingadvice without being asked makes him seem ___.

A. presumptuous   B.premature     C. presumptive      D.predominant


 1 B)   【句意】尽管发了洪水,船还是准时到达了目的地。【难点】 in case of 意为万一because of 意为由于but for意为要不是,引导一虚拟条件句,因而此处缺少一个让步状语,因此B)正确。

 2. A)    【句意】氙气有多种用途,其中值得一提的是它在高速摄影闪光灯中的应用。【难点】此处是which引导的非限制性定语从句,因此,which前不能加连词and ;另外从句句子结构完整,不缺主语和宾语,因此C)D)不是正确选项。

3 C)   【句意】你带把伞,以防下雨。【难点】  in case of 后要加名词,意为万一

 4 A)   【句意】乔治亚大学1785年得到办学执照,是美国第一家州立大学.【难点】在该句中动词应该使用被动式作为主语的修饰成分,即只需直接用过去分词形式。

 5 A)   【句意】发现的每一颗珍珠不一定都有价值。【难点】句中的that所引导的句子是作定语从句的,因而填入的应为主语。

 6 B)   【句意】历史小说不仅仅反映历史,它甚至会影响未来的事件。【难点】句中出现了分号,由分号连接的部分必是句子,因而填入的答案要使后增部分最终成为完整的句子。

 7 A)   【句意】如果眼镜配得好,它将能够矫正健康眼睛的多数视觉缺陷。【难点】原句中已出现完整句子,那么前面填入的只能是从句。When well fitted when they are wellfitted 的省略形式。

 8 D)   【句意】除非天下雨的时候,下星期的全部时间我都将工作。【难点】主句用一般将来时,从句是假设的情况,用一般现在时或现在进行时。

 9 A)   【句意】我想你今天不走,是吗?【难点】当陈述部分的主句是I suppose, I think, Ibelieve, I suspe


 10 C)   【句意】象我们所期望的那样,观众的人数远超过一千。【难点】填入的词是用来指代size,因而,不能用whom whothat的通常用法是紧跟在指代的词后面,不能有标点符号。因此选项C)正确。

 11 D)   【句意】还没等他到药店,他就把药处方弄丢了,所以不得不回到医生那里又开了一份。【难点】  prescription意为处方,药方receipt 意为发票,收据remedy 意为治疗,补救recipe意为食谱,烹调法

12 C)   【句意】在我发现一处差异之前,我还以为这些机器都是一样的。【难点】  identical意为相同的,一模一样的,后接with; equivalent意为相等的,相同的,后接toartificial 意为人工的,人造的;人为的occasional意为偶然的

13 A)   【句意】罗伯特很可靠,你可以依赖他。【难点】  count on  意为依靠;指望;料想count up意为算出的总数;共计count for 意为值,计count out 意为不把算入

14 C)   【句意】在之后的几星期,我在街上总看见一个很像我女儿的小女孩,我心中真的希望她就是简。

【难点】  resemble 意为相似,像identify意为看(与)同一个东西;视为相同imitate意为模仿仿效liberate意为使获自由,解放

15 A) 【句意】现代科学技术为我们提供了大量新材料和使用材料的新方法。【难点】  a wealth of 意为大量的,丰富的,等于a lot of will意为意志,意志力reward意为报酬,奖赏,酬谢realm意为领域,范围 16 C) 【句意】有证据表明,这种由考试测出的差异的确影响智力。【难点】affect意为影响,发生作用infect 意为感染,传染effect意为产生,导致direct意为指挥,指导,监督

17 C) 【句意】在英国的一些小村里,游客会感到十分困惑,因为他们不知道街道的名称是贴在楼房的两侧的墙上,而不像美国是贴在路标上的。【难点】  perplexed意为困惑的,为难的,复杂的explicit意为


18 C) 【句意】选择职业并不关乎你的国藉,却关乎你的语言能力。【难点】  relevant 意为有关主题的,切题的,有关系的related 意为有关连的,亲戚的,同种的responsible意为负责任的reciprocal意为相互的,互惠的

19 D) 【句意】他授课的趣味性又唤起了我对历史的兴趣。【难点】  revive意为恢复,复用reveal意为显露,透露revolve意为旋转,反复思考retort意为反驳

20 D)  【句意】看到她表情的变化,我感到震惊。【难点】  look意为表情,脸色appearance意为外表;外观;外貌aspect意为方面outline意为外形,轮廓

21 C) 【句意】当木匠用最顺手的工具时工作效率才最高。【难点】  proper意为合适的,恰当的 fit意为合适的,恰当的,但不修饰名词,后接介词for;suitable 意为合适的;适宜的,尤指场合,后接介词for toappropriate意为适合的,恰当的,比较正式,后也接to for,和proper相似,但修饰tool时,多用proper.

22. A) 【句意】我们劝说他不要去进行这样危险的旅程。【难点】 argue意为辩论,议论argue sb out of(into)doing sth.意为说服某人不要做(要做)某事discuss意为讨论debate意为辩论,为说明自己正确;dis


23 A) 【句意】所有广告的目的都是要激起观众的兴趣,但是他们所用方式是不同的,通过幽默、信息等等。【难点】  provocative意为引起讨论(深思,好奇心)的cooperative 意为合作的effective 意为有效的comparative意为比较的,后三词不适合本句题意。

24. D)【句意】没有一个人的脸是绝对对称的,比如,一只眼睛常常比另一只稍高。【难点】  symmetrical意为对称的similar意为相像的,相仿的,后接介词to;subtle意为微妙的,隐约的balanced意为平稳的,平衡的

25A)【句意】我弟弟有个习惯:在别人并未征求他意见的情况下,给别人出主意,这使他显得很专横。【难点】  presumptuous意为专横的,自行其是的,放肆的premature意为比预期早的,提早的presumptive意为可据以推定的predominant意为占优势的,主要的,最显著的


1. Little is known of hischildhood ____ at a factory at the early age of ten.

A. to begin towork    B. beginning to workC. save that he began to work      D.about that he worked

2. There is a generalunderstanding among the members of the Board of Directors that chief attention____to the undertaking that is expect to bring highest profit.

A. is given                  B.gives                 C.should be given                     D.must be given

3. They did not find ____toprepare for the worst conditions they might meet.

A. worth theirwhile    B. it worthwhile              C.it worth                                D.it worthy

4. Quarter horses can start morequickly, turn more sharply, and run faster over short courses ____ breeds can.

A. than the other          B.other            C.than other       D. of all other

5. Most insurance agents would ratheryou ____ anything about collecting claims until they investigate the situation.

A. do                        B.didntdo       C. dont                  D.didnt

6. Im surely dirty, ____?”

A. am I                     B.isntI         C. arent I       D.am not I

7. ____illness, he retired.

A. Thanks to               B.According to C.Owing to        D. For the sake of

8. This car has many featuresincluding ____.

A. stereo, safety devices, aircondition, and it saves gas         B.good music, safe devices, air conditioning,and gas

C. stereo, safety devices, airconditioned and good gasD. stereo, safety devices, air conditioning, and low gasmileage

9. Every boy and girl must have____hairneatly combed.

A. his                         B.her                        C.its                  D.their

10. I wish you ____Jim so much.He is still very depressed.

A. not to hurt                      B.didnthurt C.would not        D. had not hurt

11. Before the school ____whatstudents must wear, they wore just about anything.

A. managed                 B.authorized     C.regulated          D. standardized

12. While the population of theUnited States includes a great variety of racial and ethnic backgrounds, Japans population is ____.       A.autonomous            B.homogeneousC.ambitious                D.anonymous

13. The contents of the safetydeposit box are ____being held by the police until the trial.

A. theoretically            B.temporarily C.rationally            D.naturally

14. ____ of half starving foxeswere roaming the snow covered mountain areas.

A. Herds              B.Packs            C.Flocks           D. Crowds

15. The very idea of her winningthe English competition is quite___.

A. strange           B.absurd            C.unlikely                 D.sensible

16. The earnest student waitedwith some slight ____while the teacher was reading his composition.

A. despair           B.upset              C.nervousness     D. hatred

17. The woman in the kitchen ____tothe doctor that the water was hot.

A. motioned       B.mentioned      C. meant             D.motivated

18. Two years later theopportunity came for him to take a ____American look at the Old World.

A.distinctly       B. distinctively   C.distinct           D. distinctive

19. The audience disliked thefilm thoroughly and were ____by whistling and stamping their feet.

A. protecting        B.protesting       C. projecting       D.proposing

20. In brief, it should be ourgoal to ____as much of the original beauty of nature as we can.

A.restore          B. introduce        C.suit                D.supply

21. We should ____ with thedifficulties we were confronted with.

A. accord          B. acquaint         C.brood             D.contend

22. She is the person who likesto____her knowledge.

A. show up          B.show in           C. showoff        D. show round

23. The discovery of gold canbring great ____to our country.

A.property        B. rich                C.wealth           D. sum

24. I am ____that many readersare favorably impressed with your writings.

A. confirmed      B.confident       C. indifferent       D.confused

25. His ____ at the meetingyesterday hurt her a lot

A. conduct                 B.action            C.behavior         D. act



1 C)   【句意】人们对他的童年了解得很少,只知道他早在10岁就在工厂里工作。【难点】此处save为介词,相当于except,但不太通俗,其后除接名词或代词外,也可接that 引导的从句。

2 C)    【句意】董事会的成员一致认为主要的精力应该放在为取得最高利润而做的努力上面。【难点】  understanding 如同suggestion, motion,plan, idea, order等词一样,其后的同位语从句中的谓语动词须用虚拟语气,should加原形动词或直接用原形动词。

3 B)   【句意】他们发现为可能遇到的最差的条件做准备是不值得的。【难点】find it worthwhile toprepare …中,find之后是一个复合结构,其中it是形式宾语,真正的宾语是to prepare, worthwhile(值得花时间的)是宾语补足语。

4 C)   【句意】在短道上,四分之一英里赛马比其它品种的马起动要快,转弯要急,跑得也更快。【难点】  than otherbreeds can 是一个比较状语从句,与前边的morequicklymore sharplyfaster 等相呼应。A)D)本身是错的,B)无比较意思。

5 B)   【句意】多数保险代理人宁愿你在他们调查了情况之后才提出申诉。【难点】  would rather 后跟的从句用动词过去时,表示“宁愿别人…”,而C)D)无实义动词,故B)是正确的。

6. C) 【句意】我身上很脏,是不是?【难点】“I am+表语”这一结构的反意疑问句是一固定结构,即arent I

7C) 【句意】由于疾病,他退休了。【难点】  owing to意为“由于,因为”;thanks to意为“幸亏”;accor

ding to意为“根据”;for the sake of意为“为了…”。

8 D) 【句意】这辆小汽车有很多特点,包括音响、安全装置、空调和低耗的油表。【难点】此题测试平行结构。所谓平行结构指的是句子的并列成分在结构上应该一致或相同。A)it saves gas 为句子。B)中尽管各成分在结构上等同,但逻辑意义上不成立, gas指“汽油”,凡汽车皆有,不能构成该车的特点。C)中各成分尽管结构等同,但表示的意义并不指该车的特点。

9 A)   【句意】每个男孩和女孩必须将自己的头发梳得干净,整齐。【难点】当我们提到两个单数名词,一个是阳性,另一个是阴性,它们由and 相联,并由each every所修饰时,其物主代词应为his。

10 D)   【句意】我但愿你没有叫吉姆那么伤心,他现在仍然很沮丧。【难点】此题测试wish后虚拟语气表示的不同含义;wish后面可跟复合结构,只有否定形式的过去虚拟语气D)had not hurt 才符合题意。

11 D)   【句意】在学校统一学生着装之前,学生们穿什么的都有。【难点】  standardize 意为“标准化,使合标准,规格化”;manage意为“使用,运用,操纵”;authorize意为“批准,核定,准许”;regulate意为“控制,制约;为制订规章”。

12 B)   【句意】美国的人口有各种各样的种族背景,而日本人口则是同一种族。【难点】  homogenous 意为“同类的;同性质的;同特征的”;autonomous 意为“自治的”;ambitious 意为“有野心的;有抱负的”;anonymous意为“无特色的,无个性特征的”。

13 B)   【句意】贵重物品保险箱里的东西暂时由警方保管,审判时再打开。【难点】  temporarily意为“暂时地,临时地”;theoretically意为“理论上,表面上”;rationally意为“合理的,理性地”;naturally意为“生来;天然地”。

14 B)   【句意】一群群饿得半死的狐狸在冰雪覆盖的山区游荡。【难点】  pack意为“(野兽,飞禽等)一群”;herd意为“牧群(尤指牛群)”;flock意为“畜群(尤指羊群)”;crowd主要指“人群”。

15 B)   【句意】她能够得英语竞赛冠军,真是荒唐。【难点】  absurd意为“荒唐的,愚蠢的”;strange意为“古怪的,不可思议的”;unlikely意为“不大可能的”;sensible意为“合情合理的,切合实际的”。

16 C)   【句意】这位同学有点紧张地等待着,因为老师在读他的作文。【难点】  nervousness 意为“紧张,不安”;despair 意为“绝望”;upset意为“心烦意乱,苦恼”;hatred意为“仇恨;敌意;憎恶”。

17 A)   【句意】厨房里的女人向大夫示意说水是热的。【难点】  motion意为“做手势,点头示意”,motion to sb to do sth意为“示意某人做某事”;mention意为“提起,说起,谈到”;mean意为“意味着”;motivate意“使有动机,使产生动机”。

18 A)   【句意】两年后,他有机会用美国人的眼光看旧世界。【难点】  distinctly意为“清楚地,明确地”,修饰形容词American;distinct意为“有区别的,不同的,明确的”;distinctive意为“有区别的,特殊的”;distinctively意为“有区别地,特殊地”。

19 B)   【句意】观众用吹哨、跺脚的方式表示抗议。他们根本不喜欢这个电影。【难点】  protest 意为“抗议,提出异议;反对”,后接against; protect意为“保护,保卫”;project意为“计划,规划”; propose意为“提议,提出”。

20 A)   【句意】简言之,尽可能多地恢复大自然原有的美丽是我们的目标。【难点】  restore意为“恢复原状;使复原”;introduce意为“介绍;引进,引导”;suit意为“适合;与相称”;supply意为“供给;满足”。

21 D)   【句意】我们应该与我们面临的困难进行斗争。【难点】  contend意为“搏斗,争斗”;accord意为“相符合,相和谐”;acquaint意为“使认识,介绍相识”; brood意为“(不高兴地)想;沉思,考虑”,后常接over

22C)   【句意】她是那种喜欢炫耀自己知识的人。【难点】  show off意为“炫耀,卖弄,表现自己”;show up意为“使显而易见,变得突出”;show in 意为“引(客人)入内,邻…入里面”;show round意为“带领…参观某地”。

23C)   【句意】黄金的发现给我们的国家带来巨大财富。【难点】  wealth 意为“财富,财产”;property意为“财产,不动产”;rich是形容词,不适合本句;sum意为“金额;一笔钱”。

24B)   【句意】我相信,许多读者对你的作品印象非常好。【难点】  confident意为“确信,对…有信心”,后接that 从句,confirm是动词,不合本句;indifferent 意为“漠不关心的”;confused意为“被搞糊涂的”。  25 C)    【句意】昨天会议上他的行为叫她十分伤心。【难点】  behavior 意为“行动,表现,举止”;conduct意为“品行(道德方面)行为”;action意为“行动”,侧重动作; act意为“举动,(一次性)行为,举动”。


1. One of the requirements for afire is that the material ____ to its burning temperature.

A. be heated                B.is heated                     C.would be heated         D. to heated

2. ____will Mr. Forbes be able toregain control of the company.

A. With hardwork    B. Only if he works hardlyC. In spite of his hardwork        D. Only with hard work

3. ____is no reason fordischarging her.

A. Because she was a few minuteslate            B.Owing to a few minutes being late

C. The fact that she was a fewminutes late     D.Being a few minutes late

4. ____what may, were not going to makeany concessions to his unreasonable demands.

A. Come                     B.Came              C.Coming                  D.Having come

5. Every means ____tried out butnever with success, as far as my knowledge goes.

A. is                         B.are                        C.hasbeen                 D.have been

6. He concluded his speech with aremark that failure ____the mother of success.

A. is                          B.were              C.was                              D.mustbe

7. The design liaison meeting____ten days by the time it ends.

A. must have lasted     B.will have lasted    C.would last        D. has lasted

8. ____before we depart the dayafter tomorrow, we should have a wonderful dinner party.

A. Had they arrived     B.Would they arriveC.Were they arriving    D. Were they to arrive

9. As ____clear from his manners,he is a teacher.

A. being                     B.is                                        C.to be                             D.been

10. Great as Newton was, many ofhis ideas ____today and are being modified by the work of scientists of ourtime.

A. are to challenge      B.may be challenged              C.have been challenged     D. are challenging

11. It is necessary that thestudents ____more excercises to do.

A. have                     B.musthave        C. will have        D.can have

12. The present situation forcedus to ____this policy.

A. adapt                     B.admit              C.adopt               D.adjust


13. We can ____the two islandswith a bridge.

A. unite              B.connect          C.relate                   D.combine

14. Due to the bad weather theplane was ____for two hours.

A.delayed         B. canceled          C.postponed       D. dismissed

15. The ____populated area was abreeding place for infectious diseases.

A.densely         B. sparcely                 C.improperly      D. poisonous

16. Perhaps the customer has____his monthly statement and not paid the bill.

A. omitted        B. bewildered      C.overlooked      D. escaped

17. He was almost asleep,____with all this hard work.

A. worn down      B.worn out    C.worn off          D. worn away

18. It happened in front of afruit and vegetable ___in my neighborhood.

A. station           B.stand              C.joint               D.lift

19. The first step in the studyof any language is observing and ____precisely what happens when nativespeakers speak it.

A. setting off               B.setting about    C. setting up        D.setting down

20. As the pressure____, theliquid rock is forced up through channels in the resistant rock to the earths surface.

A. intensifies      B.magnifies      C.heightens        D.deviates

21. Poll is an example of aseverely disabled person who has become______at many survival skills.

A. efficient         B.proficient         C. persistent       D. transient

22. Rumors are everywhere,spreading fear,damaging reputations, and turning calm situations into ____ones.

A. tragic             B.turbulent        C. vulnerable       D.vicious

23. I believe that remark____from what you said yesterday.

A. resulted          B.arose              C.came              D.originated

24. Her ____ was held at thelocal church.

A.funeral          B.festival           C.farewell                 D.finish

25. Tom ____ of his wife how shehad met her friend.

A. asked              B.questioned    C.inquired           D. interrogated


1A)   【句意】形成火的条件之一是该材料能够被加热到燃烧的温度。【难点】 A) requirement 这个词和idea, suggestion等一样,要求从句里的谓语动词用(should+动词原形。

2D)   【句意】只有通过艰苦的工作,福比斯先生才能重新控制公司。【难点】only+状语放在句首时,具有强调作用,谓语必须倒装。

3C) 【句意】只是迟到了几分钟,并不能成为解雇她的理由。【难点】  A)B)均不能充当句子主语,C)The fact 后跟that引出的同位语从句,D)Being 是动名词。但D)中的名词being没有行为主体,未说明谁迟到,所以排除。4A)  【句意】无论发生什么事情,我们都不会对他无理的要求做出让步。【难点】  come what may 是一个固定的用法,其中come总是用原形动词,在这一用法中,主谓必须倒装,此句相当于whatever may happen (不管发生什么情况)。

5. C)   【句意】就我所知,每种方法都试过了,但都没有成功。【难点】  means虽以s结尾却是单数形式


6. A)   【句意】他用“失败乃成功之母”这句话结束了他的发言。【难点】表示客观事实或普遍真理时,句子通常用一般现在时,此类句子的时态不受其它分句时态限制。

7. B)   【句意】本期设计联络会将持续十天才会结束。【难点】  by the time意指no later than themoment that something happens,常与过去完成时和将来完成时连用。

8. D)   【句意】如果他们能在我们后天离开之前赶到的话,我们就举行一次盛大的宴会。【难点】表示将来不可能发生的事实,常用虚拟语气,主句的谓语为should+动词原形(适用于第一人称主语)would,could,might+动词原形(适用于其余人称主语);而条件句的谓语应该用should+动词原形,were to+动词原形或直接用动词的过去时(be 改用were)

9. B)   【句意】从他的举止便可以明显地看出,他是一名教师。【难点】  as意为“如,照(某种事实或情况)”,在本句中为关系代词,指代第二个分句,as代替整个句子作主语时,谓语动词通常必须用单数。

10. C)   【句意】尽管牛顿非常伟大,然而他的许多观点当前正受到怀疑,并且当今的许多科学家正在努力对这些观点进行修正。【难点】  challenge意为“挑战,怀疑”,常用作及物动词。本句中牛顿的观点受到挑战为一个当前已经发生的事实,故采用现在完成时的被动语态。

11. A)   【句意】学生们有必要做更多的练习。【难点】虚拟语气可以用于主语从句中,常用的句型为:It +is(was)+形容词that…,主语从句中的谓语用(should)+v.的表达形式。

12. C)  【句意】目前的形势强迫我们采纳这项政策。【难点】  adopt意为“采用,采取,采纳”;adapt意为“使…适应;改编”;admit意为“承认”;adjust意为“调整;使…适应”。

13. B)   【句意】我们可以用桥将两座岛屿联接起来。【难点】  connect意为“连接;与…衔接”;unite意为“结合;团结”;relate意为“把…与…联系起来”;combine意为“结合;联合;化合”。

14. A)   【句意】由于天气恶劣,飞机晚点两个小时。【难点】  delay意为“使耽搁,延迟”;cancel意为“取消;终止”;dismiss意为“解雇,解散”;postpone意为“延期,拖延,缓办”,尤指因为某种原因事先作出安排,与delay不同。

15. A)   【句意】人口稠密的地区是传染病滋生的地方。【难点】  densely意为“稠密地;浓密地;密集地”;sparsely意为“稀地;稀疏地”;improperly意为“不合适地,不协调地”;poisonously意为“有毒地,引起中毒地”。16. C)   【句意】也许这位顾客忽略了他的月度报表,而没付单。【难点】  overlook意为“忽略”;omit意为“遗漏;忘记”;bewilder意为“使迷惑;使糊涂;难住”;escape意为“逃过…的注意;被…忘掉”。

17. B)   【句意】他干了这么多重活儿,累得精疲力竭,差不多睡着了。【难点】  wear out意为“使疲乏;使厌倦;使耗尽”;wear down意为“使消瘦,使厌烦”;wear off意为“渐渐减少;消逝”;wear away意为“消磨,打发,虚度;(时光等)流逝”。

18. B)   【句意】这件事发生在我们居民区一个水果蔬菜摊前。【难点】  stand意为“摊位,摊子”;station意为“岗位”;joint意为“接合点,接合处”;lift意为“电梯”。

19. D)   【句意】任何语言学习的第一步都是观察和精确记录本族人说话时所使用的语言。【难点】  set down意为“写下,记录,记下”;set off意为“出发,动身”;set about意为“开始忙碌,着手工作”;set up意为“开办,建立,设立”。

20. A)   【句意】随着压力的增强,岩浆通过坚岩里的一些渠道被挤压到地球表面。【难点】  intensify意为“强化,增强”;magnify意为“放大,扩大”;heighten意为“增高,提高”,指高度;deviate意为“越轨,脱离”,常与from连用。

21. B)   【句意】波尔是个重残者掌握多种生存技能的典范。【难点】  proficient意为“熟练的,精通的”;efficient意为“效率高的,有能力的”;persistent意为“坚持不懈的,执着的”;transient意为“短暂的,转瞬即逝的”。

22. B)   【句意】谣言到处传播,传播恐惧,破坏名誉,把安定的局势搅得动荡不安。【难点】  turbulent意为“动荡的,混乱的”;tragic意为“悲剧的,写悲剧的”;vulnerable意为“易伤的,脆弱的”;vicious意为“邪恶的,堕落的”。

23. D)   【句意】我相信那句话起源于你昨天说的话。【难点】  originate意为“发源;来自;产生”,须与from连用;result(作为结果)发生,产生”,后也可接from,但意义与本句不符;arise意为“产生,发生;出现”;come意为“来自;产生于”,也可接from,但意义仍与本句不符。

24. A)   【句意】她的葬礼在当地教堂举行。【难点】  funeral意为“葬礼,葬仪”;festival意为“节日”;fa


25. C)   【句意】汤姆问妻子是怎样接待朋友的。【难点】  inquire意为“打听,询问”,后加宾语再加of或加从句,有时还和about连用;ask意为“问,询问,打听”,但后面不接of;question意为“审问,怀疑”;interrogate意为“讯问,质问”。




1. If only the arbitration court____ the dispute.

A. resolve            B.will resolve         C.can resolve      D. would resolve

2. I advise you ____ of ____ outsuch a dangerous plan.

A. to stop to think... carry               B.to stop thinking... carrying

C. to stop thinking... carry                    D.to stop thinking... to carry

3. She bought ____ plates.

A. one dozen beautiful pale bluedinner   B.one dozen pale blue beautiful dinner

C. beautiful one dozen pale bluedinner   D. one dozen dinner beautiful pale blue

4. More and more advanced farmmachines ____, the agricultural production increased tremendously.

A. using                      B.having used       C.having been used             D.to have been used

5. I think you are supposed____yourgraduate study last year.

A. to be finishing         B.to have finished   C.to finish                               D.to have been finished

6. The paper ____several personsare risking their lives is an important report on missiles.

A. after which             B.for which            C.with which                     D.at which

7. The actress is not sobeautiful ____the press described in advance.

A. that                      B.which                   C.as                                 D.what

8. The protection device caneliminate the faults ____they cause more damage.

A. unless                     B.until                      C.before                           D.although

9. All ____is peace and progress.

A. what isneeded    B. for our needs          C.the thing needed             D.that is needed

10. ____he was aware of the realmeaning of life.

A. That was from that book  B. It was that bookwhich

C. It was from that book that D. It was that bookthat

11. I hope you will never fallinto that ____.

A.mistake         B. fault               C.error               D.defect

12. Then the ____ streamed intothe great hall.

A. group             B.crowd              C.gang             D.masses

13. Once a ____ is formed it isvery difficult to shake it off.

A. habit              B.custom          C. practice          D. usage

14. My husband likes earlyAmerican furniture, but I prefer ____styles, designs that reflect todays times.

A. noble              B.neutral                C.contemporary  D. simple

15. For many people, overeatingand overspending are as ____to Christmas as candles and holly.

A. integral          B.suitable           C.inevitable        D. compatible

16. When my kids go a weekendwithout pizza and TV while camping, they think they are suffering great ____.

A. deficiency        B.deprivation      C. depression       D.starvation

17. The police have asked forthe____ of the public in tracing the whereabouts of the missing boy.

A. cooperation     B.advice              C.helpfulness       D. aid

18. She murmured something andblushed as if a secret had been ____.

A. imposed         B.exposed                 C.removed         D. renewed

19. Your service is entirely____, not compulsory.

A. selective         B.optional                 C.voluntary       D. reluctant

20. Their distribution is also____, sometimes, widely spaced, in places, closely packed together.

A.various          B. alternative        C.variable           D. conventional


21. Food and drink are good anddesirable, but their ____can cause serious health and mental problems.

A. effect              B.abuse               C.custom          D. usage

22. I called on him the morningafter our arrival, and was ____with his gay, precise manner and obvious powerof decision.

A. inclined         B.implied        C.impressed        D. illustrated

23. The trade agreement betweenthe two countries will ____next year.

A. adjoin             B.expire           C. boost               D.concede

24. Two boys were caught smokingat school but the headmaster let them ____with a warning.

A. off                        B.down              C.out                D.alone

25. Advertising costs are nolonger in reasonable ____to the total cost of the product.

A. testimony        B.relationship     C. proportion      D.legislation


1 A)   【句意】但愿仲裁庭解决这些争议。【难点】  If only意为“只要,但愿”,后边引出的句子往往用虚拟语气,表示与将来事实相反或将来不可能发生的事情时谓语通常采用(should)+动词原形。

2 B)   【句意】我建议你不要想着去执行这样危险的计划。【难点】  advise 一般用于句型“advise(sb)that advise sb to do sth,意为“建议…做”。stop后跟动名词或名词时,意为“不再做某事,停止正做的事”。如果stop后跟动词不定式,则表示停止一件事情而开始做另一件事情。所以只有答案B)正确。

3 A)    【句意】她买了十二个漂亮的浅蓝色餐碟。

4 C)   【句意】由于使用了越来越多的先进农业机械,农业产量大幅提高。【难点】本句的原因状语采用现在分词表示独立主格结构,由于主句和从句的主语不一致,故在作状语的现在分词之前加了其逻辑主语more and more advancedfarm machines ;从时间上看,产量的提高发生在使用先进机械之后,所以需要用完成时,而且必须构成被动语态才能够阐述所要表达的意思。

5 B)   【句意】我认为你去年就应该完成研究生学业。【难点】  be supposed to 相当于should,后跟完成时,表示一种与过去事实相反的虚拟语气。

6 B)   【句意】好多人冒着生命危险试图得到的那份文件是一份有关导弹的重要报告。【难点】  for 作为介词,后跟名词,代词或动名词,往往表示某一动作或行为的目标或试图获得的东西。7 C)   【句意】这位女演员并没有报界事先描述的那么漂亮。【难点】 so(as)+adj/adv.+as 用于同级比较,意为“像…样…”。

8 C)   【句意】该保护装置能够在故障造成更大的损坏之前将其消除。【难点】  unless意为“如果不,除非”,相当于if not ,用于条件状语从句。until意为“直到”,由until引导的时间状语从句,所对应主句的谓语动词通常为延续性动词。before意为“在…之前。 although意为“虽然,尽管”,引导让步状语从句。

9 D)   【句意】人们要求的就是和平与发展。【难点】  all 后如果跟定语从句,则关系代词为that。

10C)   【句意】正是通过那本书,他才懂得了生活的真谛。【难点】本句为强调句,强调句的常用形式之一为“it+is/was+强调成分+that分句”。

11C)   【句意】我希望你别再犯那样的错误。【难点】  error意为“失误,(行为,信仰的)错误”,fall into error意为“误入歧途”;mistake意为“错误,过失;误解”;fault 意为“缺点,过失,小毛病”;defect意为“缺陷,缺点”。

12 B)    【句意】然后人群涌入了大厅。【难点】  crowd意为“群,人群”;group“小组,群”;gang意为“(劳动者的)一队,一组”;mass意为“群众,大众”。

13 A)   【句意】习惯一旦形成,很难改掉。【难点】  habit 意为“癖好,(个人的)习惯,习性”;custom 意为“习俗,惯例”;practice 意为“惯例,常规”;usage也有“习俗,习惯,惯例”之意,但不太常用。

14 C)   【句意】我丈夫喜欢美国早期家具,可我倒是喜欢反映当代的现代风格的设计。【难点】  contemporary 意为“当代的”;noble 意为“高尚的,崇高的”;neutral意为“淡色的,中色的”;simple意为“无装饰的,朴素的;简朴的”。

15 A)   【句意】对许多人来说,多吃和多花就像蜡烛和冬青一样成为圣诞节必不可少的一部分。【难点】  integral 意为“构成整体所必需的,缺一不可的”;inevitable意不“不可避免的,必然发生的”;suitable意为“合适的,适宜的”;compatible意为“和谐共处的,相容的;符合的”。

 16 B)   【句意】我的孩子在宿营的时候要是一周不吃比萨饼,不看电视,他们就会认为损失太大。【难点】  deprivation意为“损失,丧失;匮乏”;deficiency意为“缺乏,不足”;depression意为“消沉;沮丧”;starvation意为“饥饿;饿死”。

 17 A)   【句意】警方要求公众合作追查失踪男孩子的下落。【难点】  cooperation意为“合作,协调,配合”;advice意为“劝告,忠告”;helpfulness意为“有益,有用”;aid意为“帮助,援助,救护”。

 18 B)   【句意】她喃喃自语了些什么,脸一红,好像有个秘密被揭露似的。【难点】  expose意为“揭露,揭穿,揭发”;impose意为“把…强加于”;remove意为“移开,挪走,拿去”;renew意为“更换,把…更新”。

 19 C)   【句意】您的服务完全是自愿的,而不是义务性的。【难点】  voluntary 意为“自愿的,志愿的”;selective意为“选择的,选择性的”;optional意为“随意的,任选的”;reluctant意为“不情愿的,勉强的”。

 20 C)   【句意】它们的分布也是反复无常的,有时间距很大,在有些地方,又紧密地贴在一块。【难点】  variable“易变的,多变的,反复无常的”;various 意为“不同的,各种各样的”;alternative 意为“供选择的,供替代的”;conventional意为“习惯的,惯例的”。

 21 B)   【句意】食品和饮品人们都渴望得到,但是暴饮暴食会造成严重的健康问题和精神问题。【难点】  abuse 意为“滥用,虐待”;effect意为“效力,影响”;custom意为“社会习俗,惯例”;usage意为“用法,惯用法”。

 22 C)   【句意】我们到达后的那个早晨拜访了他,并对他那令人愉悦的得体举止和明显的决断力留下很深印象。【难点】  impress意为“给…深刻印象,使感动”;incline意为“(性格上)倾向,赞同,喜好”;imply意为“暗指,暗示”;illustrate 意为“说明,阐明,表明”。

 23 B)    【句意】两国间的贸易协定将于明年到期。【难点】  expire意为“满期,届满,(期限)终止,成为无效”; adjoin意为“邻接,与…毗连”;boost 意为“推动,提高,增强”;concede意为“容许,授予,让与”。

 24 A)   【句意】两名男生在学校抽烟的时候被校长抓到,可是校长只是警告了他们,然后把他们放过了。

【难点】  let off 意为“放过,宽恕,对…从轻处理”; let down意为“使人失望”;let out 意为“发泄,放开”; let alone意为“更不必说,不管”。 

 25 C)   【句意】广告成本不再和产品全部成本成正比。【难点】  in proportionto 意为“与…成正比例”;testimony意为“证据;证明”;relationship意为“关系,关联”;legislation意为“立法,法规”。


1. She never laughed, ____loseher temper.

A. nor she ever did      B.or she ever did            C.or did she ever        D. nor did she ever

2. ____with the developed areas, peoples living standard ofthis province is not high at all.

A. Compare                 B.While comparing        C.When compared      D. Comparing

3. It is no use ____me not toworry about his injury.

A. you tell                   B.your telling               C.for you to have told  D. having told

4. If the earth suddenly____spinning, we would allfly off it.

A. had stopped            B.stopped                       C.has stopped             D.would stop

5. Advertising is distinguishedfrom other forms of communication ______ the advertiser pays for the message tobe delivered.

A. in that                    B.in which                    C.in order that           D. in theway

6. After taking office, Chinas Prime Minister, ZhuRongji, tried his best to promote the new ____policies.

A. economic                B.economical                    C.economy               D.economics

7. Look at these clouds.____.

A. It will rain   B. Its going to rain C. It will beraining   D. It is to rain

8. ____ the 1500s ____thefirst Europeans explored the coast of California.

A. It was not until/then  B.It is not until/when   C. It is until/that       D. It was notuntil/that

9.____ the letter, I ran out ofthe room to the post office.

A. FinishingB. No sooner that Ihad finished upC.As soon as I finished writing D.Since I finished up to write

10. If the law and order ____,neither the citizen nor his property is safe.

A. are not preserved     B.have not been preserved   C. were not  preserved D. is not preserved

11. Before moving to anothercity, Amy ____of the house and the furniture.

A. disposed                 B.discarded                                     C.discharged              D.distributed

12. Amy Taylor was ____both as adrama critic and as a poet.

A. subtle                     B.progressive                           C.eminent                 D.plausible

13. He was very much interestedin the work of charities, and made a regular ____to them.

A.dedication                B.fellowship                         C.hospitality                      D.contribution

14. The temperature____ greatly;the days were very   hot, the nights very cold.

A.changed               B.altered                                       C.varied                   D.reflected

15. The washing machine would notwork because of a(n) ____in the switch.

A.mistake                B.trouble                                       C.error                      D.defect

16. Recently there has been agreat____for small cars that consume little gas.

A. request                B.want                                    C.demand                D.claim

17. Mark ____ his breath inwonder when he saw the Christmas tree in the sitting room.

A. held                      B.grasped                               C.kept                              D.blew

18. Our school singing group isgoing to give a(n) ____ performance next month. Dont miss it.

A. alive                      B.living                                 C.life                               D.live

19. The old buildings blend withthe new ones in perfect ____so a walk along Nanking Road is an enjoyablediscovery.

A.control                 B.order                                    C.harmony                 D.action

20. It is not profitable toprovide bus service in districts where the population is widely ____.

A.divided                B.separated                             C.spaced                  D.scattered

21. It was necessary to ____thefactory building as the company was doing more and more business.

A. extend                    B.increase                                      C.lengthen                 D.grow

22. He studied hard in his youth,which ____his great success in later life.

A. answered for            B.consisted of         C.doubled up            D.contributed to

23. If I look the other way, Ican see the mouth of the river, wild and ____, and the sea beyond.

A. grand                    B.inspired                        C.fierce                          D.splendid

24. The relationship betweendream life and waking life has been studied ____.

A.originally             B.intensively            C. extremely              D.properly

25. ____the danger from enemyaction, people had to cope with severe shortage of food, clothing, fuel, andalmost everything.A.as to              B.as usual            C. asregards                D.as well as


1 D)   【句意】她从未开怀大笑过,也从未发过脾气。【难点】so, nor, neither引导的并列分句,表示“同样,也”等意义时,主谓语要倒装。

2 C)   【句意】与发达地区相比,该省人民的生活水平根本就不高。【难点】本句中发达地区和该省为对比的对象,状语部分中动词的逻辑主语应该是“该省”,故应该采用被动语态。when comparedwhen it is compared的省略。

3 B)   【句意】你让我别担心他的伤势,可那没用。【难点】  It is no use 后通常跟动名词短语。

4 B)   【句意】如果地球突然停止运转,我们都会从上面飞离出去。【难点】表示与现在存在的客观事实相反的假设,一般用虚拟语气句,条件句的谓语为动词过去时。

5 A)   【句意】广告不同于其他的传播方式,是因为广告商得为发布的信息付费。【难点】  in that 引导原因状语,往往用于书面语,放在句中而不在句首,意为“因为,原因在于”。In which一般用来引导定语从句,修饰表示方位的名词。In order that常常用于引导目的状语从句。

6 A)   【句意】中国国务院总理朱镕基在上任伊始便尽力推行新的经济政策。【难点】  economic 意为“经济的,与经济有关的”。economical 意为“节约的,不浪费的”。economy意为“经济”。economics意为“经济学” 7 B)   【句意】看看这些乌云,马上就要下雨了。【难点】选项A)will表示一种意愿。B)中的be going to do sth 表示\目前已有迹象表明即将发生某种事情。C)中使用了将来进行时,用来表示将来某一时刻或某一时期正在进行的动作。D)中的be to do sth 表示一种计划或安排。

8 D)   【句意】直到16世纪,第一批欧洲人才发现加利福尼亚海岸。【难点】本句将not untilthat…句型和强调句It is (was)that…结合在一起,形成一个新的常用的结构。

9 C)    【句意】一写完信,我就从家里跑到邮局。【难点】  finish为及物动词,后边直接跟名词或动名词,A)项变成Having finished才正确。

10 D)   【句意】如果法律与秩序不存在,公民及其财产也就无安全可言。【难点】本句意在陈述一项事实,所以应采用一般时,law and order是习语,意为“治安”,作单数。

11 A)   【句意】在搬到另一个城市之前,艾米处理掉了房子和家具。【难点】dispose of 意为“处理,整理”;discard意为“丢弃;抛弃”; discharge 意为“解雇,免…的职务;开除”;distribute意为“分开;分送;分配”。

12 C)   【句意】艾米·泰勒既是个卓越的戏剧评论家,也是个卓越的诗人。【难点】  eminent意为“(在地位,学识,品格等方面)出众的,卓越的,显著的”;subtle意为“微妙的,敏锐的,灵巧的”;progressive意为“进步的,前进的”;plausible意为“(论点等)貌似有理的,貌似真实的”。

13 D)   【句意】他对慈善事业很感兴趣,并定期作些捐赠。【难点】  contribution 意为“捐款,贡献;捐助”,make a contribution to是动词短语,意为“向…捐款”;dedication意为“献身;献身精神”;fellowship意为“伙伴关系;友情;友谊”;hospitality意为“友好款待;好客;殷勤”。

14. C)【句意】气温变化非常大,白天特别热,夜晚特别冷。【难点】vary意为“相异,不同;变化change意为“改变,变化”,尤指全面发生的变化;alter意为“(部分地)改变,变动;更改”;reflect意为“反射;反应;显现”。

15 D)   【句意】由于开关有毛病,洗衣机就是不起动。【难点】  defect意为“缺陷;弱点”;mistake意为“错误;过失”;trouble意为“困难,麻烦,困扰”;error 意为“失误,错误”。

16 C)   【句意】近来对油耗低的微型小汽车的需求量一直很大。【难点】  demand意为“需求,需求量,要求”,supply and demand构成“供需”之意;request意为“请求,请”;want 意为“需要,缺乏”,常用于for want of 这一短语中;claim意为“要求,主张,声称,认领”。

17 A)   【句意】当马克看到起居室里的圣诞树时,他惊讶地屏住了呼吸。【难点】  hold ones breath 意“(因紧张,激动等)屏息”,另外三个动词不能和breath进行合理搭配。

18 D)   【句意】我们学校合唱队下月将进行现场表演,千万不要错过哟!【难点】  live 在本句中是形容词,意为“现场直播的,实况转播的”;alive 意为“有活力的,有生色的,活跃的”;living意为“逼真的,惟妙惟肖的”;life为名词,不适合本句句意。

19 C)    【句意】南京路上新旧建筑物如此和谐,以致走在路上,你会感到心旷神怡。【难点】  in harmony意为“协调一致,和睦融洽”;in control 意为“处于被控制状态”;in order 意为“井然有序,处于良好状态”;in action意为“在起作用,在行动中”。

20 D)   【句意】人口分布稀疏的地区通公共汽车不划算。【难点】  scatter意为“使分散”;divide意为“分隔,把…隔开”;separate 意为“使(两者)分开,分离”;space意为“(用间隔)分隔开”。

21 A)   【句意】公司的生意越做越大,有必要扩大厂房。【难点】  extend意为“扩展,扩大…范围”;increase意为“增加,增大,增强”;lengthen意为“使延长,使伸长”;grow意为“增长,增长,发展,扩大”。

22 D)   【句意】他年轻的时候学习很努力,这也是他后半生取得巨大成功的原因。【难点】  contributeto  意为“有助于,促成,是…的部分原因”;answerfor 意为“负有责任,需作交待”;consistof 意为“组成,构成”;doubleup意为“笑弯了腰”。

23 C)   【句意】如果我朝另一侧看,我能看见河口,汹涌奔腾,再往远处,就是大海。【难点】  fierce 意为“猛烈的”;grand意为“雄伟的,堂皇的,庄重的”;inspired意为“受到鼓舞的”;splendid 意为“壮丽的,华丽的,壮观的”。

24 B)   【句意】梦境生活与现实生活的联系已被彻底研究过。【难点】  intensively 意为“集中地,彻底地”;originally 意为“本来,原来”,不能和完成时连用;extremely意为“极端地,非常地”;properly 意为“适宜地,恰当地”。

25 D)   【句意】除有敌人进攻的危险,人们还要去应付衣食、燃料和几乎所有物资的紧缺。【难点】  as well as 意为“除…之外,还要…”;as to 意为“关于”; as usual 意为“照常,照例”,不是介词词组,不能用于本句, as regards 意为“关于…,至于…”。


1. ____ a fine day, we decided togo for a picnic.

A. Havingbeen     B. Being    C. What       D.It being

2. He came to know that theknowledge from books can be useful only ______it is linked with practice.

A. as                   B.when    C. while      D. for

3. ____, it is quite easy todrill a hole in it with laser.

A. Hard although a diamond is B. As a diamond ishardC.Hard as a diamond is   D. How hard is a diamond

4. Silk, printing, paper, the compassand powder originated in China, and____ introduction in the west had far reachingeffects.A.these       B. their     C.those         D. its

5. The problem is believed ____atthe meeting two days ago.

A. to have discussed   B. to have beendiscussed  C.being discussed   D.having been discussed

6. Ultrasonic sounds producepulsed signals___various defects in metal can be detected.

A. for which               B.of which      C.as a result of which                D.by means of which

7. In computer programming, thismodel is ____ to any of the others we have ever had.

A. moresuperior    B. the more superiorC. the most superior          D.superior

8. The introduction of the coalpulverizing system in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant vastly reduces the time ittook ____A.to mill the coal   B. milling the coal C. for milling the coal      D.while milling the coal

9. Some members suggested____aparty for the visitor, but the Chairman didnt approve.

A. to arrange        B.arrange    C. arranging      D. to be arranging


10. If the maid comes today,please have her ____my shirts.

A. washed    B.washing         C. to wash         D. wash

11. ____racial problems have notbeen solved and full equality has not been attained yet, progress in thesedirections has been quite remarkable.

A. Since      B.Although       C. Now that         D.Before

12. ____ they are alarmed at theinterference with the natural balance of the environment, and its possibleconsequences.

A. All in all  B. Afterall      C.Above all        D. In all

13. Rumor ____it that the man hasbeen nominated many times for the Nobel Prize.

A. has          B.spreads           C.carries            D. learns

14. Just because Im ____ to him, my bossthinks he can order me around without giving me any respect.

A. redundant   B.versatile      C. trivial                  D.subordinate

15. In our society, a weddinginvitation is also an ____invitation for a gift.

A.ingenious    B.intelligible    C. implicit         D.inclusive

16. The strong scent of Kates perfume ____ the airin the small room.

A. radiated     B.permeated    C. extracted    D. dispersed

17. An atom bomb would ____acity.

A. destroy      B.damage      C. spoil       D.wreck

18. The climate here is pleasant.It is ____all the year round.

A. damp        B.humid        C. moist      D.wet

19. The room is partly ____with afew old chairs.

A. provided    B.decorated    C. beautified   D. furnished

20. If Karl were more ____ abouther voice, she would never sing outside of the shower.

A. punctual    B.practical     C. sensitive         D.objective

21. Renewing my drivers licence today is____. Otherwise, the licence will expire at midnight.

A. imaginative  B.feasible     C. imperative       D.empirical

22. For those with poor eyesight,large print ____reading.

A. facilitates   B.rectifies     C. reinforces         D.magnifies

23. Nancy complained about the____air conditioner she bought from the department store.

A. inefficient   B.deficient    C. ineffective                D.defective

24. ____the large amount of timedevoted to listening every day, most college students do not listeneffectively.

A.However     B. If         C.Despite                  D.Even

25. If we continue to argue overminor points, we wontget ____near a solution.

A. anywhere   B.somewhere     C. elsewhere    D. nowhere


1 D)   【句意】天气很好,我们决定出去野炊。【难点】现在分词经常用作句子状语,本句的原因状语采用现在分词表示的独立主格结构,由于主句和从句的主语不一致,故在作状语的现在分词之前加了逻辑主语it

2 B)   【句意】他逐渐认识到,书本上的知识只有与实践相结合才能有用。【难点】  as 作连词时,一般意为“正当…时候”。 While作连词时,一般连接的两个动作同时或几乎同时发生。when意为“当…时候”,前加only是为强调,only when是一习惯组合。

3C)   【句意】虽然钻石坚硬,但用激光很容易就能在上面钻孔。【难点】although引导的让步状语从句,可以换成由as引导的倒装句形式,句型一般为adjadv n+as +主语+谓语。其他三个选项不表达让步意义

4 B)  【句意】丝绸,印刷,纸张,指南针和火药源于中国,它们的引进给西方造成了深远的影响。【难点】该句考查名词和物主代词的指代关系。

5 B)   【句意】这一问题肯定在两天之前的会议上讨论过。【难点】跟在believe,think consider 等词后面作主语补足语的成分一般为动词不定式。

6 D)   【句意】超声波能产生脉冲信号,通过这些信号就能检测出金属中的各种缺陷。【难点】  for which表示目的;of which 表示所属;as a result of which相当于表示由其引导的定语从句与其所修饰的主句构成因果关系;by means of 意为“通过(某种方式)”。

7 D)   【句意】在计算机编程中,这种模块比我们所有的其他模块都好。【难点】  be supeiror to 意为“优越于,好于”。该短语本身就表示比较级,所以它表示“比…好”时不再需要加任何修饰。

8 A)    【句意】大亚湾核电站引进的磨煤系统大大减少了过去粉碎煤所需的时间。【难点】  take some timeto do sth表示“做某事花…时间”。

9 C)   【句意】有些委员建议为来访者安排一次聚会,但主席对此予以否决。【难点】  suggest当“建议”讲时,其后的动词应该采用动名词形式,类似的动词还有: finish (完成)avoid(避免)mind(在意)等。

10 D)   【句意】如果服务员今天来,请让她给我洗洗衬衫。【难点】have, make let表达“让某人做某事”时,要求后跟不带to 的动词不定式短语作宾补。

11 B)   【句意】虽然种族问题还没有得到彻底解决,完全的平等还没有得到实现,但这些方面所取得的进步是值得称道的。【难点】  although意为“尽管,虽然”,引导让步状语从句;since 意为“因为;既然”;now that意为“现在已经…;既然已…”;before long意为“不久”,不是连词,不能带从句。

12 C)   【句意】更重要的是,他们对人们干扰生态平衡的行为以及可能产生的后果表示震惊。【难点】  above all 意为“更重要的是,尤其”;all in all 意为“总而言之,总的说来”;after all 意为“毕竟,终究”; in all 意为“全部,总共,总计”。

13 A)   【句意】传说那个人多次得到诺贝尔奖提名。【难点】  rumor has itthat …是一个固定句式,意为“传言…,传说…”,其中it为无人称代词。其它三个词不能在本句中形成固定搭配。

14 D)   【句意】只是因为我隶属老板,他就认为他可以对我招之即来,挥之即去,不尊重我的人格。【难点】  subordinate意为“下级的,次要的;隶属的”,后接to;redundant意为“累赘的,多余的,重复的”;versatile意为“多才多艺的,有多方面才能的”;trivial意为“琐碎的;无足轻重的”。

15 C)   【句意】在我们的社会,婚礼请柬也是一种要求送礼的含蓄的表达方式。【难点】  implicit 意为“不言自明的;含蓄的”;ingenious意为“聪明的,有发明天才的”;intelligible意为“可理解的;明白易懂的”;inclusive意为“包括的,包含的”。

16 B)   【句意】凯特香水的浓浓香气弥漫了小屋。【难点】  permeate意为“漫布,遍布,弥漫”;radiate意为“辐射,发散;传播”;extract意为“(费力)取出,拔出”;disperse 意为“使散布,散发,传播”。

17 A)   【句意】一颗原子弹就会摧毁一座城市。【难点】  destroy 意为“破坏,摧毁”;damage意为“损害,损坏”,指局部性的破坏;spoil意为“弄糟,破坏;溺爱”;wreck意为“弄坏(身体),使(计划)受挫”。

18 C)   【句意】这里的气候十分宜人,终年湿润。【难点】   moist意为“微湿;湿润的”,为褒义词;damp意为“潮湿的,湿气重的”,为贬义词;humid意为“潮湿的,湿润的”,为中性词;wet意为“湿的,未干的”。

19 D)   【句意】这个房间里的家具包括几把旧扶手椅。【难点】  furnish意为“为(房间)配备家具;provide意为“提供;供给”;decorate意为“装饰,装潢”;beautify 意为“使美起来,美化”。

20 D)   【句意】如果卡尔对她的嗓音的评价客观的话,那么她就不会刚洗完澡就唱了。【难点】  objective意为“客观的”;punctual意为“准时的,按时的”;practical意为“实际的,实用的”;sensitive意为“敏感的,感觉灵敏的”,后接to。

21 C)   【句意】我的驾照必须今天就续办,否则,驾照会在半夜到期而无效。【难点】 imperative  意为“紧急的,必要的”;imaginative意为“富于想象力的”;feasible意为“可能的,可行的”;empirical意为“单凭经验的,经验主义的”。

22 A)   【句意】对那些视力较差的人,大写字体益于他们阅读。【难点】  facilitate意为“使便利,帮助”;rectify意为“纠正,矫正,改正,修订”;reinforce意为“增援;加强”;magnify意为“放大,扩大”。

23 D)   【句意】南希抱怨自己从百货商店买来的那部有缺陷的空调器。【难点】  defective意为“有缺点的,有缺陷的,有毛病的”;inefficient意为“效率低的”;ineffective意为“无效的,不起作用的”;deficient意为“不足的,缺乏的”。

24 C)   【句意】尽管花了大量时间去练习听力,可大多数高校学生的听力还不尽人意。【难点】  despite意为“不管,尽管”,是介词,后加名词;however意为“然而,无论怎样”,是副词,修饰形容词或全句;if是连词,带从句,表示条件;even意为“甚至,即使;更加”,是副词,修饰形容词。

25 A)   【句意】如果我们继续为小事纠缠不休的话,我们就不会找到任何解决问题的方法。【难点】 get somewhere 意为“有进展,有结果”,get nowhere意为“无进展,无结果”,亦即not get anywhere。以上是习语性搭配,所有其他选项不合适。


1. Your examination results were quitesatisfactory, but ____if you had spent less time in playing football?

A. wouldnt they have beenbetterB.wouldntthey be better

C. wont they have been better   D. wont they be better

2. I have given up trying toconvince him, there is no point ____ with him.

A.by arguing         B.with arguingC.for arguing               D.in arguing

3. Criticism and selfcriticism is necessary____it helps us to correct our mistakes.

A. in that            B.such that        C. so that            D.to that

4. To my surprise, the majorityof the students ____in favor of his proposal.

A. is                         B.are                        C.be                  D.was

5. As a matter of fact, childrenwith parents whose guidance is firm, consistent, and rational are inclined ____high level of selfconfidence.

A. possess            B.to possess     C.to have possessed      D. possessing

6. He managed, with his friends assistance,____before the building was locked.

A. being finished   B. befinished    C.to finish                        D.being finishing

7. Why was the suggestion thatshe ____to our party rejected the day before yesterday?

A. be invited       B.to be invitedC.being invited           D. hasbeen invited

8. The office staff ____gatheredto hear the manager speak.

A. have              B.is being           C.has                       D.is

9. ____the door when a gust ofwind blew the candle out.

A. He had no sooner opened B. Hardly had heopenedC.Scarcely did he opened  D.No sooner did he open

10. The workers are practising____ a new song for the coming evening party of the New Years Eve.

A. to sing                  B.to be singing   C.singing               D.being sung

11. His speech was careful and____but his words seemed to make no sense.

A. distinct           B.distinctive            C.distinguishable   D. distinguished

12. The interpreter gave only a____version of the old manslong rambling account.

A.minimum     B. tiny   C.condensed    D. compressed

13. I know him____but I havenever actually spoken to him.

A. from sight       B.by sight C.in sight    D. for sight

14. Strenuous efforts have beenmade to ____government expenses to a desired level.

A. cutoff          B. cut back   C.cut down   D. cut short

15. They were digging to findsome____ of the Viking Period.

A. tracks              B.traits      C. traces             D.tracts

16. With a wave of his hand, theconjurer made the rabbit ____

A. linger              B.vanish     C. hover       D. soar

17. She has a small machine for____coffee beans.

A. breaking          B.grinding   C. splitting    D. crashing

18. The trouble with owning aforeign car is that ____parts are so expensive.

A. extra              B.separate   C. spare         D.reserve

19. Whenever he writes to hisparents, he ____ a check with his letter.

A. includes         B.contains                 C.inserts            D.encloses

20. The energy gained from thesun can then be used during the night to enable the necessary chemicalreactions to ____in his body.

A. proceed                 B.practise           C.progress          D. precede

21. When Mr.Green was away onbusiness, his neighbor gave his wife a(n) ____with the housework.

A. aid                        B.help              C.hand               D.lift

22. There is a ____of vegetablesin Dalian at the moment because of the cold weather.

A. need              B.want               C.shortage          D. desire

23. When I heard footsteps behindme I was ____of being attacked.

A. horrified          B.horrible           C.terrific            D.terrified

24. His illness made him ____ofconcentration.

A. incompetent     B.unable          C.incapable        D. powerless

25. I let children make their owndecisions now they are older; I wouldnt ____ to interfere.

A.presume        B. resume          C.assume          D. force


 1 A)   【句意】你的考试成绩相当令人满意,但是,如果你少费点时间踢足球的话,成绩不更好吗?

【难点】虚拟语气中,如果表示与过去事实相反的假设,则虚拟从句中谓语应采用过去完成时,而虚拟主句中的谓语动词应使用would have done(been)形式。 

 2 D)   【句意】我已经不想说服他了,跟他争论毫无意义。【难点】  There is nopoint in doing sth意为“做某事毫无意义”。

 3 A)   【句意】批评和自我批评是必要的,因为它有利于我们改正错误。【难点】  in that 往往用于引导原因状语从句,放在句中而不在句首,意为“因为,原因在于”。

 4 B)   【句意】令我吃惊的是,大多数学生赞成他的建议。【难点】  majority为集合名词,意为“大多数”,相当于most,如果所修饰的是可数名词的复数形式,其后谓语也应该采用动词的复数形式。

 5 B)   【句意】事实上,受到父母严格、一贯而且合理的教导的那些孩子,往往自信心很强。【难点】  be inclined意为“常常,往往”,后接动词不定式,表示某种倾向。

 6 C)   【句意】在朋友的帮助下,他终于在大楼锁门之前做完了这个实验。【难点】  manage to do 意为“(经过努力)做成某事”;manage后跟的宾语只能使用to+动词原形的形式。

 7 A)   【句意】为什么邀请她参加聚会的建议前天遭到拒绝?【难点】某些表示建议,提议,意愿,要求和命令等意义的名词,后跟的表语从句和同位语从句的谓语动词一般采用(should+动词原形的虚拟形式。参见Test 19的“疑难攻破”。

 8 A)    【句意】办公室的工作人员集合起来听经理讲话。【难点】  Staff为集合名词,意为“全部工作人员”,通常被看作复数名词,所以它作主语时,谓语动词应该用相应的复数形式。

 9 B)   【句意】他刚打开门,一阵风就把蜡烛吹灭了。【难点】英语中经常用hardly /scarcely whenno sooner than 作为固定搭配,表示“一…就”。含有此结构的句子,表示从句中的动作一发生,主句中的动作随即发生,并且如果hardly /scarcely no sooner置于句首,则从句的主语和谓语必须倒装,在以上结构中,主句一般用过去完成时,从句一般用过去时,所以符合以上条件的只有选项B)。

 10 C)   【句意】工人们正在为即将到来的除夕晚会练习演唱一首新歌。【难点】  practise 为及物动词,后跟名词或动名词形式,类似的动词还有:finish (完成),consider (考虑),avoid (避免),mind (在意),sugg


 11. A)   【句意】他措辞谨慎、清晰,但似乎没说明什么。【难点】  distinct 意为“明显的,清楚的;清晰的”:distinctive意为“有特色的”;distinguishable意为“可辨别的”;distinguished意为“卓越的,杰出的”。

12 C)   【句意】翻译对老人喋喋不休的描述只做了简要翻译。【难点】  condensed 意为“缩短的,缩写的”;minimum意为“最低的;最小的”;tiny意为“极小的,微小的”;compressed意为“压缩的;压紧的”,不能指语言。

 13 B)   【句意】我跟他面熟,但从未跟他说过话。【难点】  know sb bysight 是习语搭配,意为“与某人只是面熟”;insight 意为“被看见”;fromsight forsight不是习惯搭配。

 14 C)   【句意】政府已作出不懈努力,力求把支出降低到预期水平。【难点】   cut down意为“减少,缩减”;cut off意为“中断,打断”;cut back 意为“缩减(生产),削减(支出)”,常与on搭配使用;cut short意为“使停止,中断,打断”。

 15 C)   【句意】他们在挖掘,企图找到维京时期的遗物。【难点】  trace意为“痕迹;踪迹”;track意为“(人,物,事等)踪迹;(轮船,飞机)航迹;车辙”;trait意为“特点,特征,特性”;tract意为“大片土地,地带”。

 16 B)   【句意】魔术师手一挥,小兔消失了。【难点】 vanish 意为“突然不见;消失”;linger 意为“继续存留;缓慢消失”;hover意为“徘徊,逗留在近旁”;soar意为“翱翔,升高,升腾”。

 17 B)   【句意】她有一个磨咖啡的小机器。【难点】  grind 意为“碾碎,磨碎”;break 意为“破碎,断裂”;split 意为“劈开,撕开”;crash 意为“坠毁”。

 18 C)   【句意】养外国造的车的麻烦是,零件太贵。【难点】  spare 意为“备用的,预备的”,spare parts 是“零件”;extra 意为“额外的,追加的”;separate 意为“分开的,分离的;各个的”;reserve 意为“储备”,不作形容词。

 19 D)   【句意】他每次给父母写信,都会附上一张支票。【难点】  enclose意为“把…附在信中”;include意为“包括,包含;contain意为“包括”,与include 相似,但include指包含内容一部分,而contain则包含整个内容。

 20 A)   【句意】从太阳获得的能量在夜晚被利用,这使得必要的化学反应在他体内继续进行。【难点】 proceed意为“(尤其在停顿或打断后)继续进行;继续前进”;practise意为“从事(职业)”,如行医,作律师;progress意为“前进,行进,进行”;precede意为“(顺序,位置或时间上)处在…之前,先于”。

 21 C)   【句意】当空军少尉彼得·博鲁离家出差时,他的邻居帮他的妻子做家务。【难点】  give sb a hand 意为“帮把手,助一臂之力”;give aid to sb 意为“向某人提供帮助”,help aid 相似,只不过后者一般为书面语;lift意为“(给步行者)搭便车,免费搭车”。

 22 C)   【句意】目前,由于天气寒冷,大连蔬菜短缺。【难点】  shortage 意为“缺少,不足”,常构成短语 a shortage of ;need 意为“需求,要求”;want 意为“贫困不足”;desire 意为“欲望,愿望”。

 23 D)   【句意】当我听到身后有脚步声时,我害怕自己受到攻击。【难点】  terrify 意为“使害怕”,be terrified of 意为“对…感到惊惧”;horrify意为“使震惊;使生反感”;horrible意为“令人恐惧的,可怕的;骇人听闻的”;terrific意为“棒极的,了不起的”。

 24 C)   【句意】他的疾病使得他不能集中注意力。【难点】  incapable意为“无能力的,不能的”,后接of;unable 意为“不能的,不会的”,后接动词不定式;powerless 意为“无能的,无力量的,无权力的”;incompetent意为“不称职的,不胜任的”。

 25 A)   【句意】现在孩子们大了,我让他们自己作决定,我决不擅自干涉。【难点】  presume意为“胆敢,冒昧”,后接动词不定式,用第一人称时为客套语;resume意为“重新开始,继续”;assume意为“假定,假设;臆断”;force 意为“强迫,迫使”。


1. My train arrives in Shenyang at seven oclocktomorrow. The plane I would like to take from there ___ by then.

A. would leave       B.will have left              C.has left            D. hadleft

2. ____the building did herealize that there was danger everywhere in it.

A. Upon entering  B. When heentered  C.Only after entering   D. After he had entered

3. He will do anything for usexcept ____ us his oxen.

A. lending           B.will lend               C.lend                       D.has lent

4. The suspect at last admitted____ the stolen goods but he denied ____them.

A. receiving...selling           B.to receive...sellingC.receiving...to sell   D. to receive...to sell

5. How close parents are to theirchildren ____a strong influence on the character of the children.

A. have              B.has                  C.having                  D.to have

6. ____ on a clear day, far fromthe city crowds, the mountains give him a sense of infinite peace.

A. If walking              B.Walking     C.While walking       D. When one is walking

7. Professor Smiths dedication to___earned him the respect of both his colleagues and students.

A. being taught     B.be taught      C.teach                       D.teaching

8. If only I ____ what youwanted!

A. knew             B.know              C.had known            D. haveknown

9. He was reading a piece ofscience fiction, completely ____to the outside world.

A. to be lost        B.lost                C.losing                   D.having lost

10. Id rather that they ____during thebad weather, but they insist that they must return home today.

A. dont travel   B. didnt travel  C. shouldnt travel  D. nottravel

11. The manager gave her his ____that her complaint would be investigated.

A.consent         B. conception      C.assurance               D.insurance

12. It has always been the ____ofthis company to promote existing staff to senior positions.

A.procedure     B. policy                   C.process                  D.prime

13. When he graduated from highschool he got his ____

A. diplomat        B.certificate        C.degree                  Didentity

14. These varied racial groupshave learned to live together in peace and____, setting an example well worthfollowing.

A. harmony         B.grace             C.rhythm                 D.relief

15. John Dewey believed thateducation should be a preparation for life, that a person learns by doing, andthat teaching must ____ the curiosity and creativity of children.

A. stimulate         B.spare              C.seek                      D.secure

16. In 1914, an apparentlyinsignificant event in a remote part of Eastern Europe ____ Europe into a greatwar.

A.imposed        B. pitched           C.inserted                  D.plunged

17. What are your ____for judginga bottle of wine?

A. regulations       B.rules             C.premises                 D.criteria

18. To help students understandhow we see, teachers often draw a(n) ______ between an eye and a camera.

A.contrast         B.analogy          C. image                     D.substitute

19. Whereas sudden greatdisasters are instantaneous, others, such as droughts, are ____.

A. cumulative       B.formidable   C.eternal                         D.prospective

20. We are always ready to____our motherland from any foreign aggression.

A. defend             B.protect                  C.guard                     D.shield

21. The train has been ____by anaccident.

A. delayed       B.postponed       C. put off                         D.relayed

22. Can you ____ any smell of thegas which is escaping?

A. discover          B.detect              C.find                     D.spot

23. A(n) ____annoyance of busterminals is the abundance of exhaust fumes.

A.instantaneous    B. regular       C.inherent                  D.extensive

24. They have no idea of the____rich in mineral springs.

A. locality            B.location                 C.situation                 D.site

25. When Tasuma first came to theU.S. from Japan, he wasntsure he could____into American culture, but after a few months, he felt at homehere.

A. absorb             B.transform       C. digest                   D.assimilate


 1 B)    【句意】我乘坐的火车明天7点到沈阳,到那时,我想乘坐的航班可能已经从那里起飞了。

【难点】时间状语by then意为“到那时”,常和将来完成时连用。 

 2 C)    【句意】只在进入大楼后,他才意识到危机四伏。


 3 C)    【句意】除了不借给我们牛用之外,他愿为我们做任何事情。【难点】  have nothingbut ,do nothing /anything but /except 这种结构,只要位于but /except 前面的成分中包含动词do , but/except后必定跟动词原形

 4 A)    【句意】犯罪嫌疑人最终承认收到了被盗的货物,但却否认销赃。【难点】  admit deny 通常后跟动名词,名词,或that引导的从句作宾语,所以本句中只有选项A)正确。

 5 B)   【句意】父母和孩子的亲近程度对孩子性格的影响非常大。【难点】本句的主语为一主语从句,所以谓语动词采用单数形式。

 6 D)    【句意】如果一个人在晴朗的天气里到远离尘嚣的地方散步,群山会给他一种无限宁静的感觉。【难点】单独的现在分词或过去分词作状语时,说明主句谓语动词所表达的动作和分词所表达的动作应由同一个人或物(或同一些人或物)发出,如果分词的动作发出者与主句的动作发出者不同,则应将状语换成状语从句或改为独立主格的形式。

 7 D)   【句意】史密斯教授献身教育的精神,赢得了同事和学生们的尊敬。【难点】词组dedicated to 意为“献身于,全身心地做某事”,to 为介词,后边只能跟名词,代词或动名词。因此B)C)不正确,并且史密斯教授是从事教学而非被授,所以A)也不正确,只有选项D)正确。

 8 C)   【句意】假如我早知道你要什么该多好。【难点】  If only 意为“假如…该多好”,往往用于引导虚拟条件句,如果表示与将来或现在事实相反的假设,则句中谓语应采用过去时;如果表示与过去事实相反


 9 B)    【句意】他在看一本科幻小说,对周围的一切毫不在意。【难点】be lost to sth ”为一固定短语,意为“未注意,漠视”。

 10 B)    【句意】我倒希望他们别在坏天气赶路,但他们坚持今天必须回家。【难点】would /had rather+宾语从句构成的虚拟语气句,宾语从句的谓语动词形式一般有两种表示方式,用动词的过去式表示现在和将来的含义,用过去完成时表示过去的含义。

11 C)   【句意】经理保证她的申诉将得到调查。【难点】  assurance意为“保证”,后接that 从句,作同位语。consent 意为“同意;准许,赞同”;conception意为“思想,观念;想法,概念”;insurance意为“保险”。

12 B)   【句意】给在职职工升职一直是该公司的政策。【难点】  policy 意为“政策”;procedure意为“程序”;process 意为“过程”;prime是形容词,意为“最主要的”,在本句中不合适。

13 B)   【句意】高中毕业时,他得到了毕业证。【难点】  certificate 意为“证书;执照;结业证书”;diplomat是“外交官”,diploma是“文凭”;degree意为“学位,学衔”,是高校用语;identity意为“身份,本身”。

14 A)    【句意】这些不同的种族群体已学会和平共处地生活在一起,树立了值得学习的榜样。【难点】  harmony 意为“和谐,一致”,in harmony 构成介词词组;grace 意为“(姿态动作的)优美,优雅,文雅”;rhythm 意为“韵律,节奏;节拍”; relief意为“安慰,安心,宽慰”。

15 A)   【句意】约翰·杜威认为,教育是对生活的准备,人要通过做事学知识,教学必须要激发儿童的好奇心和创造力。【难点】  stimulate 意为“刺激,激发,促进”; spare意为“分让…给(人);seek意为“寻求;追求;探求”;secure 意为“使…安全;保护…免于危险”。

16 D)    【句意】  1914年,东欧一个偏僻的地区发生的一件明显微不足道的小事使欧洲陷入了一场大战。

【难点】  plunge 意为“使…陷入(某种状态);把…抛进”,常和介词into 构成习惯搭配;impose 意为“(把想法等)强加(于某人),强迫(某人)接受…,后面一般接on ;pitch意为“抛,扔,投”;insert意为“将…插入;将(词句)写入”,后接in ,into, between等。

17 D)   【句意】你判断一瓶葡萄酒的标准是什么?【难点】  criteria 意为“(评判之)标准,准则”; regulation意为“规则;规定”;ruleregulation类似,意为“规定,规则,章程,条例”;premise意为“假定,假设,前


 18 B)    【句意】为帮助学生理解我们是如何看见事物的,教师常常用眼睛和照相机作类比。【难点】  analogy意为“类比,类推”;contrast意为“对比,对照”;image 意为“形象,比喻,意象”;substitute 意为“代替人,代替物,代用品”。

 19 A)   【句意】突然发生的灾难往往是瞬间的,而像干旱这样的灾难则是日积月累的。【难点】  cumulative 意为“累积的,渐增的”;formidable 意为“可怕的;难以应付的”;eternal 意为“永恒的,无休止的,不断的”;prospective 意为“预期的,盼望中的,即将发生的”。

 20 A)   【句意】我们应随时准备好捍卫我们的祖国,使之免受外国入侵。【难点】  defend 意为“防御,保卫”;protect 意为“保护,防护”;guard 意为“守卫,警卫”;shield 意为“保护,掩护”。defend在四个词里最符合句意。

 21 A)   【句意】由于出事故,火车晚点了?【难点】  delay 意为“耽搁;延误”,指事失没有计划的延误;postpone  意为“延缓,使延期”,指事先作延期安排; put off postpone相同;relay 意为“接力传送,传递”

 22 B)   【句意】你能不能闻到泄漏的煤气味?【难点】  detect 意为“察觉,发觉,发现”;discover 意为“发现”,指偶然发现了已经存在那里很长时间的事物;find意为“(通过努力)发现;发现…处于某种状态”;spot


 23 C)   【句意】公共汽车候车室固有的一种令人讨厌的东西就是它弥漫着的废气味。【难点】  inherent 意为“内在的;固有的,生来就有的”;regular 意为“有规则的;定期的;正规的”;instantaneous 意为“立即的;瞬间发生的”;extensive意为“广大的,广泛的”。

 24 A)    【句意】他们不知道那个地方有丰富的矿泉水。【难点】  locality 意为“地区,地点”,指客观上的位置;location 意为“方位,定位”,指主观上的位置;situation指相对的位置;site 意为“场所,地点”

 25 D)   【句意】当族麻第一次从日本来到美国时,他不相信自己能溶入美国文化。可是过了几个月,他就感觉像在自己家似的。【难点】  assimilate 意为“同化,溶进”,常与to ,into 连用。 absorb 意为“吸收”,为及物动词;transform 意为“使…改变性质”;digest 意为“消化;领悟,理解”。



1. ____, he is always modest.

A. With all his profoundknowledge B.Because of all his profound knowledge

C. With his all profoundknowledge D.For his profound knowledge

2. His honesty is ____; nobodycan doubt it.

A. in question                     B.out of question  C.beside the question   D. without question

3. When cooking a delicious dish,this kind of spice ____ into account.

A. must be taken                 B.was taken            C.had been taken       D. would have been taken

4. It was not until he took upfishing that he ____to relax.

A. had been beginning         B.began                 C.had begun              D.beginning

5. Not only you but also I____mistaken on this point.

A. are             B.were        C. have              D.am

6. Twenty pounds ____ enough forsuch a poor family spend for a month.

A. were     B.being         C. have been      D. was

7. The president of the college,together with the deans, ____planninga conference for the purpose of laying down a series of regulations.

A. were        B.are         C. is                   D.will

8. Many a person ____at the gateof the department store.

A. is standing                     B.are standingC.have been standing            D.have stood

9. I got to my office on time.What if your car____?

A. would broken down        B.broke downC.breaks down                     D.had broken down

10. If the weather had been morefavorable, the crops ____still better.

A. will begrowing            B. aregrowingC.would have been growing    D. would be growing

11. Before the invention ofrefrigeration, the ____of fish and meat was a thorny problem.

A. keeping                        B.maintaining  C.protection                    D.preservation

12. A sudden movement caught theponysattention and he instantly became____ and alert.

A. doubtful          B.suspicious            C.suspecting                D. hesitating

13. During their first teacher trainingyear, the students often visited local schools for the ____of lessons.

A.investigation    B. observation         C.inspection               D.observance

14. Ill be very glad that you agree to____this matter.

A. look up          B.look for                     C.look over               D.look into

15. As there was a power cut inthe hospital, the surgeon had to ____ the operation.

A. call for           B.call off               C.call on                   D.call out

16. From ancient times, the valleyof the Nile has been made____by the river floods.

A. famous            B.deserted                        C.attractive                D.fertile

17. The manager made a farseeing decision ____what she had said.

A. in the light of   B.in the course of   C.in favor of           D. in theface of

18. Each household ___five poundsof meat every month.

A. availed            B.allocated            C.was endowed with  D. was entitled to

19. All the information we havecollected in relation to that case _____very little.

A. comes up to     B.makes up for      C.stands up for                 D.adds up to

20. The manager was pleased withincreased ____from the factory.

A.outcome        B. output                  C.outset                   D.outlet

21. The curtains were put up onlymonths ago, but they have ____badly.

A. shaded                  B.faded                  C.fainted                   D.withered

22. If you find that chair toohard, Illbring you a ____

A. pillow              B.mat              C.comforter               D.cushion

23. Only the headwaiter has someprofessional hotel ____ so the service is rather slow and inefficient.

A. learning                 B.trainingC.teaching                  D.instructing

24. Fred doesnt like white coffee,nor does he like to put cream on his strawberries, because he prefers them ____.

A. plain              B.simple     C. natural                 D.ordinary

25. The economists are not quiteoptimistic about the economic ____for Europe.

A.outlook         B. insight   C. opinion                 D.attitude


 1 A)   【句意】他尽管学识渊博,但始终很谦逊。【难点】句型“for all +ones+名词或从句”以及“with all (ones+名词或从句)”为习惯性用语,常用来表示让步状语, for allwith all 相当于in spite of all,意为“尽管,虽然”。

 2 D)   【句意】他的诚实是无可怀疑的,没有人能怀疑这一点。【难点】  withoutquestion 意为“无可怀疑的”。inquestion 意为“在考虑中的,在议论中的”。outof question 意为“不成问题”。besidethe question 无此搭配。

 3 A)   【句意】烹饪一道好菜时,必须考虑使用这种调料。【难点】由时间状语中的a delicious dish 可以看出,此句意在说明一个普遍的事实,而不是特指烹饪某一道菜,所以无须使用过去时,而只需使用表示普遍情况的一般时。

 4 B)    【句意】直到他开始以钓鱼为乐,他才开始得到了轻松的休息。【难点】此句为强调句,所强调的时间状语从句部分的动作几乎和主句的动作同时发生,时间状语从句的谓语动词为过去时,因而主句的谓语动词采用过去时便可。

 5 D)    【句意】不仅你,我也在这点上犯了错误。【难点】按照英语语法,由not onlybut also构成的主语,其谓语动词应按照就近关系,因此此句只能选择D)。

 6 D)    【句意】二十镑足够这样一个贫困的家庭花一个月了。【难点】表示时间度量等复数名词作主语时,常常作为一个整体看待,谓语动词用单数。

 7 C)    【句意】校长与系主任正打算召开一次会议,以制定一系列规章制度。【难点】由“together with (as wellas, but, including) +名词”构成的介词短语来修饰主语的句子,其谓语动词必须与主语保持一致,而无须考虑以上介词的宾语的单复数形式。

 8A)    【句意】许多人站在百货大楼的门前。【难点】   many a +可数名词的单数形式意为“许多…”,后面的谓语动词必须使用单数形式。

 9 D)   【句意】“我按时到了办公室。”“假如你的车坏了会怎么样?”【难点】  what if 意为“倘使…将会怎样”,由其构成的虚拟条件句通常用过去时表示将来,用过去完成时表示过去时,本句意在表达与过去事实相反,所以条件句子中谓语动词必须采用D)。

 10 D)   【句意】如果那时天气更好一点的话,现在庄稼长得会更好。【难点】此句为一错综时间条件句。本句中的从句表达与过去事实相反的一个假设,按照常规虚拟语气句的要求,主句中的谓语动词应为would have grown,表达与过去事实相反;但主句实际要表达的是与现在事实相反,所以谓语动词应为would be growing

 11 D)    【句意】在冷冻法发明前,鱼和肉的保存是个棘手的问题。【难点】  preservation 意为“保存,防腐”;keeping 意为“保存;保留”,maintaining 意为“维持;保持;使继续;”protection意为“保护,防护”。

12 B)   【句意】有东西突然一动,引起了小马的注意,他立刻警觉起来,变得多疑。【难点】  suspicious 意为“猜疑的,多疑的”,后接of about ;doubtful 意为“不确知的;怀疑的”,常与about of连用; suspectinghesitating是现在分词,不合本句句意。

 13 B)   【句意】学生实习当老师的第一年,常常参观当地学校,观察课是怎么上的。【难点】  observation意为“观察;监视”;investigation 意为“调查,调查研究”;inspection 意为“检阅,检查”;observance  意为“观察,注意”,不常用。

14 D)   【句意】我很高兴你同意调查这件事。【难点】  look into 意为“调查”;look up 意为“(在词典,参考书中)查找”; look for 意为“寻找”;look over 意为“查看,参观”。

 15 B)   【句意】由于医院停电,那位外科医

生不得不取消手术。【难点】  call off 意为“取消”;call for 意为“需要,需求”;call on 意为“号召,呼吁”;call out 意为“召唤…行动”。

 16 D)   【句意】从古代起,尼罗河谷就被泛滥的河水变成一片沃土。【难点】  fertile 意为“肥沃的,富饶的”;famous 意为“出名的”;deserted 意为“无人居住的,荒废的”;attractive意为“有吸引力的”。

 17 A)   【句意】经理根据她说的话作了个有远见的决定。【难点】   in thelight of 意为“根据”;inthe course of 意为“在…期间,在…过程中”;infavor of 意为“赞同,支持”;inthe face of  意为“在…面前,面对…”。

 18 D)   【句意】每户每月只有权买五磅肉。【难点】  entitle 意为“把权利给某人”,常用被动语态,后接动词不定式或to+动名词;avail意为“有助于,有用于”;allocate 意为“分配,分派”;endow 意为“赋予;资助,向…捐钱”,后接with。

 19 D)   【句意】我们搜集到的有关那个案件的所有信息几乎不起任何作用。【难点】  add up to 意为“总计,共达”,addup to very little 意为“几乎不起作用”;comeup to 意为“等于,比得上;达到(标准等)”;makeup for 意为“补偿;弥补”;standup for 意为“支持”。

 20 B)   【句意】经理对增产感到很满意。【难点】  output 意为“产量”;outcome意为“结果;成果”;outset 意为“开始,起初”;outlet 意为“发泄(情感),销路,出口”。

 21 B)   【句意】窗帘才挂上几个月,可现在已严重褪色。【难点】  fade 意为“褪色,衰退,变弱”;shade 意为“遮蔽,覆盖”;faint意为“晕倒,昏厥”; wither 意为“(草木)枯萎;凋谢”。

 22 D)   【句意】你要是感觉那把椅子太硬,我就给你拿一个坐垫。【难点】  cushion 意为“垫子,坐垫”;pillow 意为“枕头;mat意为“席子”;comforter意为“被褥”。

 23 B)   【句意】只有领班受过一些专业酒店培训,所以服务质量特差,工作效率特低。【难点】  training 意为“训练,教育,培训”; learning意为“学习”;teaching意为“教学,讲授”;instructing 意为“指导,指令”。24 A)   【句意】弗莱得不喜欢加牛奶的咖啡,也不喜欢在草莓上加奶油,因为他喜欢清淡的食物。

【难点】  plain 意为“(食物等)素净的,清淡的”; simple 意为“简朴的,朴素的”;natural 意为“自然的,天然的”;ordinary 意为“普遍的,惯常的”。 

 25 A)   【句意】经济学家对欧洲的经济前景不抱乐观态度。【难点】  outlook  意为“展望,前景”;insight意为“远见;洞察力”;opinion 意为“意见,看法,主张”;attitude 意为“态度,看法”。

近义词辨析source,origin, root, resource这组词均含有“打破”或“挤碎”的意思。



root的意义是“根源,起因”,它强调导致某事物最终出现的最初的、最根本的、最重要的原因,由此所产生的现象或事物常成为一种外观的产物。resource主要指一个国家或地区可以取用的“资源,财力,资产”,一般以复数形式出现。resource也可指人在处理问题时所表现出的“才智,机敏”,此时resource为不可数名词。Literature is a source ofendless pleasure to many thousands.文学是很多人快乐的无尽源泉。Doyou know the origin of the custom of giving presents at Christmas?你知道在圣诞节互赠礼品这一风俗的来源吗?The root of the question lay in theseizure of the land of Ireland by the English ruling class.这个问题的根源在于英国统治阶级对爱尔兰土地的攫取。The mortgage is a drain on our financial resources.偿还抵押贷款是我们财务上的一大负担。ordinary, mediocre, commonplace这组词均含有“平常的,普通的”的意思。ordinary意为“普通的,通常的”,使用范围较广,也有“平淡”之意,但不含贬义。mediocre意思是“平常,平庸的”,表示事物既不很好,也不很坏,但比所期望的差,隐含“二流”之意。如放在副词onlyjust后,则加重其贬义。commonplace意为“平常的,平凡的”,强调期望与事实差距悬殊,常用作贬义。It is an ordinary summer day.这是个平常的夏日。He isa person of mediocre abilities.他是平庸之才。Hes not at all exciting. In fact, hes reallyrather commonplace.他毫不出奇,实际上平庸得很。


1. ____ plastics, the machine islight in weight.

A. To make of             B.To be made of      C.Having made of             D.Made of

2. ____all three people in the carinjured in the accident?”

No,____only the two passengers whogot hurt.”

A. Were/it was             B.Are/there is        C.Were/it were                   D.Was/there was

3. ____is to be in the flowing river of bears.

A. Stand on the tip of the cape               B.To stand on the tip of the cape

C. Standing on the tip of thecape                D.Being standing on the tip of the cape

4. The speech which he made ____the football match bored a lot of fans to death.

A. beingconcerned            B.beconcerned       C.concerned                       D.concerning

5. ____ in an atmosphere ofsimple living was what his parents wished for.

A. He was educated             B.He educated         C.His being educated   D. He to be educated

6. No sooner ____than he realizedthat he should have remained silent.

A. the words hadspoken   B. had the words spokenC. the words had beenspoken    D. had the words been spoken

7. He went out of the GeneralManagersoffice, looking as if he ____.

A. has been severely punished  B. wereseverely punished

C. was severelypunished       D.had been severely punished

8. The factory manager andsecretary ____our party.

A. is to attend                     B.are to attendC.were to attend           D. isattended

9. This project is known to____for three months.

A. having been going on      B.go on            C.have been going on  D. be going on

10. ____the car accident, theywould have arrived earlier.

A. Except for                    B.But for           C.Besides                 D.Save for

11. Jane is slow but her brother,on the contrary, is quick at ____the point of an argument.

A. grabbing                      B.grasping          C.capturing               D.snatching

12. In an attempt to get to the____ of the problem, the reporter interviewed every eyewitness.

A. root        B.stem        C. center            D.base

13. The tourists____through thefog, trying to read what was engraved on the gravestone Shakespeare had chosenfor himself.       A.peered   B. peeped     C.glanced    D. glimpsed

14. The noise was so faint thatyou had to ____ your ears to hear it.

A. stir                B.strengthen       C. strain     D.stride

15. Because of the severedrought, the government has urged people to be ____ with water.

A. economic       B.thrifty            C.cautious   D. economical

16. They came to inspect thehouse____buying it.

A. in the event of         B.with a view to   C.with reference to     D. on account of

17. If a child is brought up inisolation away from human beings, he does not ____language.

A.inquire                 B.require                         C.acquire                  D.request

18. The use of sound iswidespread as____ of animal communication.

A. a means                B.ways                     C.a tool                          D.signals

19. There is no ____evidence todate that people in the Western world can control their dreams, at least inexperimental situations in a lab.

A. solid                      B.hard                              C.good                      D.fine

20. Many of the inventions thatmade people ____and have determined the direction of American industry wererelated to agriculture and food production.

A. affluent          B.abundant         C. sufficient        D.bankrupt

21. They ____a coin to decide whowould go first.

A. ticked              B.tiled               C.towed              D.tossed

22. You should ____ to one ormore weekly magazines such as Time,or People.

A. subscribe        B.order              C.prescribe        D. reclaim

23. No one knew the mans age until he ____itby accident.

A. display            B.revealed         C.exhibit                  D.exposed

24. Rising from the table he ____his hat and went out.

A. put on             B.dressed           C. hadon           D. wore

25. His hard work ____ him a goodreputation.

A. obtained          B.acquired          C.gained           D. earned


 1 D)   【句意】这台机器是塑料制成的,所以很轻。【难点】分词结构置于句首,往往表示主句动作或行为的原因。动词不定式置于句首,往往作目的状语。本句中主句的主语和原因状语部分的动词的逻辑主语一致,故后者的动词部分应该使用被动语态,所以只有D)正确。

 2 A)   【句意】“在这次事故中三个人全都受伤了吗?”“没有,只有两名乘客受了伤”。【难点】句中的three people要求用复数谓语动词,由于动作发生在过去,所以选were。答句中用了强调结构,即It was+sb.+who(that)从句。

 3 B)   【句意】站在海岬的顶端实际上就是站在流动的熊河里。【难点】动词不定式和动名词都可以作主语,但在主系表结构的句子中,如果表语为动词不定式,则主语也应为动词不定式;如果表语为动名词,则主语也应为动名词,二者必须统一。

 4 D)   【句意】他就本次足球赛所做的讲话令许多球迷烦得要死。【难点】本句中缺少一个介词,四个选项中只有D)可以用作介词,意为“有关,关于”,相当于about。

 5 C)   【句意】他在一种简朴生活的氛围中受教育正是他父母所希望的。【难点】本句的主语是一个带有逻辑主语的动名词短语,即C)。全句总体结构为主系表。

 6 D)   【句意】话一出口,他就意识到他应该保持沉默。【难点】  no sooner than常译为“一…就”,为一固定的搭配。如果no sooner 置于句首,则从句的主语和谓语必须倒装,在以上结构中,主句一般用过去完成时,从句用一般过去时,所以选项D)正确。

 7 D)   【句意】他走出总经理办公室,看起来好像受到了严厉的惩罚。【难点】   look asif +从句这种结构,从句中的谓语一般用虚拟式,如谓语的形式为过去时,则表示与现在的事实相反,如谓语的形式为过去完成时,则表示与过去的事实相反。

 8 A)   【句意】厂长兼书记来参加我们的聚会。【难点】英语中,如果两个以上的名词前面只有一个定冠词the,则可认定指的是一个人或物;如果这种结构作主语,谓语动词必须用单数形式。

 9 C)   【句意】据悉这项工程已进行了三个月了。【难点】因为for three months是个与完成时连用的状语,且to为不定式符号,所以选C),即不定式的完成进行时。

 10 B)   【句意】要不是那场车祸,他们可能早就到了。【难点】  But for 常与后边的名词或代词连用,用于表达虚拟的条件。其他选项无此功能。

 11 B)   【句意】简反应慢,可她哥哥却相反,在理解论点方面反应非常快。【难点】  grasp 意为“理解,领会”;grab 意为“抓取,攫取”;capture 意为“引起(注意);逮住”;snatch 意为“夺走,夺得”。

 12 A)   【句意】为了查清问题的根源,记者采访了每个目击者。【难点】  root 意为“根源;根由”;stem 意为“树干;草茎;叶梗”;center意为“中心;中心点”;base意为“基底;底座”。

 13 A)   【句意】游客们透过迷雾仔细看,想读一读刻在墓碑上的莎士比亚为自己选择的碑文。

【难点】  peer 意为“仔细看,费力地看,凝视”;peep 意为“窥;偷看”;glance]为“看一眼;扫视”,是故意的动作;glimpse 意为“看一眼”,是偶然的动作。 

 14 C)    【句意】声音如此微弱,你必须把耳朵竖起来才听得见。【难点】  strain 意为“使紧张,尽力使用”;stir意为“使微动;移动”;strengthen 意为“加强;巩固”;stride 意为“跨越”。

 15 B)   【句意】由于那场严重的旱灾,政府号召人们节约用水。【难点】   thrifty 意为“节俭的;节约的”,强调用钱精打细算,后可接with;economic 意为“经济上的,经济的”;cautious 意为“十分小心的,谨慎的”;economical 意为“经济的,节约的”,强调不浪费。

 16 B)   【句意】他们来看房子,目的是想买。【难点】  with a view to 意为“以…为目标;目的是…”,后接动名词;in the event of 意为“如果…发生;万一”;with reference to 意为“关于,就…而论”;on account of 意为“因为,由于”。

 17 C)   【句意】如果一个孩子在与人类隔绝的环境下长大,他就不会获得语言。【难点】  acquire 意为“获得(语言,知识等)”;inquire 意为“询问,查询”;require意为“要求”,request 意为“请求”。

 18 A)   【句意】声音被广泛地用作动物交际的手段。【难点】  means意为“手段,方法”,形为复数,实为单数;way 意为“方法,方式”,复数形式不合本句句意;tool 意为“工具,器具”;signal 意为“信号,暗号”。

 19 A)    【句意】至今没有确实的证据证明西方人能控制自己的梦,至少在实验室场合没有。【难点】  solid 意为“充分的,确实的;有根据的”;hard 意为“坚硬的;坚实的”。hard evidence 为“铁证”,指不可推翻性,而本句句意是强调是否有证据,所以solid 更确切。good fineevidence 搭配后,在本句中意义不当。

 20 A)   【句意】许多使人民生活富足并决定美国工业发展方向的发明都与农业和粮食生产有关。【难点】  affluent意为“富裕的,丰富的”,可形容人;abundant意为“充裕的,丰富的”,形容物;sufficient 意为“足够的,充足的”;bankrupt 意为“破产的”。

 21 D)   【句意】他们抛硬币决定谁先去。【难点】  toss意为“掷(硬币);投,掷”;tick意为“滴答”;tile意为“铺砖”;tow意为“拖拉,牵引”。

 22 A)   【句意】你应该订阅一本或一本以上的像《时代》或《人物》这样的周刊杂志。【难点】  subscribe意为“订阅(报刊等)”,后接介词to;order意为“定购,预定,点(饭,菜)”;prescribe意为“开处方”;reclaim意为“改造,感化”。

 23 B)   【句意】直到他偶然披露,人们才知道他的年龄。【难点】  reveal意为“揭露;暴露;透露”;display意为“展示,发挥”;exhibit意为“表现,显示”;expose意为“使…暴露在…下”。

 24 A)    【句意】他从桌旁站起身,戴上帽子,走了出去。【难点】  put on强调穿的动作;dress作穿衣讲时后接反身代词,或用be dressed形式;have on强调穿完后的状态;wear强调穿戴的经常性。

 25 D)   【句意】他勤奋工作,为自己赢得了声誉。【难点】  earn意为“获得(赞赏),赢得(名声,地位等)”;obtain意为“得到;获得”,指付出一定努力后才得到渴望的事物;acquire意为“学得(知识,技术)”,强调经过点滴艰苦努力而获得知识、技能等;gain意为“获得,得到,赚得”,强调通过竞争或经过一段时间的努力取得。


1. It wasnt such a good dinner____she had promised us.

A. that                 B.which              C.as                          D.what

2. ___can we yield to thepressure.

A. By and large   B. Bymeans of C.By no means          D. In return

3. By the time we reach anagreement, the approvals ____

A. will be got       B.have been got  C. shall have been got    D. are got

4. The World Trade Center, thetop ____is 410 meters high, is the tallest building in the world.

A. of which          B.which              C.of whose                D.that

5. Doctor Godwin says that____what forceful arguments against smoking there are, many people persist insmoking.

A. though           B.however         C. nomatter              D.but

6. ____many times, this radioreceiver is found very sensitive.

A. Being tested  B. Havingbeen tested  C.Having tested  D. Testing

7. If traffic problems are notsolved soon, driving in cities ____impossible.

A. becomes   B. willhave becomeC.will become             D.become

8. On this busy road driversought to be especially careful, ____?

A. ought it   B. oughtnt theyC. oughtnt it    D.dontthey

9. Only when the war was over in1945 ____to his hometown.

A. did hereturn    B. he did return C. he returned   D. hadhe returned

10. ____his eyes when she toldhim that it was time for them to leave.

A. Hardly had heopened   B. Scarcely did he openC. No sooner did he open  D.He had no sooner opened

11. She has ____as a singer; shes worth training.

A. abilities           B.capabilities      C. talents             D.capacities

12. The atomic clock is ____towithin 3 seconds in a century.

A. exact              B.clear               C.accurate         D. explicit

13. That consciousness is beingtransformed into ____

A. action              B.act                 C.deed               D.activity

14. To stress the importance of arich vocabulary, the teacher used a(n) ____.

Writing with a severely limitedvocabulary,she said, islike trying to paint a circus with only a few colors.”

A. example         B.comparison     C. contrast         D.analogy

15. When my father listens toclassical music on the radio, he often swings his arms as if hes ____ the orchestra.

A. leading          B.controlling    C. conducting   D. practising

16. The disappearance of thatmoney from my wallet is quite ____Imsure the wallet was in my pocket all day.

A. dramatic         B.doubtful           C.mysterious   D. dangerous

17. A completely new situation islikely to ____ when the school leaving age is raised to 16.

A. rise                B.raise                 C.arise              D.arouse

18. The campers ____their tent ina sheltered valley.

A. established    B.placed                 C.fixed             D.built

19. An almost ____line of trafficwas moving at a snailspace through the center city.

A. continuous   B. constant            C.long                   D.continual

20. On entering another country,a tourist will have to ____ the customs.

A. pass through   B. pass by                  C.passover        D. pass away

21. Experiments enable youngscientists to judge what must be accepted and what must be viewed with ____.

A. belief              B.curiosity          C.suspicion     D. doubt

22. The city has decided to ____overhead wires.

A. do off              B.do with        C. do away with     D. do away

23. George ____ tears when heheard the sad news.

A. broke through   B.broke up    C. broke into             D.broke out

24. As the airliner began to takeoff, Jane , together with her boyfriend ____, took a last look at their parentswho had come to see them off.

A. on board         B.at most                  C.on schedule      D. at random

25. Shes ____ as a very promising youngsinger.

A. lookedon     B. looked for             C.looked over      D. looked up


 1 C)   【句意】这顿饭并不像她所许诺的那么好。【难点】本句缺少定语从句的关系代词,按照英语语法,如果such所修饰的成分后跟定语从句,则定语从句的引导词通常用as,构成suchas结构,意为“像…一样的”。

 2 C)   【句意】我们无论如何也不能屈服于压力。【难点】  By and large意为“一般来讲,大体上”。By means of意为“借助于,通过”。By no means意为“决不,无论如何都不”。In return意为“反过来,作为回报”。

 3 C)   【句意】到我们达成协议的时候,所有的批准都会到手。【难点】by the time+从句”这一结构常常和现在完成时或过去完成时的主句连用。

 4 A)   【句意】410米的世界贸易中心是世界上最高的建筑。【难点】如果定语从句中要强调先行词的某一部分,则通常用“名词+介词+关系代词”构成的定语从句。此类定语从句中的关系代词必须按照先行词来确定。

5 C)   【句意】歌德温医生说,尽管存在那么有力的反对吸烟的论据,但许多人还是坚持吸烟。【难点】英语中的让步状语从句常由下列连词引导:though/althougheven though/even ifno matter+who/how等等。

 6 B)   【句意】经过多次测试以后,发现这台无线电接收机的灵敏度很高。【难点】完成时的现在分词形式在本句中用作时间状语,表明测试的时间在发现灵敏度很高之前,being tested不能够表达这一含义,而having testedtesting动作的主体和逻辑主语为人,造成时间状语的逻辑主语和主句的主语不一致,故只能选B)。

 7 C)   【句意】如果不尽快解决交通问题,将来就不可能在城市内驾车行驶。【难点】如果条件句的谓语动词为一般现在时,则主句的谓语动词应采用一般将来时。

 8 B)   【句意】在这条车水马龙的路上,汽车驾驶员应该格外小心,对不对?【难点】ought+to+V”这一形式,在变成反意疑问句时,只要在ought后加not,然后再加相应的主语即可。

 9 A)   【句意】直到1945年战争结束后他才回到家乡。【难点】副词only置于句首,主要目的在于强调,在语法结构上,则引起倒装。

 10 A)   【句意】他一睁开眼睛,她就告诉他他们该动身了。【难点】  hardly...when为一固定搭配,意为“一…就”,具有同样意义的搭配还有scarcely...when, nosooner...than等。

 11 B)   【句意】她有当歌手的潜力,值得培养。【难点】  capability意为“能力;才能;潜在能力”,常用于人所具有的从事某项工作或达到某一目的的能力。ability常用于人,指做事的能力,这种能力可以是天生的,也可以是后天习得的。talent意为“天才,天赋;才气”,后与for连用;capacity亦为“能力,才能”,既可用于人,也可用于物,指接受、容纳、吸收、理解或完成某事的能力。

 12 C)   【句意】原子钟在一百年内可精确至三秒以内。【难点】  accurate 意为“准确的,精确的”,指由于细心而精确地使某事符合事实和真理;exact意为“精确的;恰好的;严密的”,指不多不少,确切地与事实或标准相符;clear意为“清晰的;清楚的;明白的”;explicit 意为“详述的;明确的”。

 13 A)   【句意】那种觉悟正被转化成行动。【难点】  action 意为“行为,行动”,不作具体强调;act 意为“所做的事,行为”,指比较具体的行为;deed 意为“行为,功绩”,强调与语言相对应;activity 意为“活


 14 D)   【句意】为强调庞大词汇量的重要性,这个老师用了个类比。“用有限的词汇去写作就像用仅有的几个颜色去油漆一个马戏场”。【难点】  analogy意为“类推,类比”;example 意为“例子,实例,例证”;comparison 意为“比较,对照”,指比较两者的相同点;contrast 意为“对比,对照”,指比较两者的不同点。

 15 C)   【句意】每当我父亲从收音机里收听古典音乐时,他就会摆动双臂,好像在指挥乐队。【难点】  conduct 意为“指挥(乐队)”;lead 意为“领导;走在…的前面”;control 意为“控制”;practise意为“练习,实习”。

 16 C)   【句意】我钱包里的钱神秘失踪,我相信钱包整天都在我的衣袋里。【难点】  mysterious 意为“神秘的”;dramatic 意为“戏剧性的”;doubtful 意为“可怀疑的”;dangerous 意为“危险的”。

 17 C)   【句意】当离校年龄提高到16岁时,一个全新的形势就可能出现。【难点】  arise 意为“出现,产生”;rise意为“上升”;raise 意为“举起,提出;饲养”;arouse 意为“引起,唤起,激起”。前两个词是不及物动词,后两个词为及物动词。

 18 C)   【句意】营员们将他们的帐蓬固定在一个避风的山谷里。【难点】  fix 意为“使固定;使牢固,安装”;establish 意为“建立;设立;确立”;place意为“放置”;build 意为“建造;营造”。

 19 A)   【句意】几乎连绵不断的一串车辆在以蜗牛般缓慢的速度穿过市中心。【难点】  continuous 意为“连续不断的,接连的”;constant 意为“不断的;连续发生的”,强调事物的永恒性;long 意为“长久的,长时间的”;continual 意为“从不间断的”。

 20 A)   【句意】进入另一个国家的时候,游客必须通过海关。【难点】  pass through 意为“通过,穿过”;pass by 意为“从…旁边走过”;pass over 意为“(故意)不注意,忽略”;pass away 意为“停止,消逝;去逝”。

 21 D)   【句意】实验使得年轻的科学家能够判断什么必须接受,什么必须用怀疑的眼光去看。【难点】  doubt  意为“疑惑”,with doubt 意为“带着疑惑的眼光”;belief意为“相信,信任”;curiosity 意为“好奇心,求知欲”;suspicion意为“怀疑”,但和doubt不同。doubt是由于信息不足而不相信,或不能判别是非真伪,拿不准;suspicion 是感到可能存在某事,猜疑有某种情况,多指疑心别人有不好的事。

 22 C)   【句意】该城市已决定除掉头顶上架的电线。【难点】  do away with 意为“废除;去掉”;do with 意为“处理,利用”,与what连用;do offdo away 不存在。

 23 C)   【句意】乔治听到这个悲伤的消息失声痛哭。【难点】  break into 意为“突然发生…”;break through 意为“冲破,突围;突破”;break up 意为“打碎”;break out 意为“爆发”。

 24 A)   【句意】航班起飞时,简和她的男朋友坐在飞机上,最后看一眼来为他们送行的他们的父母。【难点】  on board 意为“在船上,在飞机上”;at most意为“至多,不超过”;on schedule意为“按时间表,准时”;at random 意为“胡乱地;任意地,随便地”。

 25 A)   【句意】她被看作是一位很有发展前途的歌唱家。【难点】  look on 意为“看作;看待”;look for 意为“寻找,寻求”;look over 意为“察看,参观”;look up 意为“查检”。


1. We are late. I expect the film____ by the time we get to the cinema.

A. has started                B.will have started               C.will start                  D.may start

2. But for sunlight, there ____nomoonlight.

A. will be                   B.would be                       C.had been                D.was

3. All flights ____because of thesnowstorm, many passengers could do nothing but take the train.

A. had been cancelled  B.were cancelled             C.have been cancelled   D. having been cancelled

4. ____ seeing the damage he haddone, he felt ashamed.

A. By                         B.On                              C.At                         D.For

5. It is high time you ____thatyou are not the most important person in the world.

A. realized                 B.have realized               C.realizes                   D.will realize

6. These two areas are similar____they both have a high rainfall during this season.

A. to that                   B.basides that                 C.in that                   D.except that

7. If he hadnt stood under theladder to catch you when you fell, you____here now.

A. wouldnt be smiling      B.wontsmile       C.couldnthave smiled  D. didntsmile

8. We will visit Huangshan nextyear ____we have enough money.

A. lest                       B.until                              C.unless                    D.provided

9. The older worker and the youngeach ____ their own tools.

A. have                     B.has                              C.are having              D.is having

10. William told his wife ____ .

A. to have his shoesshone   B.to have his shoes shinedC.to have his shoes shiningD.shine his shoes

11. The task wasnt easy, but we managedit ____.

A. anyhow                  B.somehow                      C.any way                D.some way

12. Jane has just ____ a letterfrom a friend of hers in England.

A. returned                B.answered                       C.offered                  D.replied

13. Mr. John had given no____that he was intending to resign.

A. direction                B.symptom                      C.information             D.indication

14. As she opened the gate thelion gave a loud ____and bounded at her.

A. yell                      B.cry                                C.roar                       D.shout

15. He spoke so quickly that Ididnt____what he said.

A. catch                     B.listen                           C.get                         D.take

16. It isnt quite ____that he willbe present at the meeting.

A. sure                      B.right                              C.exact                     D.certain


17. She has a terribly hottemper, ____she is really kind.

A. on the other hand            B.on the contrary   C.on second thoughts          D. on thewhole

18. Russel ____world opinion tocondemn their policy of aggression.

A. called on                              B.called for            C.called up                       D.called off

19. We must ____technicalinnovations and raise productivity.

A. speed for                      B.step up                  C.switch on                     D.turn up

20. We advised them to take arest, but they ____on finishing the work.

A. suggested                      B.continued              C.insisted                        D.persisted

21. I love boiled eggs andpotatoes; itsmy ____meal.

A. delicious                      B.popular                 C.favorite                         D.fondest

22. When we had finished dinner,Jimmy asked the waiter to bring him the ___.

A. count                            B.bill                        C.tip                               D.account

23. Having kissed her son, Evegave him a dismissive ____towards the car.

A. push                            B.pull                        C.drag                             D.draw

24. They climbed to the top ofthe hill ____ they could get a bird’s eye view of the city.

A. in case                                B.for fear that         C.in order that                   D.as a result

25. The members in the testingteam were quite ____and could change schedule upon request.

A. flexible                        B.gentle                   C.sophisticated                 D.shrewd


 1 B)   【句意】我们晚点了,估计在我们到达电影院之前电影就已经开始了。【难点】该句子中的expect意为“考虑,估计”;by the time 意为“在


 2 B)   【句意】要是没有阳光,也就不会有月光。【难点】英语中经常用介词短语表示虚拟条件,常用的这类介词短语为: withoutin the absence ofbut for等。本句中的虚拟语气表示与现在事实相反的一种假设,故主句中谓语为would be。

 3 D)   【句意】因为暴风雪,所有航班被取消,所以许多乘客只好坐火车。【难点】该句逗号前是一个独立结构,逻辑主语是All flights,逻辑谓语的动作在那时业已完成,所以选择having been cancelled。

 4 B)   【句意】看到自己造成的损坏,他觉得非常羞愧。【难点】on +动名词”往往用于句中表示时间状语,意为“在…时候”,是一常用的固定搭配。

 5 A)   【句意】你该意识到你并不是世界上最重要的人。【难点】虚拟语气也常用于it is high  timethat 的结构中,意为“该…了”。that从句中的谓语一般用一般过去时。

 6 C)   【句意】这两个地区相似,因为它们这个季节的降水量都很大。【难点】从句子结构和句意分析可知,两个句子之间构成因果关系,而能够表示因果关系的连词只有 in that,意为“原因是,原因在于”,常放在第二个句子的句首,表示第一句中事件发生的原因。